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Tactics Tuesdays: How to Future Project

Chase Amante

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future projection
If you can future project, you can lead a woman to imagine you as a part of her future. This is no mythical trick -- it only takes words to do.

One of your prime objectives with a new woman is to have her think of you in a different way from how she thinks of other men. Most men to her are nameless, faceless strangers. Even if they're attractive, if she feels no connection to them, they'll struggle with her.

Yet once a woman feels a connection with you, and envisions the possibilities with you, it changes. She won't dismiss you out of hand. She'll consider what you say to her. She opens up to your suggestions.

One tactic to 'fast track' women envisioning themselves with you is future projection. To project something is to push it out and paint a picture of it. When you future project, you paint a picture of the future.

Paint a good-enough picture, and a gal can start to feel like the two of you are already close to something like boyfriend and girlfriend... even if you've only just met.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Sam-2's picture


Thank you for this useful article.
Quick clarifying question: Should future projection be used before or after sex with a girl? If it is used before sex, could that somehow be taken as needy or at least prematurely boyfriendy?

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, that's a great point.

Sure, anything could be needy... depends on tone, timing, context, delivery.

However, post-sex there's a dynamic change and it's a lot easier to come across that way.

For instance, if you've just finished after the first time with her and you tell her "Man, we are going to have a great time next weekend. We're going to fly up to see my friends in Conneticut, and..." and she's never agreed to this, then it'll probably look needy.

Or if you've just finished after Sexual Encounter #1 and you tell her "We're going to make the most beautiful babies, I'm telling you", it's probably going to seem needy.

It's sort of weird, because these things can work fine before sex, because she knows you are saying them to get sex.

Once you've had sex though, it's like you are trying to get the relationship. And it's the girl's job to chase the relationship. The guy chases sex.

Even if you tell her "Next weekend we are going to chill and I'll show you my poster collection" it is going to seem needy if you're telling her that in the after-glow of sex.

I guess the question is "Why are you thinking about the future when you already have her right now? Doesn't that mean you are insecure / afraid you might lose her?"

Save future projection for when she's not lying in bed with you post-sex... for when she's a little resistant, or you need some flirtation, or the two of you are out on a date. It works better there.


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

just replying to your comment about online dating.

so all of this is very nerve wracking, it seems now dating has become a high risk thing for everyone.

how can one honestly sleep with many women and not end up in bad situations? it seems to hard now.

that's why I always regret the past because it seems within the last few years all of this crazy stuff has been happening.

with how everything is going on with crazy girls, it seems that one is best go just have had sex with as many girls as he could in high school and either get married or be on their own after that.

1. so it seems very hard to rack up lays where there are so many things to look out for, but wouldn't there be some red flags with girls you lower your standards with go sleep with a lot of them?

is there even a way to find out every red flag from a chick you just want to sleep with and move on?

don't know if I'm asking this right, but are we really checking out if girls have these red flags?

it seems like checking for a girlfriend in a sense, which is understandable, as well as other girls too, but if you want to sleep with a lot of them, a think a huge majority are going to have some red flags, a lot of these girls are out here single mothers, tattoos, been with girls, etc.

so it seems if getting better with women and sleeping with a lot of them is an option, it seems like it'll take twice as long and will be twice as difficult because we have to check for these flags with every women we try to date.

so how do sleep with a lot of women who don't have red flags, when a lot of women probably do?

I know not all, but we aren't looking for a wife, we are looking for experience and I feel that if you keep looking for girls who don't have these things, you won't sleep with any women.

so what would the solution be?

2. you talked about the guy from the story with the crazy single mom being with her because he had no options and skills.

but how would he get options and skills if a lot of women you have to screen?

imo a lot of women will have these red flags, they're followers.

I have yet to meet a girl without tattoos somewhere, been with a girl, isn't a single mother, wasn't divorced etc.

so if one has to make sure every girl he sleeps with doesn't have these, how is he expect to not have a scarcity mindset if he lacks skills and had to always check that he has women to sleep with that don't have flags?

in order to not go through dry spells and not have a scarcity mindset, wouldn't a guy have to lower his standards? in result messing with red flag women?

and wouldn't he still have to mess with women with red flags since he has no skills with women at all? he can't sleep with top notch chick's consistently if he has no skills.

3. why are women that are single mothers of one or two kids, been with a girl, has tattoos, etc. a red flag?

I have seen a lot of women who have all the above and it's like 99% like I said girls are followers and do this all the time.

how do you know if a girl isn't lying about using an app? what if she had an app but didn't meet anyone off there? how do you know she isn't lying?

but I really wanna know why a girl being with another girl is a red flag.

4. I don't mean to bring the forum guy back up, but that girl was from an app and she went to his school too? I think that's what it was right?

so he had two red flags from there? app and school?

so are you saying it's best to avoid girls who are on apps that go to your school?

5. I hope I'm not confusing you when I ask about sleeping with 100 women without hacks.

I am down to do those things, I will try when I have the money to travel or if I decide to try to get a job that was recommended.

I'm glad you made that list and I know that there are options.

but I wanted to know how to also do it the old fashioned way with day, night game, etc.

I also want to build a foundation for myself as well with my skills plus the notch count hacks.

I want to combine them.

I'm not in a rush to get a lot of girls the old fashion way, I want to become the man I have to be to consistently sleep with many women on my own, then I can use hacks.

is it possible to reach that number the old fashion way within 3-5 years?

6. How do people stay safe with sleeping with all these women that have red flags?

it seems most men I hear that use apps sleep with tons of women and they keep it moving.

or they sleep with many women from the club and keep it moving Increasing their notch count.

or they sleep with a bunch of girls from school.

these guys don't do day game, so how do they avoid all these crazy girl situations and collect their notches with no problem?

most of these guys notch counts seem to be coming from these places, not day game?

so what would be the answer to sleeping with many girls and avoiding the bad situations?

it seems impossible to improve with girls and sleep with enough of them if you exclude girls from these locations.

it seems that that's where a lot of guys get the volume to approach women, they get a great quantity to work their skills on with and they get the chance to increase their notch count.

I don't see that with day game alone, for a girlfriend or a couple of lays, I do, but I think a guy needs to have these easier avenues too to get anywhere with women.

so what would be the key to stay safe if sleeping with many women and getting out of a scarcity mindset is the goal?

because if you don't sleep with a lot of women or approach a lot, you'll be in a scarcity mindset and pick a crazy girl out of desperation.

a damn if you do, damn if you don't situation.

-all in all there has to be a way for us men to stay safe or here dealing with these women while we become the best versions of ourselves.

I don't see day game being the only option to this because it's limited to quantity and time.

we have to sleep with many women and go on many dates to get our experience up, we aren't trying to hurt women or make then feel bad; we are just trying to make ourselves better.

online game and night game seems to be the easiest for an extra boost and to get the ball rolling, but unfortunately there are a lot of red flag girls, but it seems this can't be avoided because you are basically getting rid of funnels of girls.

you're getting rid of all forms of night game from clubs, bars, streets, etc. then you're getting rid of many girls who you could also talk to everyday at anytime and meet up with from online.

I don't see day game as the only option, plus it seems a majority of authors from here even had to do all forms of game, so it seems to do well you need to be successful in all these different avenues.

colt has a new tinder product coming out to help us sleep with more girls online. there has to be a way to avoid dealing with crazy situations of there is a product being made for it.

this site is devoted to sleeping with many girls while avoiding crazy ones as well, but it seems times have gotten worse, so we need to be prepared to not have this happen to us while we still use what this site teaches.

to me day game isn't enough.

I went on a rant, but all of this is confusing me and there has to be a way to have all these avenues we can use to sleep with many women while being safe.

what is basically the best option to do this and be safe?


Chase Amante's picture


Sure -- as you lower your standards, you will run into more red flags.

You get better at sifting through the worse red flags and avoiding them as you gain experience. But there is a certain amount of risk you must wade through to get that experience. Guys who don't want that risk don't try to become prolific seducers.

With regard to single mothers, tattoos, divorcées, bi chicks, etc. being red flags: you may need to be more flexible here. I think you're mostly dating low socioeconomic black chicks from the hood, right? It's going to be very hard finding women that aren't one or more of these, even if you're sticking to 18-21 year olds. Normal red flag standards may not apply here... when every woman you meet has a red flag, you either need to change your demographics, or you need to move that red flag down to orange or yellow, since there's no point looking out for a flag everybody has.

As for those flags... single mothers and divorcées: poor decision making, can't hold onto a man (scared him off or guys who've knocked her up are judging her not worth staying with for some reason you probably don't want to find out). Tattoos: high risk lifestyle, likely does more drugs, more likely to engage in risky sex, likelier to have STDs, higher number of partners, self-esteem issues, and suicide risk. Bisexuality: hedonism, extra sensitivity to modern popular culture (of which rape accusations are a huge theme), wishy-washy-ness as she drifts from "I date women" to "I date men" and back again, high risk lifestyle, more likely to enegage in risky sex, likielier to have STDs, higher number of partners, self-esteem issues.

#4, I don't recall if she went to his school. But yes, apps are a hotbed of chicks with issues... and universities are breeding grounds for the victimized feminist movement. I'd avoid if you had that option and were trying to minimize risk.

#5, as I've said to you for at least the last five years, yes, possible to do in 3-5 years... if you hustle your ass off and make it Priority #1 in your life and do whatever you need to and sacrifice whatever you have to to get there. Most men realistically aren't. A guy needs a very deep hunger to do it. Possible, but only 1/10 of 1% or fewer are going to do it. Most men with triple-digit notch counts take 10+ years to get there... it is a long-term project, generally, unless they are using hacks.

#6, most of it is luck. But some of it is guys being extra careful to make sure the woman has a good experience and does not experience sex regret. You may also have situations where a guy's slept with 50 women off apps and had one really nasty experience but got past it and doesn't really talk about it now so you won't know about it.

what is basically the best option to do this and be safe?

Day game her, take her on 3-5 dates before you have sex, really feel her out first, screen out any girls with red flags, set the expectation before you sleep with her that there's no guarantee this will be forever, massage her expectations after sex to make sure they match reality, be careful to do everything you need to to avoid sex regret post-sex.

That is probably your #1 safest path to sex.

Anything that isn't that raises your risk.

It's up to you to decide how much risk you're willing to tolerate to get the results you want.


SZ's picture

1. I'm going to try to keep things simple and fuck one new woman a week, then more as I get better.

how many approaches and outings do you think that would be? like the averages?

think it'll be very time consuming?

and what would be the best places to go to consistently?

2. how do you end it with girls after you sleep with them once or twice with no hard feelings? and I'm talking about all girls from all different avenues.

I'd keep fuckin them, but I don't think I could handle 10 fwb.

so how do you move on from girl to girl after you slept with her once or maybe twice with no hard feelings or them trying to do something to get back at you?

I used to wait for them to leave, but that takes too long, I want us to be cool and drama free.


Chase Amante's picture


Set the proper expectations pre-sex and you won't have to deal with this too much. Learn how to let girls down who get too attached.

I do not know what your skill level is like, where you're approaching, or what your approach-to-lay ratio is, so I couldn't hope to guess how many outings and approaches you'd need to shag a new girl a week. However, if we say you're low-intermediate, you probably need to devote every waking moment to day game, dating apps, night game, and push for setting up as many dates and trying to close on those dates throughout your week as you can. Use aggressive back-to-back scheduling. Clear your plate of as much else that isn't pickup as you possibly can. Approach, approach, approach, and invite, invite, invite. Always be escalating, with every breath. Write tons of fields reports, analyze everything, try to continually improve.

If that doesn't seem feasible, aim for a more reasonable goal considering your skill level and the amount of time you have. One new girl a month, one every three weeks, etc.

Gotta walk before you can run.


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