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The "Hover and Disqualify" Pickup Technique

Chase Amante

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hovering pickup technique
Girls crave attention and are prone to jealousy. The “hover and disqualify” technique uses those emotions to trigger the chase instinct in any girl you choose.

Hey, guys! Here’s a simple pickup technique you can add to your arsenal. At least try it out. Maybe it will be a technique that works well for you and becomes invaluable!

As far as pickup techniques go, which are the best? That’s a hard question to answer, for many reasons. A reason often disregarded is that some techniques fit certain people better than others.

What factors determine the best technique for you?

The last reason is that pickup must be fun, or it will burn you out. Personally, I can't relate to every good technique and gambit, and I don’t necessarily find them all fun to use.

The only way to truly find out is to try them. Many guys go out there with a bias of “this will not work for me” or “this is not juicy/fun/cool” without having any good reasons to believe so. Usually, their biases tend to be corrected once they try out the technique. So, don’t miss out on anything; try everything!

The technique I’m about to share is both easy to understand and pull off. It does not require a weird or funky personality. This technique is universal and suitable for players of all levels. Yes, beginners may have some success with it, too.

It’s only been used in night game locations like clubs and bars. I have not tried it out in other places yet. So feel free to experiment.

But one thing's for sure: it works crazy well on dance floors!

Let’s get into it.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



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