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Not sure how that's relevant to what we're talking about here? We're talking about screening one woman's dating pool size versus another one's... not so much choosing whether to date a woman or a man.

In any event, male vs. female median dating pools are apples vs. oranges:

  • A man has women he's pursuing or could pursue
  • A woman has men pursuing her or who could pursue her

Most places people go to meet new mates have an overabundance of males. 3/4 people on Tinder are male; women on Tinder therefore have a 3x greater dating pool than men on Tinder. Your average nightclub might be 60/40 men/women, giving women +50% the dating pool there. Then you throw in female choosiness for dating, where you have men running all over the place hoping to get laid, meaning they will go for women all over the map quality-wise, while women themselves are generally a lot pickier. So women most places will naturally have "more choices" of men who are pursuing them than men will have women they are in active pursuit of.

The prolem for women is they have more "poor choices." They get a ton of attention from men they want nothing to do with.

Meanwhile men predominantly only have women they are pursuing whom they are actually interested in.

So we could say that women's dating pools are, on average, larger but lower quality than men's are... meanwhile men's are smaller but higher quality than women's are. On average.

Still not sure how that impacts anything though. Unless you are choosing whether to date men instead of women.