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Acting With Intent

Chase Amante

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act with intentLots of men go out to get women to "like" them, and never push hard or drive toward any concrete objective or end point. But to truly succeed with girls consistently, a man must have intent.

One of the things that stuns me most, when going out with others, is noticing how some of the other men I meet and hang out with approach women.

Many of them, I’ve noticed, approach in a way that is either silly, entertaining, tentative, or half-assed – and women predictably don’t bite on their approach.

And when these men do make it into interactions with women, it’s obvious to a man who can read women that the women typically are simply being polite. Many men I’ve observed in this scenario, oblivious to the facial expressions and body language of the women they were talking to, walk away from a short interaction feeling triumphant, while the women walk away seemingly thinking along the lines of, “That was… different.”

When these men manage to find a woman who’s into them, they then often banter too long, joke too much, and stay in initial conversation too far into the interaction. They never act to move things forward, and eventually things fizzle out.

I call this Acting Without Intent.


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