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New Diagnostic Quiz and "Getting Started" eBooks Live

Hey folks,

We're launching a day behind schedule (I'd planned this for November 1st), but I'm happy to announce new Girl Skills Diagnostic Quiz is live - and depending on how you score, you'll receive one of four (4) different mini eBooks.

The eBooks are free, and serve as the "Getting Started" guides to Girls Chase that a lot of readers have been clamoring for lately. We put a lot of love into these, and we think they're about as tailored to each of the four categories of readers as can be - one of each for:

  • Beginners,
  • Journeymen,
  • Technicians,
  • and Masters

diagnostic ebooks (the four different eBooks)

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Michael (from the boards)'s picture

I've never taken, or even tried to take, a girl to bed (except once, a couple years ago, and really, SHE took ME to bed, and then I wussed out). I've never had a friend with benefits, never had a girlfriend. Some of the questions don't have an option that I could pick, so I have to guess what I would do.

I got the 'technician' ebook. Reading it now.

Michael (from the boards)'s picture

I took a look at the Journeyman and Beginner eBooks and it looks like I'm somewhere between the two, so I started with the Beginner one and did the first few days of beginner in just one day.

By the way, this was a great idea.

Anonymous's picture

I am in the same boat as you. Very limited experience with the ladies and never have taken a girl to bed. I'm just a handful of years from fulfilling the title role of Steve Carell's 2005 movie (it pains me to even think about it).

On the bright side, the quiz also recommended the Technician's ebook to me. I must be underestimating my own skills and that it's purely my own damned fault I am in the position I am in. All I need do is try harder and start banging out the hood rats.

Chase Amante's picture


Okay, I've just tweaked the questions to make sure the ones on escalation / dating / relationships have options for guys who are complete beginners here.

On scoring, you absolutely should NOT be getting "Technician" if you're below 10 to 15 sex partners and 2 or 3 girlfriends lifetime at minimum... you'll be focused on completely the wrong things with that book if that's the case. That means we need to do some changes to scoring / make the scoring system more stringent - I'll see about getting those corrections made very soon.

Cheers for the clear feedback, gents.


gifatron's picture

I fit at the bottom of that range (10 sexual partners, 4 LTRs) and I sort of fumbled into a lot of it...I feel like 'technician' is maybe a bit of a strong title for me. 0 cold approaches that turned into anything (except one girl who made me lunch one time, haha).

Michael (from the boards)'s picture

Hey Chase

Glad we could help. I re-did the quiz and was able to answer every question accurately, and got Journeyman. I'm still not quite sure about that, because of my lack of experience; but I might fit into the bottom of the Journeyman Category. The Beginner ebook seems a little boring to me, but I've already found some gems in there (I almost didn't read the Don't Be Bitter article because I thought I'd already read it, but when I did I realized I was being bitter about a lot of things and it needs to stop).

What's the difference between a guy at the Beginner level and a guy that's a Journeyman?

Nick's picture

Hey Chase,
I was reading an article by Ricardus lately(relationship series) and stumbled upon one situation he was in where a girlfriend of his was traveling to a city to meet up and spend the night of an ex. He did state that he would be just a little jealous and that he did not like the idea. Well later his girlfriend told him that that was the moment that she really felt like they were in a relationship and formed a stronger bond to him.

Now my question is, is a little jealousy in a relationship needed or can it be without and still have a strong bond as those who do invite jealousy into one is?

I have been going through some changes in the past several months and I realize I separate sex from love. My relationships will either be open or semi(her choice if she wants to remain exclusive to me), so its fine if she wants a different lover now and again(as long as she gets checked). She can flirt, tease, hangout, have sex with exes, other men and women. I won't develop any jealousy. I would have to fake it.

Will this be a problem, will she feel I don't care for her if I don't show a little jealousy now and again or am I fine? I speculate that in any relationship that is not monogamous it would be fine.

P.S I am also having difficulty viewing any videos on the articles or comments that have them(just noticed it today) and I am not sure if it is just on my end or not. Where the video is supposed to be is a large blank white space.


Chase Amante's picture


The jealousy in Ricardus's case communicated to the girl (at the instinctual level) that he viewed her as someone he wanted to reproduce with to some extent and, thus, desired to control the reproductive resources of, which gave her some hope that the relationship was indeed "going somewhere." It also allowed her to feel a measure of control over him, something she probably did not have prior to him signaling some jealousy, which allowed her to lower her own guard somewhat and let herself settle more into a relationship with less fear of being hurt or left, something that a girl who's with a man she believes feels NOTHING for her must constantly fear having happen.

You won't have relationship problems with not feeling jealous about women over the short term, but do bear in mind that sooner or later most women do end up wanting a man who will build a more settled life with them, have children with them, etc., and that means that sooner or later they will usually exit an open relationship with one man to commit to an exclusive relationship with another. So long as you're continually meeting new women and "filling your pipeline", this won't be too big a deal most of the time, though - replacements will always be waiting in the wings.

Most women are every bit as guilty as most men of dreaming about a relationship where they can just "relax" and stop having to worry about dating, meeting new people, protecting themselves, etc., and "settle down" forever. The fact that it often doesn't end up that way in the end doesn't stop most people from dreaming and striving.


Royce's picture

First, thanks for knowledge you've given me and for having helped me start early in regards to pick up.(highschool) So thanks for all the skills, knowledge, etc... And also I know you mentioned in one of your articles that you could win over the favor of people of higher authority(bosses) so could you make an article about that. Lastly, I started talking to a girl in my class and asked about her passion for music(shes a singer) and we had a short convo about that. I do have her number and that was probably the first time we really talked even thougj it was short so what's like a good guideline for me to go by or how to start talking to her in regards to getting her to be interested in me.


Chase Amante's picture


When getting phone numbers, the usual best practice to follow is having her agree to a date before you get the phone number - saves you a lot of legwork trying to set things up after the fact. That's discussed fairly in-depth here: "How to Get a Phone Number from a Girl Every Time You Ask."

If you didn't propose a date before getting the number, you'll probably need to build a little rapport via phone call or text first, in which case you'll want to refer to these articles:


Metal's picture

Dear Chase,

aside from buying your books; is there actually a way to talk to you about my sticking points etc. ?
Do u still do private choachings e.g. via phone ?


Chase Amante's picture


I've stepped down from offering coaching personally - I have so much on my plate I'd have to charge crazy, unfair rates to make it worthwhile for me at this point; Cody (one of our staff writers, and an experienced phone coach in his own right) handles these these days. He's actually been doing a fair number of these recently... seems to be a spike in demand for individual consults of late.

The two options for consultations are here if you want more information:

If you have other questions about a consultation, feel free to write in to customer service using the contact form; Genaro can get you answers to whatever you need to know before signing up if you need some specifics.


PinotNoir's picture

I just wanted to say that this was a great idea.

I actually have a text document where I record how many girls I have approached each week that reminds me of this. It kind of feels like leveling up in a game haha.


Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, that's a great idea. Anything you can do that gamifies something you're learning (like seduction) makes it a lot more engaging and rewarding to keep doing, because it introduces immediate rewards instead of just the long-term ones you're focused on when starting out.

If you look at the people who become most successful in anything, they're usually the ones who've figured out how to make learning and improving into a personal game with successive ways of leveling themselves up.


Pm61591's picture

Hey Chase,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on meeting up with an ex gf for the first time since the breakup. The last time we hung out together we had sex said we love each other and went our separate ways due to mistakes I made. We haven't seen each other for 4 months, or since we went our separate ways. On Halloween she accidentally called me, we chatted for a minute and hung up. She was working. I don't really talk I put social pressure on her and it sounded like she missed me, her voice tone had a tremble, she talked fast and called me the pet name she use to call me. I texted her 10 minutes later saying my mistake if I was rude I was a little preoccupied, hope your doing well, let's catch up soon it's been too long. She responded and said yea I'd like that. I told her I'll let you know when my schedule clears to catch up. Fortunately I have changed a lot since we last saw each other, physically and mentally. I'm still attracted to her. Should this first meet up be short and sweet? Like meet for coffee and catch up then end the date there, Or should it be like setting up any other date?



Chase Amante's picture


Completely depends on what your intentions are. Why are you reestablishing contact and bringing her back into your life? Is it because you want to take her as a friend, to resume your relationship again, etc.? Depending on what you're after, that's going to color how you do things quite a bit.

Personally, I find when meeting up with exes who want to get back together with you, you can treat things perfectly platonically and just grab food together or do something else together and they will still hint at and angle at getting back together. If you want to make something happen, have her come pick you up at your place and come inside while you get ready, or hang out for a little while at your place before, during, or after whatever the main event is... the sexual tension in these cases is typically through the roof. I've had exes jump on me even just walking through a wooded park at night - as soon as we were under shadow and no one was around, you're getting dragged off the trail and pulled into a makeout.

Of course, if your interests are purely platonic, these kinds of situations make things difficult - I find I more or less have to meet my exes in public with lots of people around to prevent them trying too hard for us to get back together and making things a little overly weird with pressure. I've crashed at exes' places before without letting anything happen too, but this can be very difficult, and you've got to be careful not to breed much resentment (she may be feeling like you "owe" her sex for helping you out / letting you stay there / etc. - you need to alleviate these emotions).


Billy's picture

Hi Chase,

I read one of your comments about girls who are pros at "keeping guys on the hook" and have an important question. How do you know if she's doing this or if her hot and coldness is due to any number of other reasons like testing, losing interest, unstable, etc.? These kinds of girls i'm guessing won't chase you and initiate anything no matter how good your game is.

gifatron's picture

Pretty straightforward; you try to escalate and if they turn you down or divert you, they're probably just using you for attention.

Troy's picture

Hey Chase, all i can say is all your work is great but this is just amazing. Im in the beginner category and this is really going to help me get out there fast. So i have two more years in high school and its time to make over myself and excite some new girls at the same time.

This is the best ive seen and my favourite on girlschase, that i just want to grab some clothes and head out now! yes yes. thanks much and keep up the excellent work Chase!

Annon's picture

So I met this girl a while ago and I could tell she was in to me but we only saw each other like once a week until finally after like a month or two I asked for her number and we made a date to get something to eat for the next day. So when I ask her if we were still on the day of she says "yes. But do u mind if my friend comes. You would like her" and I was like the fuck...but I replied to her "I guess not" then she replied " sorry. Ill see you at 6" she luckily didn't bring her friend...anyway I felt that wss a bad sign and the date went okay but when we left we partes ways because I was iffy anout her. Btw I we live in the same colleg dorm in case that helps paint a better picture of what's going on. We ate at the caf. But anyway the next day she hits me up and I invite her to comeover and watch movies and what not and she seemed so excited. She comes over and sets her purse between us as like a barrier on the coaxh. So we're sitting talking for a minute and I asked if she wanted to take her coat off...and she's like "I'm good" or some shit. Then after a few more minutes I asked if she wanted to move her purse and she was like "I'm good" then we keep talking and she mentions her ex boyfriend who she just broke up with like a couple days ago and shit and idk basically I felt weird aboit making a move because I thought she was going to reject me...but now it's really bothering because we haven't talked since(about 2-3 days) and I actually really like her but idk if or what I should say to her. I'm typing all this on my phone so I know I'm missing some details so hopefully this is enough info to help. If not just ask for more. Thanks man

Jeff's picture

Not sure why, man, but sounds like you were friend zoned in this case. ANYTIME she wants to set you up with someone else, tries to bring friends along to a date, or deflects your date invite with a group event of any kind, then you can assume you're FZ'd. Coming up to your room in the dorm at all, at this point (after trying to date, this wasn't started as a hookup I assume) was another show of "just friends." It's very difficult to reverse this, usually isn't worth it now. Friends watch movies together, lovers go on dates THEN come home to makeout and whatever else. My guess is you were to available to her, too courteous, waited TOO LONG to ask for her digits, etc. Be up front with your interest. Never mind her calling that a "date," it's about her actions, not her wording. I'd strongly suggest moving on -- she's making you into an emotional tampon to complain about her EX to! Hide from her if you have to. Better yet, being on a co-ed campus, just find someone else. Best of luck.

Annon's picture

Thanks man I really appreciate it. But what do you mean too available? what do you think I could have done differently?

V's picture

Hey chase I was wondering how do I get girls to be my orbiters and get girls for pre selection?

You know how you see all these guys comment on girls pics and everything else on social media?

How can I do that?

How can I make girls suck up to me like these guys do?

I want to use them for pre selection but I dont know how to do it.

How can I get many girls to like all my comments and pictures?

How do I get orbiters? Thank you!!!

Wolf's picture

I dont understand whats going on with this, it's only happen twice but it pisses me off. I got this girls number and the second girl just gave me hers.

Both girls are from the club, and when we talked after I got the number was days apart. So both of them asked me for a pic but I asked them first and got theirs then I sent mine. The pics I sent were good i used some tips from your articles of online dating om taking pics. Its basically me having a sexy smile not looking at the camera, wearing fly clothes. After I send it the first girl was aloof to me and the second never texted me again. I know I don't look bad and my pics don't look bad, so what's the problem? If their the ones approaching me and giving me their numbers why are they becoming cold after I send my pic? Makes no sense.

And how do I stop getting angry over rejection?

When I get rejected I want to disrespect the girl and make her realize she's not fine.


The M's picture

Hi Chase,

Cool quiz.

I just thought of a possible post idea: what men need. There could be two aspects: what men need romantically (with women), and what men need bonding-wise (with men).

Just an idea!

The M

Wolf's picture

Chase I want to know should I try to sleep with every girl I interact with or any girl I find attractive?
Ranges from social circle, cold, waitresses, strippers, coworkers, classmates, female friends of friends. Should I just go crazy with trying to sleep with all girls I find attractive?

I ask this because, it's kind of hard to do this 24 7 right now, because I get so angry and over worked from things not going my way. Plus it adds alot of stress to me, because I have to fight my nervousness alot which takes alot of mental energy.

I have a little goal right now to sleep with 3 girls before 2014, think that's possible at my higher beginner stage?

On another note, I wanted to know what's changing with me? I use to read articles alot more than I use to now and its not even because of the limit, ill just read like 3 articles for a month. I also use to look up alot of girl advice in general on the web. I stopped completely, except me going on here.

Am I losing motivation? Or is it something else?

Wolf's picture

The girl I said never that never replied back hit me up today. Right after I sent the pic the other day I asked her where she lives, took her a day to respond. I never texted back, but I remember when you said you have to push boundaries, so idk what to do with this one, she is clearly not interested, just would like to know what to do with her?

And what should I do with one day texters like that in general?


V's picture

I really don't know how to day time approach chase, all I can mostly do Is just cat call n yell out a complement. Its very hard to do this for me, from the street, to the mall, it's just extremely difficult.

One of the most difficult things about it is I don't see too many girls looking at me, which would make it 10x easier to approach but since they're not looking my way I feel like they're not interested.

This shit sucks so much, I read all the articles about aa and I know you say to just push threw it and do it, but it is extremely difficult for me. I fear rejection so much and I fear of being awkward and feeling awkward. My body feels like it's going to explode just thinking about it.

The only way I can really approach is by cat calling, which is what I've seen growing up and it feels easier to do, and I feel less fear of rejection.

I do go out chase and try to push threw, but my mind is like she's not even looking your way so she does not want you, or I might think she doesn't like the type of guy you are, or what ever.

This shit is hard foreal, but I want you to know I try and do it as much as I can, just very difficult for me.

All I can ask is,

1. What do I have to put in my head to calm me down? I feel like this is life or death.

2. If girls aren't looking at you does that mean theyre not interested?

3. What baby steps can I take in approaching women sexually, im not talking about asking for time or some ultra indirect questions.

4. seeing girls walking to their destination doesn't seem like it would be easy to use any type of indirect game, but I dont feel comfortable enough to go direct without it coming off too hood and catcalling, what should I do?

5. How do I lessen my fear of rejection?

6. How do I stop all this reading and finally do something?

Thank You!!!!

Wolf's picture

Hey chase, I always wondered about watching black people in field doing approaches, since all I ever see is white guys approach, so I found this on youtube.

From what the guy posted and what the commenters said, he got rejected because he was black not because of his game or fundamentals.

I pretty much want to know your thoughts on the guy and what went wrong, if being black was really a factor, and do people really get rejected like that?


Nick's picture

Hello Chase,
Lately I have been having this chick1 and his guy friend harping on me trying to find out if I slept with this chick2. I found out that they're friends with this boyfriend with the chick2 that yes I slept with.
Now I say no and then they say I am a liar, then I throw a skeptical look at them then they calm down and apologize. Then the next week they are at me again saying they know that I slept with her. What facts do you have I say then they tell me to stop playing games and admit it. I tell them they are the ones playing games trying to make me admit to something I did not do.

Tell you the truth I think it is all assumptions, for the first time a few days ago I met the boyfriend and he was rather cold to me, then later in the night I saw him staring daggers at me and I stared back and he looked down and then away.
His girl2 is discreet about what we did except when we are alone so I have no clue why me and not some other guy.

Now one solution is to just ditch and leave them to their own problems but they are a part of a group of buddies I started hanging out with recently and I want to see if I can solve this problem,not run away from it.

1.) How do I solve this or will this just solve itself?

2.) When someone ask if you slept with someone is there something better you can say then no, if you want to be discreet?


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