Match Your Ejaculation to Her Climax, and Make Her Fall in Love | Girls Chase

Match Your Ejaculation to Her Climax, and Make Her Fall in Love

Chase Amante

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timed ejaculation
Simultaneous orgasm is a major booster to sexual satisfaction and in-love feelings. An easy way to make her feel more in-love: cum in her at the same time she cums.

Know one of the easiest ways to make a woman fall completely in love with you?

Ejaculate in her right as she climaxes.

I had a girlfriend I hadn’t finished inside of for a while. She was paranoid about getting pregnant. Either I’d finish in her mouth or on her belly or (on rare occasions) in a condom inside her... which are always weaker orgasms for me because condoms just aren’t any fun. The sex through all this was still good; however, it was not phenomenal.

Then at one point I yielded to my passions and ejaculated in her as she climaxed (then had to reassure her for a few minutes after “Don’t worry, you’re not going to get pregnant, you’re not ovulating...”). She got super flirty, happy, and horny for me – much more visibly than usual. She came over again that night; more great sex, but she was still afraid of me finishing in her. So after I gave her a few orgasms from vaginal sex I switched her to anal. I had her bring her knees up into the anal sex orgasm position, and very soon she had a thunderous climax and I finished in her in the midst of her cumming.

She was even hornier and flirtier the next time I saw her, with those huge beaming smiles women only give you when they are thinking about really good sex. She told me “I don’t know why I am so horny all of a sudden!”

But I knew. Incidentally, that next time in bed, I did not match my ejaculation to her climax... and her extreme horniness disappeared.

Matching ejaculations to women’s orgasms has been something I’ve done pretty much forever. I’ve had girlfriends remark on it in wonder: “We always finish at the same time!” And when I’ve asked, they’ve claimed it hasn’t happened for them with any other guy.

I never understood why more men don’t do this. It’s the single greatest, easiest, and most fun way to make women obsessed with your cock and head-over-heels in-love with you.

Yet almost no guy (if the women I’ve talked to about it are to be believed) does it. (and yes, it does work with condoms... though of course going bareback always adds a dimension to sex that isn’t otherwise there)

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

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