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Crazy Girls: 9 More Clear Signs You Should Run from Her

crazy girlsRemember that girl you dated in high school? You know, that really cute one with the seductive laugh who hemmed you all up and then started acting like a complete loony bird?

If you’ve been out of the house much, I’m sure that rings true for many a woman that you’ve dated or maybe even ended up in a relationship with.

A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry on “Mental Health of College Students and Their Non–College-Attending Peers” found that 1 in 5 young adults have a personality disorder, based on interviews with 5,092 persons aged 19 to 25 in 2001 and 2002.

So, crazy people are everywhere. You’re probably wondering: how do you spot them before you get involved with them? And more importantly, how do know when you’re dating one of these crazy girls?

Well my good friend, wonder no more. What follows this brief introduction will serve you well as a complete guide to detecting those mad as a March hare, no matter how well they think they cover it up.

J.J. JonesAbout the Author: J.J. Jones

J.J. is a prolific natural-turned-student-of-seduction who’s applied study and experimentation to great natural instincts with girls. He’d racked up 50 lays prior to his first marriage, and doubled this within a few years post-divorce after he made a concerted effort to master “game”. J.J. is a member of the Girls Chase Forums, where he posts as “NarrowJ”.

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Matt Ryan's picture

I just watched a show yesterday about a guy who got approached and involved with Jodi Arias before she commited her crime. It freaked me out that some good looking 115 lb. woman could commit a gruesome crime like that.

Evgeny's picture

Hey JJ, interesting article.
One thing that puzzles me though, is the cat, or animal ownership thing - I used to think that not being a pet person at all, was something of a red flag too, as it suggests the girl may not be very nurturing (definitely a minus in my book). So, I'm wondering if the same applies to owning a dog/other pets, or would you say that cat ladies are somehow more peculiar than the rest?

J.J. Jones's picture


Yeah man, you make a good point there. I suppose there's an upside if you choose to look at it that way. Again, it was one of the first couple that I noted wasn't really all that big of a deal. Maybe it's just a turn-off for me, personally. I have a German Rottweiler, and have always preferred large dogs to other pets. He does live in the house mostly, but goes to the bathroom in a self-designated spot in the backyard (which makes it easy to clean up, and it's not in my house stankin' up the place). He's loving, playful and protective. So yeah, probably a bit biased toward dogs here... but I always hate to hear girls say things like- "I don't think I'm going to go out (and socialize) tonight, I have a play date with mittens!"... Get real ;)

So again, that one I just kind of threw in there because I'm sharing my own experiences and views. However, MULTIPLE cats is never good!


Makiavelo's picture

Okay so i come to this website usually to see what fun and interestign articles you guys come up with and they're usually pretty good. but I'm sorry, sign #1 is actually the opposite.

If a girls DOESN't Own a smartphone that's a good sign. that means she isn't controlled by the constant activity of a "social life" and is more aware of the actual world around her.

Smart phones are poison and make people stupider. girls are no exception.

yeah, you lost all credibility with that one. good luck with your girlfriend and her other boyfriend: her phone

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, that smartphone thing is a little bit nonsense. But still funny :D
It is hard to find a girl who doesn't know how to send email unless you're dating old ladies, good for you then. Not chasing those technologies may be good thing as well, much better than a facebook addict or a girl dying because her shoes today are not of her favorite color.

J.J. Jones's picture


Funny I get my arse reamed over the one I deliberately made sure to note wasn't really that big of a deal =) Again, as I said, these are just my own personal peeves resulting from my own experiences. Use them (or don't) as you see fit (or unfit).

However, saying it should be the complete opposite (re: smartphones) doesn't seem very smart either, unless you wish to live a life of near celibacy. If you were to screen out all the women who DO own smartphones or other similar devices, you're essentially eliminating 95% of your dating options.

PS- I don't allow girls to overuse their phones while we are together anyway. That's a good way to quickly lose my attention!


Anonymous's picture

Maybe you could write about more dangerous stuff like her desire to check your phone which may seem innocent and her desire to have you in her life, but might be sign of personality disorder too. One important topic which is hard to understand - defending a girl.
Some points that make it tricky:
* Defender is the one who needs it more (=chasing)
* Guy needs to defend his girl sometimes because she is weaker
* Guy may be not so strong to get over some kind of enemies (some kind stronger ones, maybe physically)
* There may be other stronger male threatening to overtake a girl and guy is just an obstacle
* Guy needs to look strong even when situation is not equal
* She doesn't expect you to leave her in tough situation and 'be there while things are right'.

Let's say she brings it in conversation 'What would you do if 5 guys come to us and threatened you to help them rape me. You couldn't do anything about it, do you?'
Well, you can logically ask, or laugh at it as not a big deal, but she may insist with this one as her own insecurity issue.
'defending' is worth its own article, cause mainstream really teaches guys just to be her perfect man and take care of every her moan and whine, well - you can don't do that, but when it comes to defending she is questioning your masculinity in one way or another, cause a strong man can defend himself and the things important to him.

I guess you got it.

Billykitten's picture

I would X ANY guy off my list if he had a Fartphone other than for work! That being said, I came upon this website because my husband has an acquantance stalker at his work we are trying to get rid of. I believe she has BPD and other mental illnesses, so sad but not our problem to fix.
I just had to comment though. It's sooo retarded to see "couples" at a beautiful candle light restaurant ignoring each other for a couple of hours while they are bent over on their Fartphones. My husband and I are constantly pointing these types out to each other :)

Pimpin Plastic's picture

not having a smartphone actually has many great advantages. I own a 2006 lg rumor touch and it has great features like

1. A two week battery life (seriously)

2. A physical texting keybord that registers the right, intended button every single time i press it

3. About 1 sixth the amount of electromagnetic radiation going straight into my testes which is pretty useful for not getting cancer

4. Fully functioning texting and calling without becoming like most kids these days who are more tuned into their smartphone than the actual world around them (young people and most young women)

Ive turned down upgrading to the iphone several times now because im already living the dream baby

.....Time to downgrade?

Anonymous's picture


Thank you for clarifying the Drama Queen label. Most men (clearly immature men) use the Drama Queen card to deflect their behavior and project onto girls because they don't want to be honest with themselves that they're being selfish and it's easier to label the girl who is legitimately pissed because she's not being validated.

Men are equally as guilty as women going into any sort of relationship expecting the opposite sex to be something they're not. The majority of women are emotional and any guy to expect otherwise especially after making her feel undervalued, is emotionally immature.

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