NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 1 | Girls Chase

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 1

Chase Amante

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For many years guys have asked me, “How do I integrate meeting women into my day-to-day life?”

It’s one of the biggest head-scratchers for guys who’ve been into seduction for a while. Once you’re past that initial hump of basics, where you’re going out often and getting the skill set down, you kind of want to start having approaching women be more a normal part of your life (rather than something you go out expressly to do).

How do you make that transition though? How do you reach the point where you are “on” and able to approach women as you see them throughout the day (and not have it be weird)?

I have at long last gotten around to answering this question – and I did it in customary deep, comprehensive, yet still concrete and tactical form.

Allow me to introduce you to “Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life,” a seven-part video series exclusively on GirlsChase.TV.

Part 1, just released today, is here:


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