How to Pick Up Girls from 2-Sets (or Pairs) Without a Wingman | Girls Chase

How to Pick Up Girls from 2-Sets (or Pairs) Without a Wingman

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pick up 2-set
Two girls is one of the most common girl groups you’ll encounter out and about. But peeling one girl off can be tricky – she may not want to leave her friend.

Today I will discuss a subject that may not initially be of huge interest, but once you end up in a situation where you will have to deal with the issue presented, I am sure you will be glad for having this post available to you.

This post will be about dealing with “2-sets” (a pair of two girls). Mind you that the discussion will be about managing to actually pull from this type of set without a wingman. If you have a wingman, and he is either good with women or the stars happen to align, he may hook up with her friend, but that is not always doable. You may not have a wing, or he may be busy with another girl, or perhaps you do have a wing but he is either totally useless or simply not hooking well with the girls in question.

In which case, you are on your own.

Before I get to the technicalities, let us just discuss some preliminary ideas that I believe we should cover first.

And this post will cover this exact situation. It is a pretty tough situation to deal with, so I hope my advice will increase your odds of succeeding. However, do not expect this to go smooth like butter – it never will – because women, unless you are lucky and meet up with two independent women (usually older women), will usually stick to their friend, especially if the friend will end up being alone if she comes with you, which can actually ruin her friendship and put her friend in potential danger. Women are far more risk-averse than men.

In a nutshell: if your girl leaves with you, who is going to take care of her friend?

That’s a tricky one.


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