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What Power Men (Really) Have in the Dating Game

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Alek Rolstad's picture

By: Alek Rolstad

power in the dating gameWhat power do men have in dating? It may seem like women hold all the cards. Yet men have one special thing at their fingertips that women desperately crave…

Are men totally without power in the current dating game?

It could seem so to many.  Today I would like to discuss this subject while discussing what gives women that “power” and whether or not this ends up creating a skewed dating game.

Many of you will start seeing this article as some rant – but truth is, it is not. It will start of with the typical “the dating game is unfair” type of narrative – usually shared by the manosphere. However, I invite you to read the whole article, since I believe things are not as one-sided (and if you came here to get a confirmation for your flawed “the world is unfair” type of belief – you may leave disappointed).

As a matter of fact I will later in this article move on to discuss what power men actually have.

No, we are not talking about the typical “men have economical and political power” which is the argument most feminist would give.

Whether true or not (most likely some truth in it) is completely irrelevant to our discuss because whether there are more men making up the elite (political and economic) has very little impact on normal men’s dating lives.

In fact, when discussing the subject of equality (and inequalities) between the sexes, the subject is always surrounding political and economical power. Yet, we rarely see “legal” inequalities being discussed, most likely because the results of such discussion would be contrary to the current narrative (men are usually disfavoured in courts of law – especially in cases regarding parenting, etc.).

Although kind of relevant to pick up and seduction, political/economical/legal power will not be the subject of today's discussion, because it has little impact on actual dating strategies and the mating process.


stef jaen diaz's picture

this is why I like high IQ people, Great Article, thanks for sharing!

Kai Reyder's picture

Incredible article! I mean, I knew this already, but this made it all so much clearer.

I was just thinking about asking HOW one would go about having a girl actually desire your attention (because sure, you can sit in your room playing video games all day and not giving women your attention, but none of them even know you exist, so how could they want your attention?) before I read that that is the subject of your next article.

I'm really looking forward to it - don't take too long now ;)

Amazing content!

Gifted's picture

One of the best articles on this site in a long time

John D's picture

Our power of being a guy in dating is not giving attention to women? When men period are gonna give women endless attention anyway? Like I don't get this article.

It sounds like the only way men have the advantage is to "get gud" per se. Which is probably just as big an advantage for women

Petr's picture

This is a great article- WITH FINAL MESSAGE OF DO NOT COLD APPROACH!!!!:-(.
Any time you even start a conversatin with a girl (ESPECIALLY IN DAYTIME WHERE PEOPLE DONT TALK TO STRANGERS), you are giving her attention and validation that you want to fuck. This is exactly why cold appoach is more difficult than social circle- and point of this article is ANTI COLD APPROACH. Unless a girl is autistic- she knows you are giving her validation by even talking to her while she is a stranger......

John D's picture

If you don't cold approach then how do you get girls? Do you only get them from social circles?

Joseph P.'s picture

So our power is not giving attention. Cool, let's all stop talking to women entirely for a month (social media included) and watch these women come to us like flies to a poop wagon.

Simps Inc. is still around and this Onlyfans trend doesn't help.

What women do is slot men into one of these 3 categories: Alpha, Beta, Useless.
The alpha is the lover and gets laid. Very straightforward and what we all want to be. +1.
The Beta is to be used for pic liking, orbiting, ego boosting, free meals, free attention that Chad and Tyrone aren't giving her. -1.
Useless is a guy who refuses to be a beta. Very good he doesn't kiss her ass or be her friend. Good he doesn't like her pics, compliment her, take her out for free dinner. This pisses women off because not only the guy refuses to submit, but he's not Chad or Tyrone either. When this guy walks away inevitably because neither party will submit, girl gets laid elswehere, guy probably (hopefully not) had a date with his right hand or his Nintendo Switch. 0.

We all want to get laid. Penetration and gripping female hips is a lot better than gripping a Playstation 4 controller, admit it.

Dimes have options like crazy. Nickels and pennies do too! They get more DM'S than any guy who is reading this. A lot of times guys wind up useless because they refuse to be simps. Good for finances, but too many zero scores means little new real sexual experiences. Guys actually want and need that.

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