How to Hook Girls In, Pt.2: Speaker-Centered Pre-Openers | Girls Chase

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.2: Speaker-Centered Pre-Openers

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speaker-centered pre-openers
Less pressure on her, more leeway for you. This simple technique lowers her defenses and sets you apart from all the ‘other’ guys.

Hey, guys, and welcome back. So, previously I shared a quick recap of the keys to hooking a girl – or a group – into a conversation.

The first minutes of an interaction with a stranger – e.g., in cold approach – can be the hardest, as she has no clue who you are and doesn’t really need a reason to tell you to get lost. In other words, you have little room for mistakes. You need to do things right. That is what this series is all about.

Hooking is all about getting a girl to willingly interact with you after you open. You can open a girl, but if she is not willing to keep up a conversation with you, an opening isn’t worth much.

The paradox when it comes to opening and hooking is that it is the phase where you have the least room for mistakes, yet also the part where you are the most nervous and prone to make mistakes.

Therefore, my goal here is two-fold:

  • To give you tips, tricks, and tools for opening and hooking smoothly – knowing “how” will make you more relaxed and less anxious during the initial phases

  • To make the process easier, requiring as little mental energy as possible

Many individuals fear approaching new people or environments. It is a bit scary, I won’t lie. Even the best seducers out there have those fears, to a degree. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with finding an almost risk-free way of approaching so you can relax a bit more and make the process easier for yourself, mentally and emotionally. That’s what we will cover now.

In my opinion, the way to make an opening smooth and efficient is to use a pre-opener beforehand. It’s not cheating, nor is it always a strategy for pussies. In fact, it’s a smart, fun, and most importantly, efficient way of opening.


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