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Tactics Tuesdays: Dating Second Chances

Chase Amante

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By: Chase Amante

dating second chancesIf you want a second chance in dating, you'll have to convince your date to give you one, first… Fortunately, that's often easier to do than you might think.

Who says there's no second chances in dating?

I just coached a guy through a situation where he's encountering a lot of "I'm just not feeling it" and "we just don't have chemistry" objections from women.


1984's picture

That's a good reframe to work with. I'll try that next time I get a chance. (hopefully not too often!)

However, that only works if the girl replies back to you. What if she just doesn't text back to your messages after the first date? Any troubleshooting for that?

FunkMaster69's picture

Great article and insights Chase! I know this might go against the spirit of the article, but can you do an article on breaking up and moving on?

Context: Me and a girlfriend stopped talking and I tried to ask for another chance... the answer was no and I've been blocked. A friend of hers also told me to move on... This was a bad break up for me... I actually cried and felt pain in my chest. Like I actually wanted to marry this woman (I've had a lot of fun already and am ready to settle). It sounds weird to say but I caught myself going trough the stages of grief. There was anger, then there was denial. Then I tried bargaining with god, and well today I woke up feeling acceptance. At this point in my life I'm not at all interested in trying to win her back or anything. I'm just having a hard time moving on... I literally feel like I've been left at the altar.

I'm going out this weekend to a bar and am going to look for a new gf who I'm more compatible with, but I was wondering, have you ever experienced heartbreak? Like to the point where it actually hurt? I straight up felt like Princess Leia for a while...

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