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That One Special Girl

Chase Amante

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Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

that one special girlA forum member spends over a year pining over a girl he likes yet never talks to. What can he finally do to get things moving?

I found an interesting post on Skilled Seducer, the Girls Chase forum.

If you’re not yet a member, it’s a great place to go for guidance, to make friends, or share what you’ve learned on your journey.

If you join, you might get personalized advice from guys like myself, Alex, Hector, or even Chase.

I'll use this post to highlight a ubiquitous and unfortunate problem for a great many men, who find themselves pining away, waiting in vain:

The problem of that one special girl.

Solving this problem means rescuing yourself from the chain of torture, paralysis, and perpetual waiting for things that never come to pass.



Bizzy's picture

"So, in the end, what happened to our protagonist? He took some sound advice on the forum, got her social media, and sent her a message. Now he’s chatting with her, and they might even meet up for a coffee."

I don't know where you got this from but the last post in that thread was made on Novermeber the 2nd an even you commented on it I believe. The guy said that she had a boyfriend and friendzoned him anyway.

And as for my 2 cents: I have never believed in women losing interest in you just because you didn't approach her immediately. I don't really believe in auto-rejection either because girls usually go for you if they really like you evebn when you seem cold. So she either never had real interest in the first place or just was looking for attention.

Neal's picture

Tony and Chase, I'm lookin for insider stories about women who... feel the same about a guy they see on social media like Facebook.

They see a guy's profile, and they are in a dilemma. They either, want to msg the guy, or want the guy to msg them, or even have the guy know their profile exists.

Do women ever have this? And better yet, would they ever admit it? So do any of you have any such stories?

And if you're gonna say, women don't go browsing for guy profiles, you're generally right, so I'm obviously talking about situations where a girl came across a guy's profile by accident, or, because her female friends refer her to.

I have the reverse in this story for Facebook: so many women view my profile, but they never msg me. Are they in a dilemma? Thanks.

Bizzy's picture

How do you know women view your facebook profile? I didn't know there was a feature for this

Neal's picture

Bizzy you must be a newb to Facebook. I will explain to you the wrong way 1st, and then work from there. When your Facebook account is created, it gives you a matching identifier like A, B, etc. When 2 accounts with the matching identifier view each other's profile, that account will show up in their People You May Know List. The exact # of identifiers and such is proprietary information. However, there are also false positives. Facebook also sets that if you add someone, or your friends accept someone, those with matching identifiers can show up also. But they only show up once. Which is why you can't conclude for the 1st time. But if days later they show up a 2nd time, then it can be. Check the mutual friends count.

Women know this, which is why when men they find attractive show up in their list, and they view your profile, if they like you, they'll view you multiple days for about a week, to see if you return back. If you don't, then they'll never view your profile again. So if you view their profile weeks or months later, and they don't view back, they moved on.

Anyways, I said something false, but the exact details are still irrelevant to this discussion.

Bizzy's picture

No I am not new to Facebook, probably you are though because what you said doesn't mean any woman viewed your profile at all. There have been a mio ways in the past to detect whether someone viewed your profile and none of them could be veryfied at all. Sometimes people show up who I have never seen before and don't have mutual friends with either. Facebook knows what it's doing it's fucking with your mind.

Neal's picture

Bizzy, I think you are new to Facebook. What you said did not contradict what I said. I certainly did not say it wasn't possible for someone that you have no mutual friends with to view your profile.

Tony Depp's picture

You're asking if women browse men's profiles and find them attractive but don't message them?

Honestly, I haven't used Facebook in years. I use Instagram.

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