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Epic Movie Seductions: Part III

movie seductionIn Epic Movie Seductions: Part I and Epic Movie Seductions: Part II of this series, we discussed the Pickup Scenes in “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”, in “Office Space”, and in “American Beauty”.

Today we’ll discuss one more scene from a movie that absolutely NAILED the perfect pickup!

This movie seduction also shows a normal guy, approaching a hot girl, in a normal, every-day situation… and KILLING it!

Watching these scenes is one of the best ways to learn, because…

Monkey see, monkey do!

Let’s jump right in.

Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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J.B's picture

Man i love ur pages of wisdom and advice on this blog. U really simplify concepts to the point any man can understand them. What i like to know is when u see a girl almost every day in class or school how would u seduce them when everyone is watching u and her. Like yesterday i was walking out of class and the girl i like caught up to me and started talking to me about what we did in class, ect.. till somebody interupted us and i lost the conversation. I saw her walking today and i waved at her and she looked down, i want to take it further but if i do it wrong i still have to see her. ur advice?

Guy Guides's picture

Dude, major props for mentioning Wong Kar Wai on a pua blog. Good analysis. One of my favorite movies is "In the Mood for Love," would've been cool to see you do an analysis on that.

Rob's picture

Dude the movie seductions are great learning tools to take notes on especially for calibrating emotions to develop charisma as discussed in your post on how to pick up girls. I realize your busy and posts are time consuming but another round of movie seductions would be phenomenal. Thanks for the posts cheers.

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