During the Pickup, Do You Make Her Feel Like It's Just You and Her? | Girls Chase

During the Pickup, Do You Make Her Feel Like It's Just You and Her?

Chase Amante

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just you and her
An intimate feeling during a seduction is crucial to moving forward. Without it, you may never get far with women, no matter how many approaches you make.

Sometimes guys go out to meet girls and girls can tell the guy isn't fully into them.

This may be due to the guy not wanting to throw all his chips in on a girl, to avoid the sting if she rejects him.

Or it might be a consequence of him going around in social butterfly mode, and not being able to commit to an interaction with any one girl.

Regardless, the girl can tell the guy has only one foot in the seduction... and the other foot out of it.

And since he hasn't committed to their interaction, neither too does she.

Thus starts a vicious circle for "one-foot-in" seducers, as they bounce from girl to girl, never committed to their interactions, finding the women they meet do not commit to things either, so that they themselves continue to not commit to their conversations, whether to protect themselves or to keep themselves moving, and on the cycle goes.

Many guys who burn out of nightlife cold approach or day game cold approach are guys who do this... guys who never (or rarely ever) commit to an interaction with a woman.

Women follow your lead (if they like you and accept you as a leader).

If you do not commit to a courtship, women will not commit to it.

Sure, you will occasionally get girls to chase you despite your non-committal nature.

However, the vast majority of the time, with the vast majority of the girls, if you want to get anywhere, you have to go both feet in.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



James Hunkie's picture

Hi chase. I was reading the article and of course one of your rules was touch the girl. And quite frankly I tend not to touch girls as much anymore. It's just ruins alot of interactions from me. The girls usually freak out when I touch them and that's not what I want. I know it's easy to assume I'm just touching them inappropriate places or just touching them uncomfortablly but I'm not. I just don't think it's all that nessesary

1984's picture

Hey chase, this article interests me a lot because I am now facing the same issue. I felt that I am not that into the girls that I approach, and perhaps they can feel it too.

I did a lot of daygame since last year and initially (first 100 approaches) I got some dates with beautiful girls and other cute girls too but after another 500 direct approaches, the results just dropped drastically.

My number close rate is about the same, but the rate of replying and meeting them just drop drastically. I'm not sure whether the first 100 is just that I'm lucky and then the results average out after that, or I did something really wrong after that. However, as compared to before, I find that I am not that excited approaching girls unless they are really beautiful.

And even then, I tend to compare them to the few really beautiful girls that I approached in the first 100 sets and met up with, and then decided these girls in front of me right now are not that pretty after all.

I thought maybe the girls are not replying/meeting up with me because they thought I wasn't that into them? I basically did the exact same thing as before but somehow its just not working now.

I tried to fix this by only going for girls that I like, and I look forward to approaching, but they come rarely, like 1 in 30-45 mins only. (even in crowded subways, streets and malls) That means I can't hit the volume needed (you recommended 1 approach in 10-12 mins, in your article about not spam approaching) nor will I have much momentum.

Do you have any suggestions? Is there anyway I can regain that pure excitement/enthusiasm again?

Btw, the ones that are applicable to daygame (no. 1 and no.4 ), i have tried. Or rather, no.1 is what I do all the time anyway, and results dropped after I actually tried to lock her in. I will try moving her a bit at least after 1-2 mins of convo, but that didn't translate into better results.

Also with regards to physical distance, (no.5) what can I do if i move forward a little to close the distance, but the girl moves away a bit? The funny thing is when I moved away from her, she moves forward. It's kinda like this silly waltz dance that we engaged in, and quite a lot of girls (asians in asia) do this. What can I do to reduce this distance between us, literally and figuratively?

Thank you for taking time off and reading this really long comment.

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