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Are You Single? Why to Always Ask Girls This

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are you singleWhen was the last time you saw a stunning girl during the day and didn’t know how to approach her? The thought perhaps dancing around in your head, you too hesitant to ask it… “Are you single?”

Maybe it was on your way to work you saw her, or while doing your shopping or riding the subway…

Maybe she was just your type, and you realize that if you JUST approached, your chances of her becoming an affair or a soul mate would at least increase from ZERO to POSSIBLE... But you didn’t know how to go about it?

This is your play-by-play.

And, there are many ways to skin a cat… but this is the one that has worked best for me, after a decade of refining the process.

Let’s jump right in.


Anonymous's picture

One time a chick asked a friend of mine if I was single and I was actually turned off because I took the girl asking if I was single as if she was looking for a relationship and that is not something I would have wanted with this particular girl. I know its different because the girl did not ask me directly. But do you think asking a girl if she is single risks the chance of putting you in the zone as a guy that is looking for a girlfriend?

Anonymous's picture

To ask a woman "are you single?", and reply with "just curious" is way to passive.

A better response is "so I don't waste your time".

Anonymous's picture


n.qbhamidi09's picture

Good article Recardus

If I ask a girl " are you single ?" While I'm dancing with her in a bar does it make her feel that I'm looking for a relationship instead of a one night stand so she tries to play hard ?



Anonymous's picture

I'm having huge beginner pick-up problems. Basically, I've been taught by David D if you know who he is to walk up to a women and use cocky comedy then ask for her email. However, I've tried using this in the past and got resistance and more blank looks than laughs. Tonight I went out visiting my local mall for the first time to fish. I went in a shoe store and dropped this line on one of the women working there after she asked if I needed help with something I then picked up some women's shoes "do you think these come in my size?" and the girl just sat there confused saying what size do you need? I know its different to approach women that actually work in the mall than ones just shopping. The trouble is I get a lot of women looking at me sometimes depending on how many other men are around and what I wear that night (I'm a fairly attractive guy but only average height 5'9) and I get nervous inside when I approach. I know this is bad. I guess I need some sound lines to use or indirect more than direct when I fish at night. I always say to myself she is probably married or has a boyfriend and don't approach. I also keep reminding myself to be cool and calm. But the "are you single" is a good line I haven't used yet so I will try it and see what happens. Let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous's picture

A man just asked me this, several times, and at first I didnt catch on, but then after he asked again, My mouth hit the floor. Today we are flirting and I gave him my number, he hasnt called yet, but I know he will. I agree, that question Are you Single, started it all :) #feelingtotallyblessed

sun's picture

I'm a woman, and I have been asked, '' why are you still single'' three times in the last month by three different men who struck up conversations with me. I initially felt offended, but I realize now that it wasn't meant with mal intent, but as a strange compliment. I still feel as though my reasons for feeling offended are valid, but misplaced when I'm asked this question.

Anyway, my point is that the simple pair: ''are you single'' and ''I just don't want to waste your time'' are much better than the aforementioned question. It might be hard for a lady to know how to react. Even if she might want to take it as a compliment at first, she may feel pressure to be more on guard about the many implications of her not being honest to you, or she might feel like its a criticism if she is older or not accustomed to being approached.

I would also like to say that ''are you single'' is better not being the first words that come out of you mouth. They can be the second or third sentence if she seems timid, but if you spark a conversation from a compliment and seemingly slip it into the conversation then its a nice surprise.

I may not be able to speak for all women, but I like it when men compliment, are straightforward in a way that is respectful, and SEEM genuinely interested in talking to me. I emphasize seem because I don't expect men to love everything that comes out of my mouth, but its the honest interest that makes me feel special. I would encourage more men to not try to focus on lines but just be confident enough to speak earnestly and respectfully. If a woman berates you for it, then she wasn't worth your time and respect in the first place. She is a little girl and more trouble than she is worth..

Anyway, happy hunting men,
I digress

Cognac's picture

Wouldn't "Are you single?" Give off a different impression than "Why are you still single?"

The latter implying something must be wrong with you vs the former which is conveying some interest?

Tom P's picture

Thanks enlightened, that was a helpful comment. :-)

Jonny 's picture

This guy... spitting straight up fire!

Neeraj Patel's picture

Great article!

How can you compliment a women on her looks if you just meet her?

What if it's a female friend (long distance) who you meet up with?

And erm..say said friend was eating a banana. I was in awe but unsure what to say. Trying to be a sexual man as you say, but what would you say in that situation that is flirty, light, sexy, but not awkward or creepy so as to lose her?

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