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What to Text Girls to Get DATES

what to text girlsThere is a phase that every student of the Art of Seduction goes through... and that is the FLAKE phase. This post is about what to text girls to get yourself through that phase... as quickly as possible.

You’re already advanced enough to approach women, get them interested in you and even to get their phone numbers… but they just don’t pick up the phone, answer your text messages or come out on another date with you!

This is one of the most frustrating experiences, because while you have the numbers of twenty beautiful girls in your phone, you might as well have none. They enjoyed your approach and seemed into you, but suddenly it seems almost impossible to meet them again, and they hardly give you the time of day.

I remember when I hit this plateau in learning how to seduce women myself. Now, I’m a real enthusiast when I want to learn a new skill (some of my friends might even say “obsessive”), so if I want to figure something out, I really dig my teeth into it until I have it NAILED. And I did the same with the topic of flakes, and text- and phone game.

Ricardus DominoAbout the Author: Ricardus Domino

Ricardus was one of the most prolific and respected coaches in the men’s dating advice industry. He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops. He is most remembered for his “Are you single?” opening line. Ricardus is currently retired from the dating advice industry.

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jay's picture

Did you hear about the Bobby Rio magnetic texting? If you did tell me about it.

Michael Nicholson's picture

Exactly- you tell the rest on a date...

Hunter's picture

Great article. I've been using a minimalist, objective oriented texting style for a while now and I have to say the results are like night and day. I used to always find it stressful to think of good things to text girls and would take it hard when they didn't respond like I wanted them to (which was most of the time). Just be straightforward and to the point and it usually works.

Kevin's picture

I'm using Facebook to talk to a girl using her birthday as an excuse to talk to her, and pointed out that we never hangout anymore. And she used the excuse that I'm never around anymore. We used to be good friends and we both used to like each other. She has a boyfriend now, but what I'm asking is how I should approach her. I'm aware that she probably doesn't have feeling for me. But a while back we hung out with each other and she seemed to be having a good time with me laughing and all this good stuff. I feel like shes avoiding me so she won't like me again for her boyfriend? Because we have mutual friends that I know she hangs out with all the time, but when I hangout with them she doesn't.

Geoff's picture

See more women. Move faster. If you happen to bump into her, take advantage of the situation and esculate. Make it appear like it just "happened". If she still likes you (and you do it right), you'll get somewhere. If not, she'll tell you she has a boyfriend.

Your friend,


Anonymous's picture

Just gave it a try. Works like a charm, and now I have much more energy for the day1

Anonymous's picture

I could use some help. I know this is kind of long but I am head over heels for a girl. How do I know if im trying to hard? Everytime I get a text I always rush into it and end up saying something I regret, nothing that offends her just would only bring me closer into either the creep zone or friendzone. Sometimes I do overthink stuff like this but it is driving me crazy. We usually just talk about how our days are going an im afraid im getting dull. I think im in the friendzone but I really don't want to drop her because we do haev a lot in common and he culd really benefit me in the future. I am worried I might be trying to hard and I still have no idea if trying is worth my time! At soem point I would like to ask her out btu could i be in a stage where it wouldn't work? "Bedding" would be great but thats not the only thing im concerned about which is ehy im a little reluctant to drop her what should i do? What do you think?

Anonymous's picture

Hey, i've recently met this girl who I really like and met a couple of times about the place. We go to separate schools so I don't see her during the day. She normally smiles and touches her hair when we talk but I don't have her number so I was going to ask her out on facebook as I don't want to let the window of opportunity pass but Whenever I message her she don't respond even if I know she's there as she posts something in the next minute or two. I was wondering if there is any reason for this. Also I have no Idea if she has a boyfriend and I was just going to ask her and if not just ask her out.

Dexter's picture

your comment is a bit familiar to what I did back then. a few years ago I would follow the old style (birthday wish, chatting on fb, asking for number, calling, and getting no where :P)
now I have cut back on fb and am about to kiss it a goodbye for good. Its just there for the sake of it. I dont think people having a good social life really even check fb messages.
Just ask for her number when she is playing with her hair ;)

wishing you luck :)

Nicholas's picture

This is all true. Forget "gamey" texts. They're old hat. Now it's all about being simple and to the point. Besides, a guy should NEVER have to put a lot of effort into the early stages of dating. Just like when you're out, a simple "hey, how's it going?" is all a guy should need to do to start a conversation with a girl. With texting, keep it just as simple. Save the effort for when the girl has earned it.

Anonymous's picture

So after you got her number one random night, and then you send that text where you tell her to save the number,

Is there a time gap that you leave before sending the next text? I don't know where I got this, but between the first and second text of a new girl, I would leave a day between, then ask her out. So is it that I should do the first text, then the second with no wait (of course, SOME)?

C.W.'s picture

Im starting to think that maybe less means more also, but the girl that hasn't text me in a while finally texts me back after 3 weeks of not talking to see how I'm doing. I'm kinda offended really because I was just getting over her, so I pretend like everything's fine but I still don't get it. Everytime I pull back girl's come running, she even implies that we should talk more often but I'm not sure if I should or not.. Advice?

Textanova's picture

If you still like the girl, there's no reason you should ignore her. There's a lot of reasons girls go cold. Attraction is not black or white.

Get the conversation going again. Ask her out and see where it goes from there.

+inperson-intext's picture

Is there a workbook with many scenarios, conversations, and text responses? content here is great, but I need to "see" it in action to implement.

I can meet, greet, dance, get # - but assuming like most guys here - have difficulty a. trying too hard, and b. texting, to c. get on a date... and one that isn't boring for a college student and too focused like dinner. lame... but what else?

Anonymous's picture

thanks chase

i forgot how much information
little messages can give.

i got hooked into spilling my beans, and wondered why was it so hard to create any sort of tension.

you saved me a lot of time

Cara's picture

See, the whole "whoever is late pays" would almost be an automatic dealbreaker for me. I am almost a little bit late for everything, and if that genuinely bothers a guy then I'd rather move on to someone else. Although, I agree with everything else.

Christian's picture

Love the article,

Ive currently been seeing this girl over past few weeks. I have been trying to get her out for a third date this week but both of us have been busy. We were texting back and forth so see if we could arrange a day but to no luck this week. I feel it was me doing the work trying to sort out a day etc. My question is now, do i wait it out now for her to get in contact and arrange a date or do i wait until next week and make the move myself to try and arrange it?


Mathew Zuzu's picture

“Hi Julia, this is Ricardus… save my number.”?

Penguin's picture

That text does not need a reply from her. Proceed to send the text inviting her on the date.

Anonymous's picture

Does one wait before proceeding with invitation for the date.

Anonymouse's picture

Hi Ricardus, is there any way back after making some of these mistakes? I got a number one night out, she later rang me that night. I'm usually not one to send a lot of texts but she text me the following day so I felt rude not to start speaking to her.. However, after a lot of flirty texting it seemed to go off the boil. I'm away for a while so should I just ignore her totally until I'm back and try again with minimal texts? Or have I already set myself up to fail?


dtd43210's picture

There is a girl I hooked up with about a month ago and I have kept sporadic contact with her through text. One thing I am not sure of though is whether or not my approaches that I have picked up from here (being straightforward and to the point in setting up meetings) are scaring her off, and whether or not she'd rather me 'get to know her' more through text messaging which seems to be where she feels most comfortable. I know that she doesn't want a man who only wants her for sex but she wants a man who will talk to her more, but I would rather get to know her more by actually being with her in PERSON, because I don't think anyone new to each other can get to know each other through text messaging. The problem is I think she might be misinterpreting my text messages (for example, tonight I sent the one: "What is your schedule for this week?" and she did not reply) as me being too pushy to set up a meeting for sex, which makes it seem like I am screwing it up...

Any perspectives on this would be great.Thanks.

Chris O's picture

As i'm well aware of the date you posted this, if you haven't corrected the problem, maybe I can help.

Did you ever leave her with a parting warmth text message after you hooked up? There's an article on here about building a relationship with a woman (check it out, it might help with some of those things).
You have to remember to do this if you want the chance at something more with her (assuming she wasn't just in it for the same thing). To prevent a woman from getting the infamous feeling of regret of sleeping with you is to show them that it wasn't just a "smash and a 'thank you'", text them 3 to 6 hours after the encounter with something like "Had a great time last night. Hope you're not too sore for work ;)" but don't get all bubbly and "butterflies in your stomach" with her after sex at all, remain calm. But reaffirming her decision for choosing you to court her to the bedroom will keep her from thinking you were just in it to hit it and quit it. Once you've allowed her to contemplate her decision, it's extremely difficult to get her to reassess. I believe that once she feels you stuffed it then dumped it, if you try to make things better, it puts the power in her court (which never is a good side to be on, especially in the beginning). As well as leaving a trust gap you might have to fill at some point. I know it can be done because I've seen many do it but usually it's just for a chance at smashing again. As the woman is usually highly nieve.

upgradingmygame's picture

Thanks for the article man!

If girls are crazy about you or they like you very much it's pretty much a walk in the park. However that's not the case when you try to go out with a random girl whose phone you picked last night and she's not sure at all about you.

Great advice right here.

Good hunting!

Anonymous's picture

This girl I like recently stop texting me and I always have to initiate the conversation. She also knows I like her, we want out before but I haven't be able to get her to go out with me again. We used to hanging out everyday now she acting different and I always have to do the chasing.

Trym's picture

So I met this girl at a party. She was sexy and charming, exacly my type.. So walked up to her and started talking with her. We talked for a long time about loads of things. Importantly i had her talking about herself all the time while i barely told anything about me. I'm pretty new at talking to girls so I didnt quiet know how to escalate things and eventually she and her friends had to leave. So I followed her outside, told her how pretty she was and that i would love to get her number. She smiled and gave it to me.

At that point i knew basicly nothing about picking up girls, so I was like "what should i be texting her tomorrow" and started browsing the internet. I found this site and i started reading. Turns out she gave me atleast 4-5 escalation windows that i COMPLETELY missed. I also had no idea about asking for numbers on high notes etc, and if i did things right, i probably could've taken her home with me right then and there.

Anyhow, i followed your advices with texting and had a couple small texting sessions with her before i finally asked her out 4 days later, using your template :Hey (girls name). We should grab a bite soon. How is your schedule looking? As i kept reading here i figured i probably wouldnt get a response because shes probably in auto-rejection phase given how manny times i failed to escalate so i wasnt expecting an asnwear.. BUT i got one. Very wage though.. It sounds like this: My schedule is pretty packed right now. I'll see what i can squeeze in there. So what do I do now? Was it a polite no, or am i supposed to suggest times that would work for me and see if she can squeeze them in?

Excuse my english.. Im from Norway.
Also if it matters, the girl is 19.

dcl's picture

Thanks Ricardus, wonderful read. This stuff works! Cheers.

Anonymous's picture

One thing I'd add is to twist this to online dating

I try to take it from the stupid online dating messages straight to text messages as soon as possible. Some girls want to chat online forever and without even their number you could waste your time.

In those initial texts treat it just like online dating, but in 5-10 texts back and forth hit it for the date. Even if she backs off of it then do another 5-10 and hit it for the date.

Some girls like the power of flirting anonymously, even over their texts. I had this one girl who had a face like a horse text me pictures of her breasts, talk about needing a stiff c**k blabla. Then when I was actually in her town and wanted to hook up she flipped to wanting me to play game, scheduling me in for a drink before a dinner date, etc. I then suggested I'll just hook up with her in two weeks when I was back and she tried pushing me out four or five weeks. I just deleted her number as I'm seeing two perfect 10s and another on the hook no need to chase a four who texts me pictures of her breasts talking about us having sex then pulls back when it's showtime.

Nail the meeting ASAP. After you've had sex with them text them all you like. To keep them interested until showtime, a simple good morning have a great day and a hope you had a good day in the evening works wonders because they all want that. Then when you're banging some other chick and cant send those texts they go nuts and set the date and give you absolute full service because they can feel in their bones your with someone else and they want to keep you roped.

Anonymous's picture

I need help, it's easy for me to get a girls number, at first it goes great, I ask her to hangout later that week and a few days later the texting dies down until we barley text at all and end up not hanging out! I really need help with this so please respond ASAP! I don't blow up the girls phone and I usually take the same amount of time she does to text back! Idk what's wrong so please help a brother out!

jonathon's picture

What about the assumption that all women aren't the same? There are at least two kinds of women that I clearly define and divide (literally and physically) in my mind. I think its helpful to identify the "type" and apply said system.

Good luck

Francis The seductive 's picture

Guys, this article is brilliant. Got girls number at the club, than used this article as a manual to get her on a date. IT WORKS! Of course you will need to think with your own head but main ideas are spot on. Thank you very much!

Rodimus's picture

While these are great tips, as all of your articles contain, I'm still left wondering about a few things... namely, what if your plans with her are a week (or more) away? I have a meet up scheduled several days away, and while I was brief, concise and properly led this girl, I feel odd not texting or talking to her until I see her. Are these feelings merely an internal struggle between what I used to (mistakenly) do, or am I missing something? No contact seems odd, but perhaps it's building suspense and tension.

I realize times have changed since this article was written, and your new How To Text eBook slightly differs - but there wasn't really a previous conversation to resume in this scenario, as she cancelled due to work and I shrugged it off because it was no big deal, which made her (at least SEEM) to go even crazier about me and rescheduled. Am I skipping an important interaction leading up to the meet up, or is this simply just the "old me" screaming as he withers away? Thanks in advance, and for everything you've shared so far... it's been invaluable.

Michael Ross 's picture

Okay, When this girl first met me, she liked me...Yeah. She called me up, asked me out...but I was not so into it. She was the prettiest girl I had seen. Sth was wrong with me...I turned her down till he was gone!!! That's when I felt stupid.
Trying to reach out to her was the worst thing I did/I did it the wrong way. She got mad and I got mad...Texting her never bore fruits...2 years old and I get a big job with a TV Production Company and on giving her the news, she replies for the first time...then she goes silent. Then she starts texting again...saying she's really happy for me, telling me about her day...NOW am completely lost. What can I say now??? It's Pretty weird since she ignored all my texts which were my undoing...???

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