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Tactics Tuesdays: How to Gauge Her Openness to Teasing

open to teasing
Some girls love to be teased. But some girls hate it. You find out who is whom (and how to proceed with each) by gauging her openness to teasing, right up front.

Some girls you can tease, flirt with, and bust on until you’re blue in the face, and they’ll love every moment of it.

Other girls, though? Well... not so much. Give her even a light ribbing and her body language turns icy. Try and flirt with her and she just gives you that stony look. You can feel your stomach muscles constrict as she bores holes into you with her eyes.

If you can figure out where on the spectrum a girl lies before you lay your flirtation on thick (or not at all), you can adjust properly.

But if you can’t, you may just find yourself boring the girls who want you to tease... Or sending the girls who can’t handle teasing into a spiral of auto-rejection.

This article is aimed at men who are intermediate with girls and up.

You can still use it as a beginner, but it’ll likely be a little too finesse to remember to do in the heat of the moment. That’s okay, you can circle back here once the game’s slowed down for you.

So how do you know when to start teasing a girl, and when to hold off?

In this article, I’m going to give you the ‘cautious method’ for figuring out how open a girl is to teasing. You won’t always use this, and in fact I don’t always use it too (especially when I’m trying to just ping a girl quickly and see how interested she is, and move on if she isn’t that interested – I’ll go straight to personal teases in that case).

However, if you want to not blow it with a specific girl, or you’re in a captive audience situation (like seated next to her on a bus or airplane, or in a class), this is perfect for not sending girls into auto-rejection by going too far with your teases.

And if she isn’t open to teasing? Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you there too.

Let’s dive in.

Don't Let a Bad Rejection Ruin Your Night Out

bad rejection
Sometimes a girl rejects you much harsher than she needed to. If you let it, this can ruin your night. Yet, it does not need to.

One of the things you are not going to avoid while learning success with women is the occasional tough rejection.

Maybe she freaked out unnecessarily.

Maybe she said something that felt like a knife shoved in your sternum.

Either way, it sucks when a girl rejects you, especially when it comes out of the blue and is tactlessly delivered. But what if I were to tell you that the water runs deep on this issue and everything is not as it appears? What if you could completely turn around the way you see rejection?

3 Body Position Phases When You Talk to New Girls

body positioning
Your body positioning when you approach a new girl tells her a lot about you, fast. If you want to make sure you send the right signals, you want to get the positioning right.

Since lately we’ve been discussing non-verbal seduction, I decided to go a bit further and discuss the actual tools for non-verbal seduction. These upcoming posts will cover in depth some commonly known tools, but they will also discuss some oftentimes disregarded tools that are actually vital – remember that with non-verbal seduction, the devil lies in the details.

To illustrate this properly, I’ve decided to make today’s topic about positioning.

We will base our analysis on clubs and bars, but the exact same principle applies for parties and day game. The reason I use the club is because positioning is more important in this atmosphere and has more nuances in typical night game spots.

By positioning, I am referring to your body’s position relative to the female with whom you are interacting (or trying to interact with, if we are talking pre-approach) – where your body is facing, your distance from her, and even the particular spot where you’re standing can be a big factor. We will discuss all three phases of body positioning in three sections covering three broad seduction phases, namely:

  1. The Pre-opening (before you engage)

  2. The Post-opening (just after you engage – often described as the “hook-phase”)

  3. The Seduction Phase (I am not only referring to when you are making out, or back at your place, but the phase where you have opened, she is hooked in, and you have some rapport, and preferably you are in isolation with her)

Let us now discuss how positioning works during the first phase.

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Approach Girls Who are Eating Alone

girl eating alone
How to approach a girl eating alone – you must disarm her concerns of awkwardness first. Then you turn the tables.

This one’s a bit niche. But hey, I just covered a very broad topic (in great detail!) yesterday in my how to get a girlfriend article. So I think I can tackle a specific one here.

On our discussion boards, forum member CuriosityKillsTheCat asks:

I’ve approached girls eating many times. It was difficult. Most of the time she had to stop and talked with me. Also I hadn’t find a way to move her to another place. Phone numbers were 100% flake.

Do you guys approach girls eating? My school’s cafeteria has many girls sitting alone eating there. I might miss out big opportunities.

(here’s his forum thread on this)

It seems like a simple one to solve: she’s by herself, just go talk to her. Right?

Except it’s a little more complicated than that. Try it out, and you’ll find it’s often a bit awkward and a little intrusive to approach a girl who’s seated alone, eating her meal. You can make her feel trapped, and if there are ample places to sit, you look like you’re chasing her if you go all the way over to her. There are plenty of snares here for you to fall into.

Is there a way to consistently approach girls alone in large cafeterias (or elsewhere), and have it go well?

How to Get a Girlfriend in the Next 2 Weeks

how to get a girlfriend
To get a girlfriend in 2 weeks, you pick your target, go where she is, be flirty and social, and go for the close. But that’s just Step 1.

You can just picture it: that cute girl with a trim waist, a lovely laugh, and long, silky hair. How good it feels when she presses up against you and snuggles into you. How perfect her eyes are. How soft her body is. And she's yours, and she wants to be yours, and nobody else's.

In 2004, I (Chase Amante) sat down to figure out how to get a girlfriend. Because at the time I didn't know. This venture took me on an amazing journey... And I've dated some truly incredible women along the way. But more than that, I've been able to help tons of men do the same. Since I launched GirlsChase.com in 2008, I've helped thousands of men find awesome girlfriends. Many of those girls have even turned into wives.

So here, today, in distilled form, is my guide to getting that girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend - this is the guide to getting an amazing one. And we're going to do it all in just two weeks. Because, after all, life is short. Why should you and her need to remain apart any longer than necessary?

We've broken this article down into three sections. You can skip ahead to any of them (or their subsections) using the Table of Contents to the left.

Explanations aside, let's get going and get you an awesome girlfriend.

4 Things Men Do that Sabotage Their Dating Lives

sabotage dating lives
Men sabotage their own dating lives all the time. 4 of the biggest saboteurs: kissing and telling, pleading, wrong sex talk, and moralizing.

When you go out to meet girls, you may unconsciously be sabotaging your chances without even knowing it. Men do it all the time.

Truth is, you can have fantastic looks and be able to get the ladies insanely worked up, but there are some simple things that can negate even the best game – things you can fix with a little effort and rewiring.

In my first article for Girls Chase, I’d like to share a primer... on the biggest obstacles I see guys toss into their own paths.

Tactics Tuesdays: 7 Rules to Help Guys Touch Girls Right

touch girls
Touching girls can seem scary when you’re inexperienced with women. But even experienced guys get touch wrong. With these 7 rules, you’ll get touch right.

Do you get touchier with a girl in the club?

Do you have to kiss her to get to the next club?

Is “more the merrier” true when it comes to physical escalation?

These are some of the most common questions of beginners, and probably the biggest misconceptions from intermediates. Everyone is under the impression that the more physical you get, the more likely a girl is to go home with you.

Yet, get physical at the wrong time, and your touch may have the opposite of the desired effect.

Is physicality sinking your chances at sealing the deal?

How to Pick Up Girls on Christmas

pick up girls christmas
It’s Christmastime. But what if you’re alone? In that case, it’s also a prime time to find a new girl to cozy up to for the holidays.

It’s Yuletide. Christmastime.

Christmastime is also the time of the Wild Hunt, an ancient European tradition that predates the birth of Christ. And if you’re single and not otherwise with family this year, Christmas is the perfect time for a wild hunt of your own.

Last year, Alek wrote a piece on why winter is a tougher time to meet girls. It’s a great piece, and it’s a phenomenon I’ve seen with plenty of guys. Most guys are a lot more motivated to go out during summer... a motivation that all but dries up during winter. There are fewer women out during the winter, it’s colder, and many people settle into seasonal relationships (which they may or may not abandon when spring returns). Seasonal affective disorder kicks in. Lots of people just get, well, depressed during wintertime.

Nevertheless, personally, winter’s always been my very favorite time to meet girls. I love it. And there are some very specific reasons why I love it:

  1. If she’s out, she’s motivated.There’s a certain level of self-selection that comes about during the winter. People go out just to party and have fun and enjoy the good weather when it’s warm out. These people who just want to have fun tend to stay home a lot more as the weather gets worse. For practical purposes, that means any given girl who’s out is a lot more likely to be looking to hook up during winter than summer, and is not out just to party. Her motivation is far more primal, and her drive to brave bad weather and chance an empty venue much stronger than her more contented, less motivated peers.

  2. The vibe is more conversational. Another reason why I love winter is because everyone is in a more subdued mood. No one’s partying hard and getting crazy. That makes it much easier for me to run my preferred approach, with lots of deep dives and chase frames. Girls have less time for conversation when it’s warm out and there’s energy in the air – they just want to party, and their attention spans are shorter. During winter, their attention spans are more focused and they’re more down for a good chat.

  3. She gives you more leeway. A third reason I like winter best of all is the ever-present desire to pair up for winter. If she’s single when it’s cold out, she probably doesn’t want to be single. That makes her more motivated to do things that may lead to her not being single – like giving a man who approaches her more of a shot, and being more willing to take a chance with him. In practical terms, this means you get more leeway with women during the winter. I’ve noticed in general I can screw up with girls much more during the winter (like: slip onto a boring topic, or be a little too aggressive, or not have any time to meet up with her for a first date) and still take them to bed. Whereas if I make the same mistakes when it’s warm outside, a girl’s more likely to get ghost. I’m not sure if this is because of the longer attention span / fewer distractions / less male competition the winter offers, or if it’s because girls are less content being single during winter... I suspect it’s a combination.

That’s just winter in general.

Yet here’s the important part for this post: I have noticed, having gone out on Christmas on several occasions, that on and around Christmas day, it’s like wintertime in general on steroids.

For this reason, Christmas, in my opinion, is one of the best times of the year to find a new girl... and unwrap her present.

The Spontaneous Bounce, Conversation Control, and Seductive Flexibility

flexible seducer
Sometimes it’s going great with a girl – and then it all goes sideways. To have any shot at saving things, you need one quality: flexibility.

We already know how important it is to be smooth.

The ideal master seducer – a man who can walk into a room, pick out a woman, and consistently take her to bed – must be smooth. Now, there are several things we can do to elevate our game to bring us closer and closer to that ideal. We work on our fundamentals, we develop our conversational skills, we handle the logistics. And with time and elbow grease, our interactions start becoming smoother with women and more efficient in our dating.

However, even as we become better with girls, we can still have interactions that go sideways. Something happens that takes us by surprise, disrupts the flow, and makes you think it must be ‘game over’. I’m sure you’ve had moments like these, and experiencing that crushing feeling of:

 “I had her... we were so close... but things just went wrong.”

Thus, the topic of today’s article – a characteristic we want to develop alongside smoothness. This characteristic is a key element of truly stellar frame control. That characteristic is flexibility.

And to help you add a dose of flexibility to your seductions, and give you a pair of wonderful firefighting techniques for those scenarios where things go sideways, today I want to discuss the spontaneous bounce, and conversational control.