The COVID-19 Effect: Do We Need to Rethink Pickup and Seduction? | Girls Chase

The COVID-19 Effect: Do We Need to Rethink Pickup and Seduction?

Chase Amante

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By: Alek Rolstad


dating covid-19 pandemic
Has COVID-19 become an overarching seduction wildcard, disallowing your tried-and-true pickup routines? It certainly has for me. But it’s not all bad. Here’s why.

Here in Europe, as in many countries, there’s talk about “rethinking” and “reinventing” ways to socialize. I get chills EVERY TIME I hear this. It activates a deep fear that I may lose everything I love so much, like enjoying a night out, banging chicks at parties, and going on dates in bars.

The thought is terrifying.

I question a lot these days why the authorities and media say this. I am nearing the end of lockdown in my country. People are partying on the weekends (sadly, clubs are still closed). They hang out in restaurants and bars, doing all the usual things again. So, I question the "need for rethinking our social life" rhetoric. Things are getting slowly getting back to normal, although it took a bit longer than anticipated. So what is all this rhetoric for? To scare us? To calm us down? For marketing? I honestly do not know.

But I know that you cannot reinvent “social.” The “social” is about meeting people face-to-face. Skyping is social, so are group chats on various platforms, but they are not social in the strict sense. They are like “social light.”

Humans, even hardcore introverts, are social beings. We need to see people, interact, mingle, laugh, dance, and play. It is part of human nature. Biologists know it, sociologists know it even better, and psychologists think they know it.

First and foremost, there is likely no need to rethink ways to socialize (as the crisis will end eventually), and it is impossible to rethink socialization.

This is what I’ll discuss here. I’ll share my perspectives, and then review some strategies for tackling socialization in the age of COVID-19.


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I work a white collar job and online happy hour/networking events have taken off like crazy. Some sales and marketing groups have slack channels with 800+ active members on them and yeah, some are women (you do unfortunately get more married and older women though).

In recent months I have connected on LinkedIn with 50+ girls who are hot and in their 20s, got a nice chat going. Some have been open to then connecting on Instagram which is a more appropriate channel to flirt on and I have gotten 3 dates off of it. Each of the girls have been above an 8 although it did take some time, so not a quick sale like night game and SNL.

TBH though, I think Nightgame is dead. I lived in the epicenter of nightgame in the US and the quality kept on getting worse and worse. Even now most people are too used to work from home and prefer to party at their house anyways. Most girls prefer it too since they already know what guys they will be fucking and most of the men they meet out at bars are creeps who they ignore.

I think night game was dying a slow painful death before COVID-19 and the virus just sped it up,

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I'm curious about how you think girls will react to random men approaching them now? I realise that we still have our base instincts, but I think everyone will be a lot more wary about talking to strangers initially (I suspect fatigue will set in after a while, as we are seeing with compliance in Europe, and this wariness will subside)

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