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The Skeptical Look

Chase Amante

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Here’s one I absolutely love. Not much to write on in this article, because we’re just talking about a facial expression here, so it’ll be a short one. The expression we’re discussing here is the one called “The Skeptical Look.”

You ought to learn this look and make it a core part of your repertoire of expressions if it isn’t something you regularly use. Check the picture attached to this article for an example of what I’m talking about here – look at how the guy is looking at the girl. The skeptical look is extraordinarily useful, and it’s a look you’ll be using in a variety of scenarios. As we touched on in yesterday’s entry, “How to Get Wild Party Girls,” you want to be using as much nonverbal communication as possible in your interactions. This is one of the ways you’ll be doing that.

If you have any friends who are naturally good with women – with meeting women in bars, or nightclubs, or parties, or cafés, or the street, or wherever they meet them – guys who are successful with women, who meet women and take them home fast and get intimate with them – you’ve probably seen the skeptical look. It’s just an expression that strong, sexy men tend to use. You using it communicates to women that you’re among that elite group of highly desirable men yourself.

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