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Why Do Women Test? To Find Dominant Males

If you’re like most men, I’ll bet you’ve grown up hearkening all the mainstream dating advice that’s thrown around, such as opening doors for women, pulling out their chairs when they sit down, and bringing them flowers. However, if you’ve been reading the content on this website for even a short amount of time, you know that all of that white knighting and chivalry just doesn’t do much in terms of creating attraction.

Society, and mostly in Western culture, over the years has hammered it into women’s skulls that they must play hard-to-get, all the while conditioning men to play along and win these women over with the most grandiose of gestures.

When in reality, subconsciously even, what she really wants you to do is nothing.

why women test

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and action film actor, once said: “The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

That quote fits perfectly for what I’m about to show you today. The tests women present to you should be met with the most minimal amount of effort and energy needed to pass them. It’s just what powerful, dominant males do; they get more done whilst putting in less work.

J.J. JonesAbout the Author: J.J. Jones

J.J. is a prolific natural-turned-student-of-seduction who’s applied study and experimentation to great natural instincts with girls. He’d racked up 50 lays prior to his first marriage, and doubled this within a few years post-divorce after he made a concerted effort to master “game”. J.J. is a member of the Girls Chase Forums, where he posts as “NarrowJ”.

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Anonymous's picture

Great tips on how to deal with tests women give. Haven't tried the misinterpret or the flip it on her. I usually stick with the play along or ignore, but I'll have to see if those work any better.

Sometimes after a big insult, and it always seems like there's one big one, I like to grin, look them dead in the eyes, open up my body language, approach them smoothly, and playfully say "is that all you got?"

That gets them to swoon. It's funny how well it works.

I think that the theory you propose as to the reason why women test might need some further consideration.

"She wants to know where exactly you stand in the dominance hierarchy"

It's tricky when you are comparing the mating patterns of any other animal to humans. Mating systems vary greatly even among different species of primates, so when the human mating system is compared to the reindeer's mating system it's harder to make an accurate comparison. I won't deny that "having" a high-status man is desirable to women, I just think that it is different than being sexually attractive.

I think that Alek Rolstad's article

  • Social Order, Sexual Restriction, and the Secret Society
    • presents a very accurate reflection of our mating system. If you consider Chase's very adamant suggestion that you disqualify yourself as a boyfriend so that you can become her lover, you can see that announcing that you have no status whatsoever can actually help you immensely.

Personally I think that attractive males are hated among men in society, and so are less likely to have status among males. Case is point. About a year ago, I was seeing this girl an ex introduced me to, and one night my ex asked me over to help move some furniture, she had just had a male roommate move in, who was not attractive. He knew I was seeing another girl and I still hooked up with my ex later the next night. Of course he, now living there, knew it happened. The next day I was over and he was telling me about one of his frat bothers who didn't have to do a damn thing and women just wanted to have sex with him, and he looks like right at me and says, "I hate guys like that". I knew the comment was directed at me, but also at every other attractive guy out there.

Attractive men don't have to have a high status, and I think it's better that they participate in society as little as possible. I've even had male friends, that I've given generously to, come to despise me when they see how women swoon and lust over me for no reason apparent to them.

There's a term for this. Player Haters. ;)

I really think there is this confusion with men about the terms dominance and alpha. Please weigh in here and correct me if I'm wrong in any of this. I'd especially like to get Chase's insight on this, I know he must be a busy man though.

Consider the terms confident male, attractive male, dominant male, and alpha male. They all have different meanings. And I hardly think that being alpha necessitates attractiveness. All the way from natural alpha males, think older males, in positions of power directing and managing people, politicians, CEO's, and coaches; to the fake AMOG's using gorilla tactics, being loud, waving their arms, bossing people around, as if anyone listens to them, and just generally disrespecting people, using any little power they have to tool people around. I think women see through AMOG tactics, I see through them, so I know women must too. It just instantly reads pathetic and most of all insecure and feeling inferior.

A good question to ask: who do you think women would prefer to sleep with? The hot quarterback, who is beta, or the coach, who is alpha.

Honestly, I don't want to be alpha. That comes with a lot of responsibility and constant supervision. It's really a big chore. Personally, I'm in my mid 20's, and I like knowing that there are other natural alpha males in my life that care about my well-being and will tell me what to do if I'm unsure or don't know what to do. Having someone look out for me and sometimes make good decisions for me is a relief from me constantly having to look out for and make decisions for myself.

Being alpha is about having power in a group usually with men, but I think being dominant and having power with women is different. I think you can be dominant with women because you have so much power. You have so much power because you are so attractive to women. Your value is your attractiveness. I have noticed that when someone wants to give you something of value, a gift or maybe oral sex for example, it is usually preceded by a directive like "come here" or "unzip your pants". There is no please and you're the one saying thank you. Being dominant with women communicates to them that I am the powerful one because I am so attractive to women, I am in high demand out there. I have something of value, my attractiveness with women, that I'm giving to you, via genetics, and I know that most other men pale in comparison to me, so I have the power. Being confident with women implies the same thing, that I am very attractive with women. I think a woman is testing your actual attractiveness and success with women, because it's hard to fake the confidence that comes with success.

In your list of powerful men you did not include successful seducers, but I think these are the most powerful men of all, because at the end of the day being a human is about winning in the mating game, so having power with women is the only power the really matters.

I think the seducer is the like the Ace in a deck of cards. Usually existing outside of society and cultural norms he is considered as being lower than a deuce. But he can bed more women than a king, and unlike a king, he has no responsibility, and has no obligation to anyone, he is completely free, so although he is considered to be the lowest of the low, he is also the most powerful.

I think your tips were spot on, and it was a good article, but there's always a difference between practice and theory. Theory is a bit more theoretical. ;)

And of course results matter more than theory.

Mename's picture

im a seducer i think, but i dont speak to many women actually.

but i see what you mean in the power part of it as many has deeply respect of me even tho i stand still as a mouse in the corner.i am a very calm person but many have told me i have a special glimse in the eyes!

Doctor's picture

So this article is just brilliantly timed for me!

I just had a girl provide me with her first test. I phoned her to see what her schedule was like for next week and she told me she would check and text me when she is free. 2 mins later she texts asking if Monday is any good. We agree on a time and date and then when I ask her if she is OK to meet at the station she stops texting back.

Pretty obvious test right?

I am 99% sure she is just testing to see if I get wound up because I am not sure she will be there or not. Anyway, after reading this article I decided to mostly ignore it and just assume she will. It is my intention to just text her shortly before the date to let her know I will be running 10 mins late so she knows I will be there. Pretty sure she will be back on board after that as I didn't throw the toys out of the pram so to speak!

Cheers for the advice J.J., certainly helped me handle this one!


PeterE's picture

It is so true that trying too hard can come off wrong. A balance between opening the doors, just because that's the polite thing to do, while being

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Pablo's picture

You can also overexaggerate, for example:
Girl: You're getting a little fat.
You: Yeah I know right, I'm fat as Fuck. Hahaha. (say it confidently and jokingly, not in a depressive "I know I'm fat as fuck..- tone) you really shouldn't take girls seriously when they're giving you these shit tests. Think of girls as silly little children, you wouldn't get upset if a 4 year old child criticized you right? (at least I hope so).

Great article by the way, keep up the good work.

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I had a girl over a week ago that I ran into after a concert. We had been out a couple times and she actually walked out on me on a date over a stupid argument but I managed to flip the situation so that when I did see her, she would be really friendly and interested.

Anyway I was pretty drunk and had taken some mushrooms. I saw her after the concert and we split from a party and went back to my place. I don't remember everything she was saying but she was totally testing me.

She hit on a couple things that bothered me, primarily around drinking and unhappiness, as well as the size of my bed and that I needed to clip my dogs toenails.

For whatever reason, I freaked and kicked her out at about 4am. She told me to never contact her again.

Moral of the story: mushrooms, booze and tests are a destructive combination.

Anonymous's picture

lol good one

Yeah, right's picture

You know, as girls are way more savvy when it comes to relationships and as men practically remain kids until they are well in their fiftees, it's actually a female prerogative to look at men as 4 year-olds, because that's what you are!

Sebastian 's picture

2 types of edits these broads throw at you : 1 a compliance test and 2 a congruence test .
They key is either be sarcastic and funny back or bypass , ignore and keep talking ..

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