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Sex Talk Calibration, Pt. 2: How Explicit to Be

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sex talk expliticnessThe explicitness of your sex talk is key. Too explicit, and some girls will be turned off. Not explicit enough, however, and some other girls won’t be interested.

Hey all. Last week we covered sex talk calibration given different contexts. You should consider the contextual factors when talking to a girl about sex. Today I would like to discuss how to calibrate how explicit you should and can be when talking about sex.

Today and next week, we will discuss transitioning into sex talk. As you know, sex talk helps with many areas:

  • Stimulates her
  • Sets a sexual frame
  • Conveys attractive personality traits like sexual knowledge and experience (sexual prizing)
  • Diffuses resistance with your set
  • Generates sexual comfort
  • Escalates the vibe

It’s an essential dimension in sex talk calibration. Combining this post with part one will make you a more calibrated sex talker.

Playing Dumb When Girls Act Superior (Flip the Script!)

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playing dumbSometimes girls will give strong opinions or try to lecture you. Rather than get annoyed, you can troll them on this… and seize control of the dynamic.

Yesterday, in a forum post about how to respond to far-left girls engaging in political lectures/rants, Ricardus (remember him?), who is easing back into the game after some time away from it, asked for ways to respond to this type of behavior.

I responded with my stock answer to this type of behavior… haughty, superior, lecture-type or rant-behavior, where people attempt to ‘educate’ you:

Playing dumb and asking questions that completely troll the high-and-mighty lecturer!

This is a somewhat advanced humor-based strategy but it’s hilarious to use and it totally wrecks the high-and-mighty frame of anyone trying to act like he or she knows more than you do – you’ll definitely want to keep it in your back pocket.

You can also use it to troll girls just in general, if you want to flip the script on them and really get them chasing after your validation.

When She Tells You "You're Not My Type"

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TEXTIf a girl tells you you’re not her type, then what? Is it a rejection, or is there still hope? Well… it depends on the context – as well as on what you do next.

Hey guys. Today is the final installment of my series on handling tests and frame control. But this does not mean it will be the last time I write about these topics.

Hey guys. Today is the final installment of my series on handling tests and frame control. But this does not mean it will be the last time I write about these topics.

Remember, frame control is the tool we use to handle a girl’s tests when she tests your frame or attempts to grab it.

Initially, I did not intend to write this post, but a comment from a reader made me reflect on social frames.

Carlosirama wrote:

“[…] Also, maybe a stand-alone post with the most common sh** tests and how to respond, along with an explanation. Things like “I have a boyfriend,” “I don't do [BLANK] guys” (whether that’s short or people from a certain race or a younger/older race), "I don't usually do [BLANK], etc.”

These tests are linked to social frames.

Tactics Tuesdays: Pre-Approach Screening

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pre-approach screeningWhich girls to approach? Before you walk up, screen the girl & situation. You can learn a lot in advance… including whether she’s worth going up to or not.

One of the reasons guys psyche themselves out so much with approaching is trying to figure out in advance how an approach is going to go.

Well, you’re not going to know in advance how an approach is going to go. But you can try to form a rough general idea about what you’re signing up for before you approach a girl, to ready your game (and perhaps steel your resolve).

This is the ‘pre-approach screening’ you do: before you even walk up to a girl, you try to form a measure of who she is, what she’s about, what she’s likely to respond to, and what kind of reaction you can expect to your approach.

Every guy does this automatically to some extent. However, less experienced men are a lot vaguer in their pre-approach screening and are much less adept at reading women accurately.

So let’s arm you with a few simple tools you can use to get a measure of a girl before you make the approach. This will help you decide how to approach her… and even if she’s someone worth approaching in the first place.

How to Get Same-Day Lays: Tips, Tricks, & Advice

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how to get a same-day laySame-day lays are exciting, fun, and enviable. It may not always seem simple to get them though. With these eight tactics, they come much more in-reach.

It’s something of a Holy Grail for day gamers: bedding a girl the same day you meet. (this is a bit more common in night game! Actually it’s a lot… at least for most guys)

There are a lot of girls out there who are open to this though.

It’s not a majority of them, or a plurality of them. But in any city at any given time there is a not-insignificant number of women who for any of a number of reasons would really just like to meet a sexy male charmer who sweeps them off their feet and gives them the experience they need to fall into bed for a satisfying end to a satisfying day.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily make it easy for you. They want it to be a good experience for them, too… which means you need to make the right moves to get there.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to get a same-day lay. I lay out some of the same-day lay tricks, tactics, strategies, and advice I’ve accumulated over the years.

Confrontative Frame Control: When & When Not to Use

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confrontative frame controlIt can make sense to directly confront a girl’s frame – sometimes. Yet confront her frame at the wrong times, and all you’ll do is spin your wheels… or worse.

Hey everyone.

Today’s article is a part of my series on frame control and dealing with tests. I’ll continue my discussion of testing, covering two interrelated subjects:

  • What is confrontative frame control? How is it used as a test?

  • When should you use confrontative frame control?

Confrontative frame control directly declines her frame-grab head-on, such as saying, “NO, I will not do that!” or “That is not going to happen” to her request.

You will use aggressive frame control whenever a girl is behaving poorly or trying to test your limits.

No worries, I give examples throughout this post.

If you recall my theoretical post about tests, I mentioned that some women test a guy’s limits to see how much crap he will put up with. A man who accepts bad behavior is usually viewed as a wimp.

Social Proof: A Force for Dramatically Influencing Behavior

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social proof influenceSocial proof – when people see or know someone or something is desired by others – can kick off a frenzy of urgency to meet someone or acquire something. But why?

We’ve talked on Girls Chase quite a bit before on social proof and its daughter concept preselection. If you’re just tuning in, the definition is this:

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people feel influenced to do what they observe or believe other people to be doing. The more other people someone sees or believes are doing something, the more compelled the individual feels to do that same thing too.

The most effective product promotions – from the latest Christmas fad toy to new video games and systems to Hollywood blockbuster movies to cryptocurrencies to political candidates to asset bubbles to, now, even vaccines – use the psychology of social proof to whip buyers up into a desperate frenzy to get the desired object that everyone else is clawing to get.

They use benefits-laden marketing, celebrity endorsements, interviews with ordinary people claiming to be desperate to get the product, and real (or engineered) scarcity to get the initial core group of desirous customers crazy for the product. Then they use media and advertising to showcase these desirous customers and spread their desire to others. As others see these customers clawing tooth and nail to get the desired thing, they feel a deep, subconscious pull to also get it, before the others get it first, lest they “miss the boat.” They will often feel this pull regardless whether they initially wanted the item or not.

You have probably witnessed many such product promotions like this. Some of them you may have watched from the sidelines, marveling in awe at the marketing machine behind them, shaking your head in despair at how easily manipulated people can be.

Others, however, you may have desperately plunged into alongside the masses, straining to be one of the first to get in, to acquire the desired item, to get the status it confers, to not miss the boat. Even if you understand the psychology of social proof, you may still have been swept up in it anyway.

Yet social proof is not just for product launches and promotions.

It’s for people, too.

Reacting to Female Rudeness and Faux Pas

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TEXTWhen girls commit faux pas or act rude, you may be tempted to tell them off. This is not what to do… if your plan is to bed them or date them, that is.

We had a report on the forum recently where a newer member had a girl show up blacked out drunk to a date. The girl made some basic conversation, then got up to use the bathroom. When she came out, she was on the phone with a friend and immediately left the venue without speaking to our forum member, making her way to a cab.

The (sober) forum member took offense at this very drunk girl ditching him, and ran after her to give her a piece of his mind. He stopped this obliterated drunk girl, chewed her out for her rudeness, then left. She got in her cab and departed, and blocked him shortly after.

The girl when he’d approached her had been (as he describes her) “gorgeous”, behaving very shy (looking down repeatedly when they made eye contact), and blushed when he complimented her on approach. Over text they’d gelled well. But she also obviously had a drinking problem. I don’t think it’d be reaching to guess this shy girl may well have drunk too much trying to take the nerves off before their date.

Was chasing down a hammered drunk girl with little idea where she was or what she was doing, who otherwise seemed into him a lot, to scold her for her drunken behavior the right move for this forum member to make?

It’s a good question to ask. What is the right call in confusing situations like this?

As you interact with women, you will encounter situations where women behave rude or commit faux pas (and not always because they’re drunk!).

The way you handle these will determine not just your outcome with girls, but the way other people regard you as a man… and the way you regard yourself.

When Girls Act Very Forward: Handling the Freak Test

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handling the freak testYou just met this girl, but suddenly she’s all over you. Are you really THAT sexy? Don’t get excited yet: it’s only the freak test. Here’s how to handle it.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Today I will continue my series on tests. Previously, we discussed the common jealousy plot test (when girls chat or flirt with other men in front of you) and how to deal with it.

This post covers a different test linked to female attention-seeking behavior. It’s often not recognized as a test, so many fall into its trap. This test can lead to much frustration.

It’s what I call the “freak test.” It tests your reaction to overt sexual moves done by the girl.

It goes like this:

  1. A man starts an interaction with a woman.

  1. She immediately makes an overt sexual move (touches his balls, shows her tits, starts grinding on his dick, says something explicit).

  1. The man mirrors her behavior and responds because he thinks it’s appropriate, and she wants it (and rightfully so, considering her behavior).

  1. She turns cold, blocks his move, or leaves to talk with other men.

  1. The man gets frustrated and tries to persist, only to hit a wall.

He did not pass the test. And we will discuss how to pass it today.

Tactics Tuesdays: The "Prove It" Frame Buster

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TEXTYou’re talking to a girl and she says “I’m boring” or “I don’t date.” That’s the kiss of death, right? Well, not so long as you can get her to PROVE IT!

When you talk to a girl and she starts throwing out claims about herself, these can seem like real obstacles if they don’t cooperate with the overall seduction.

Anti-seductive claims include women saying things like:

  • “I’m boring”
  • “I’m not adventurous”
  • “I’m not spontaneous”
  • “I don’t like excitement”
  • “I don’t think about sex”
  • “I don’t really date”

… and so on. Running into these can feel like a conversation death sentence if you don’t have a good response to reframe with.

After all, what hope is there really for a boring girl… a girl who doesn’t like excitement… a girl who doesn’t think about sex or go out on dates? None, right?

Au contraire, for in this article I’ll give you a simple little tactic you can use to turn these claims women make right on their head.

With this in-hand, instead of looking at women’s anti-seductive claims as if they are agile seduction killers, you will start to view women’s claims as clumsy fumbles that have led them right into your web.