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On Pick Up Artist "What Works Better?" Debates

Chase Amante

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By: Chase Amante

pick up debatesWhat's the best way to pick up girls? Is it tactic A or tactic B? Is Method M superior to Methods S and C? Here's the true exposé on what works best and why.

Wanna know one thing that will definitely never help you do better with girls?

Boasting about how your way to get girls is better than other guys' ways to get girls.

There was an old mASF discussion, back in '04 or '05, where the tired old, "What works better, indirect or direct?" debate got dredged up from the crypt and infused with new life.

I recall reading it in the archives.

Two of the participants were Style (Neil Strauss), the guy who wrote the best seller pick up artist book The Game, and Dimitri (Sebastian Drake), founder of the pick up artist training company theApproach, and a guy who served in a mentor role for me for many years.

Style's point was that you could not ever pick up a girl who was an "8 or better" with direct game. You could only use indirect for this.

Dimitri's point was that he had the most luck picking up girls who were "8s or better" with direct game.

I've never rolled with Style, but I spent a fair bit of time rolling with Dimitri, and I watched him pick up some of the most beautiful women I've witnessed any guy I've rolled with pick up, in the single fastest pickups I've seen guys I've rolled with pull off. A stunning young French stewardess he same-day laid off the beach right after we'd swum the Mediterranean (turned out we'd accidentally switched hotel keys, so he shagged her in my room and used my condoms. I had to call the cleaning service after, my room was so destroyed...). A pair of beautiful, flashy, and shapely Japanese girls we picked up off the street outside an L.A. club. Many others. All with direct openers.

I was a pure indirect guy at the beginning (more because I lacked the balls to go direct then, than that I didn't know how to do it). Dimitri urged me to try direct, so I did. And I found it worked very well for me.

I also found it worked better in some situations than in others. Some of the most beautiful, incredible girls I've been with I picked up I picked up with direct. Others of them I picked up with indirect.

I say all this to preface this post, which is not about direct vs. indirect, but instead something else: getting into stupid debates where you tell other guys that stuff they do that is working for them DOESN'T work is stupid.


Joker's picture

Hi Chase,

Where can we find material about Sebastian Drake? It would be lit to study the guy from whom you learnt so much!

And when you say Zan, are you referring to Zan Perrion? I saw bunch of videos from him, though rather philosophical (not so practical) in nature.

Tony Depp's picture

I just made a video about this last week. There is no "right" way. There is only the way you choose, and improvement.

Btw, yes I have had many one night stands from night game. I didn't really start daygaming until I'd started coaching. And for the first seven years my bootcamps were two nights, and two days. I spent years running around bars and clubs before I switched to only teaching daygame around 2017.

Bizzy's picture

Personally I only believe in direct game when it comes to getting sex quickly. On the flip side I don't know any game that works when it comes to making a girl you actually like your girlfriend. PUA seems to avoid this topic because getting a hot girl attached to you that you like is way harder than sleeping with her once. In the end of the day every game's result depends on your own attractiveness as well. If you are out of shape and naturally not that attractive it won't make much of a difference what tactic you use, you will most likely fail anyway.

Neal's picture

Hey Chase, what's better, texting-reply to girls asap, like within seconds, or delaying 1-2 days for texting girls.

Better, can mean, more attractive.

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