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Tactics Tuesdays: Teach Her Things

Chase Amante

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teach your dateHere's a nice little tactic to get girls you meet and go on dates with to follow your lead and view you as an authority figure: teach them to do things.

One major attraction switch for women is male authority.

If you can show yourself to be an authority to women, they desire you more.

In particular, if you establish yourself as an authority over a woman, she will desire you a lot.

There are numerous ways to establish yourself as an authority in a woman's world... but one of the easiest is to teach her things.

For this Tactics Tuesday, we'll discuss tactically teaching girls things to bring them under your authoritative spell.


Witcher's picture

Time to taking the imagine games and cold reading next to the next level of using. What do you think about using the Cube for example to pull her home? Like" if you like this game I have the full book at home we can pick it up"

Very good technique Chase, this reminds me of the "Teach Me something Date" you previously shared in the news letter. Can't find it anymore in my archive would it be possible to have it again?

Chase Amante's picture


I had to dig around for a few minutes to find that one!

I've put the "teach me something" date newsletter (it's from 2016) on PasteBin here:


What do you think about using the Cube for example to pull her home? Like" if you like this game I have the full book at home we can pick it up"

Yeah, sure. You can use anything, really.

If it fits the conversation and gives her a reason for plausible deniability it'll work.

I've pulled with "I have a really interesting ceiling at home. Wanna see it?"

If she likes you enough, she just needs a reason. Doesn't even have to be a very good one. Though stronger reasons will help you pull on-the-fence girls a bit more easily.


Twinkle Toes's picture

This is always fun to do and works like gangbusters. Though through reading this it seems like I need to do a better job at praising.

But yeah, I've been dancing since 2013 and have noticed that the easiest women in the world to pick up have always been the newbies. And it's because I teach them how to do things that the instructors aren't (always about frame since it's the most important and something nobody teaches until a little later anyway).

So much fun

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