3 Ways to Handle Women Who Are Attention-Seeking Freaks | Girls Chase

3 Ways to Handle Women Who Are Attention-Seeking Freaks

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attention seeking freaks
She’s super flirty or grinding you on the dance floor. So you reciprocate... but she quickly loses interest. How in blazes does one take these freaky girls to bed?

Hey, guys. Now that I’m done with my series on hooking, I can finally allow myself to move on to my next project. However, for now, I’ve decided to spend a bit of time responding to some great questions from our readership.

Here is one of those questions, from Lawliet:

When a girl makes a direct statement of interest or sexual flirting, such as:

    Her: “I did something sexy today.”

    You: “What did you do?”

    Her: “I’ll show you.”

    Her: *sits on your face*

Or this happens through role play over text – you get the idea.

When they talk like that in person, or over text, what is your way of approaching this?

Jump on her? But what if it’s over text? Invite her out?

That feels a little too reactive.

[And when you decide to react]:

    You: *jump on her*

    Her: “Hold your horses, sweetheart, and maybe you’ll get some tonight ;)”

Then we’re stuck there, hung out to dry.

Would love to hear some examples from you on girls taking the sexually aggressive role verbally. How do we not kill the tension while keeping the mating dance going? I honestly love this flirting back and forth.

This is a great question because there is a technical element at play here. I know exactly what type of situation Lawliet is talking about, and if you haven’t seen this yourself, let me illustrate with a more extreme and even more frustrating example.


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