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Why Dating Apps Suck

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online dating apps
Dating apps are inferior to meeting girls in person, because they are severely limiting in regards to the seductive tools normally at your disposal.

Hey there. Today I want to discuss online game and dating apps like Tinder.

At the time of this post, the world is still under lockdown from the pandemic. Dating apps are perceived as the go-to way to meet women. We are changing and reinventing ways to be social. Last week, I shared my perspective on this. The conventional way of “rethinking” our social activities is through digitalization, and dating apps have become the new norm.

But who is vouching for these apps? The media, the health authorities, and others with little to no expertise on dating and seduction. So I felt the need to write this post, since I know many of you are following the current recommendations with using dating apps. I think a perspective from a Girls Chase coach would be a useful contribution, because, after all, we care about your results. Though we will keep your security in mind, it is your responsibility to watch out for your health as well as others.

Many points I’ll make will be valid in the future. I will begin by sharing my overall reservations with dating apps, then make a few notes regarding COVID-19 and dating apps in my next post.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



Bizzy's picture

I don't use dating apps and still can get laid without it. I just did recently when a stranger woman was giving me heavy signals on the street. However here is the problem: dating apps have ruined the dating itself. If you have a girlfriend she will still use these apps behind your back, no matter what and many cheat because of that. If you meet a girl she will still get distracted by those apps the moment you leave after approaching her and she will focus on other men because they will lovebomb her. Basically every guy who is with a girl, especially when she can do better than him, gets either cheated on or dumped because of tinder etc.

I also don't think hot women are ashamed of being on tinder because all her friends are and now there are even worse apps than tinder like tik tok and no woman seems ashamed of herself acting like a total clown infront of her cam. Dating is basically over unless you are naive or ok with being replaced easily.

jack napier's picture

I am looking forward to lockdown meeting as my town mandates masks now. Its tricky I don't think you can play the numbers game as much I think sniper game is more effective. I agree dating apps suck whenever I look on dating apps like my friends its SLIMM pickings and a girl who is a 6 will think she's an 8 or 9 because all these thirsty dudes swipe right. The dating app culture is basically pay to play anyway and your still more likely to get mostly 6's few 7's and maybe an 8 or 9. Look forward to your article about basically day game cold approach since most bars are closed now.

Neal's picture

And here's a short video that counters this article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1XGPvbWn0A&t=25s

Yes, dating apps suck, but you can be more of a creep in real life. You can also spit game on messenger, something you can't do without consent in real life.

Bizzy's picture

Are you kidding? Spitting game on messenger? That's weak af. The women will never meet up with you in person in most cases anyway. The only real way to make a woman sleep with you is telling her face to face "I want you". The only way for you to be good on tiner is to be hot and most men aren't hot

Neal's picture

Bizzy your comment is off on so many levels. The whole point of spitting game on messenger - is so the girl wants to meet you in real life. If you spit game to a girl in real life, thing is she has to consent to your conversation, and she may be busy. Spitting game on messenger means she can read it hours later. And spitting game is progressive, it's not just a few seconds - there's a layered approach. That's the downfall to real life before a date, you're limited by time.

Bizzy's picture

Man, you sound like you rarely ever meet any woman at all. Messaging women is not only a time waster, it will get you rejected in almost all cases. That's like going home and study how to swim on youtube instead of jumping in the water. It just doesn't make any sense.

Dude, women will ALWAYS make time for you if they find you attractive. No woman is busy enough in real life, they only act busy to guys they want to reject. A woman spends basically 90% of her free time on her phone, doing nothing else than being on Insta, FB, tinder and posting selfies. Is that what you call being busy? lol I talk to women face to face, I can pull a woman within 10 minutes and have sex with her while you are still wasting time and energy on "spitting game" on your phone only to get a "maybe next week§ response. Get real bro, if you can't pull a girl in person, you will mostly like not be able to do that via phone either.

Neal's picture

Bizzy, I think you said something contradicting. Re: "The only way for you to be good on tiner is to be hot and most men aren't hot"

That's kinda what messenger is for. A way for uglier guys to get a chance in how they text, so if the guy turned out to be ugly, she has pre-selection. And so if she's into you, she will be curious to know, what you look like. As far as your last post, everything you say is true for both real life and messenger.

Bizzy's picture

I don't think you know what contradiction means because you just contradicted yourself. If messenger is for ugly guys, then how the hell is a girl going to be into you in the first place? She is not gonna read your messages or talk to you at all. She will want to see your pic so how is she going to meet up with you if you don't sent her her pic? She has options, that means, she is not gonna waste time with you when she doesn't even know what you look like. You have it all backwards. if you happen to be ugly then the only chance you got is a faece to face approach because that's the only way for you to show her other qualities, like humour, status, money. That's all ugly men can offer, it's either money, status or some kind of game even though chances are still slim for him. Approachin women online as an ugly man is death sentence, it's like going into a casino without money.

Kevin690's picture

This article about dating apps vs real life implies you’re attractive and know what you’re doing, so your video is irrelevant.

Neal's picture

Kevin690, I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about: messaging girls on Facebooks.

I messaged a Hispanic girl from 3 different Facebook accounts: GangA, GangB, and GangC. Each talks about the history of their gang, but more importantly, who their rapists and woman-perverts are. And snitches and flip flops. They included images.

And these messages were a few days apart. Do you know what the girl did after the 3rd account messaged her? She opened up and replied to 1 of them "What do you know about Gang D????" She comes from a family of Gang D, so she wanted to know what I know about Gang D.

And you can't do this kind of thing to a girl in real life because it will take several minutes, and real-life is time-based.

Fwiw, I already tried msging this girl from my real account, in which I'm a White guy, and wasn't able to get her to open up. But I turned out to be a White guy who knew a lot of Hispanic gangs.

Kevin690's picture

Neal, I totally fail to see how your reply is relevant either to this article or to my comment....
I don't meet girls on Facebook, I meet girls in real life. I don't need to 'spit game' to get them on dates with me. Either they like me or they don't. I also don't date girls from gangs, or girls who were raped. So unfortunately what you say flies totally over my head.

Try reading Chase's article about not meeting women on facebook.

Neal's picture

Kevin690, I was just giving you examples in feedback of messaging girls via approaching. Approaching girls mean you need her to respond immediately, whereas in messenger, she can respond hours later. That is, respond at her convenience. And when you msg her, you can msg her a series of things appended to the other, whereas in real life, she doesn't have the ability to rewind what you said from start to finish.

100% of girls on profiles you see you can take the time to go through her profile and think-out what you want to say. It's not like that with girls in real life. For example, when you're walking on the sidewalk and beautiful girls in cars drive past you, that's a % of unapproachable chance. Same with girls that you see in an elevator 50 feet away, and the doors are closing in on them, and you don't know what floor their destination is.

Kevin690's picture

Well, even if you get her on a date through messaging, you still need to meet up with her IRL, and be quick on your feet then. That's why you practice approaching many girls, to learn to react quickly.
Besides, in daygame you have no competition, whereas when you message her online, you are one out of 100.
A question for you: did you ever actually sleep with any of the girls you messaged?

naye's picture

The critiques you laid out are both fear based and not about how dating apps are genuinely better.

dongiovanni's picture


in this article you said anti slut defense is ALMOST a thing of the past.
I read a couple of your articles on sex talk and gambits... The cruciall part of them always seems to be framing women as not sluts, rather expressing their sexuality.

Do you find this not so necessary anymore?
I’m finding more and more girls in alternative circles just owning their “slutness” and not giving a damn... Which is great :)

Do you think is cool to just skip this part with some girls/ most girls? How do you go about it?

By the way, love your articles, contributions to this scene.


Sonny's picture

Yeah , I had a similar question.
Is it true that there is less ASD with today's women ?

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