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December 11th: The Biggest Breakup Day of the Year

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biggest breakup day of the year
The December breakup bash is upon us! Will your fling survive the holidays, or will your halls be decked with boughs of broken hearts? And if the latter, what then?

As the seasons change, and a year passes by, mating opportunities also shift in waves. There’s a guy’s skill in getting women (which we teach here on Girls Chase), which is beneficial at any time of the year. Then there are the opportunities created by women around these men that follow shifts in seasons. After all, there must be women looking for things to happen, and men with the ability to make those things happen by taking the opportunity and applying skills so they can get together and have sex.

The possibility of a girl’s relationship with a guy determines female availability. Once she is in a relationship, she’s continually evaluating whether the man is still the same powerful and attractive man he was when she picked him. The cycle of evaluation never stops, and women are always considering whether they’ve got the best deal with a guy, or if someone else out there might be better. There are certain times of the year when girls are more prone to evaluate a man and their relationship with extreme scrutiny.

The highest evaluation period is around mid-November to mid-December.

As a result of this evaluation, December 11th turns out to be the biggest breakup day of the year, and it even exceeds breakups before and after Valentine’s Day. We can see this trend in the media:

And check out this graphic, which shows how breakups transpire through the course of a typical year.

In most links above, statisticians studied Facebook to analyze breakups from relationship status updates. They found that the most common date is for getting dumped is December 11th, roughly two weeks before Christmas. Data from shows that the peak sign-up period is Christmas Day. In the second half of December, many men and women put themselves back in the marketplace.

As you can see, the two biggest breakup windows through the year are right after Valentine’s Day through the “spring break” period in late March. There’s a higher spike at the end of the year starting at roughly late October, peaking on December 11th.

December 11th is the biggest breakup day of the year, and we’ll look at many reasons why couples are likely to separate then.


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