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Secrets to Getting Girls: Move Faster

Chase Amante

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We’re starting a new series of articles intending to highlight some little-known or under-discussed topics in the world of dating and seduction, called Secrets to Getting Girls. This first edition is focused on how fast you move through an interaction with a girl you like, from the time you first meet her until the moment you’re sleeping with her. Hope you enjoy.


Ever have an interaction going really well, with a girl really into you, but then it starts fading, dying away, and eventually she excuses herself and leaves?

You need to move faster.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonymous's picture

Awesome man!!! I love every post of this website. Every post gives such valuable information that takes years of experience. Thank you very very very much..

Chase Amante's picture

Hey, most definitely, Anon. Just trying to build a repository online and get some of this stuff out there before I get too old and start forgetting it, or get hit by a bus, or stabbed by a bunch of bandits or something ;) Happy to hear you're digging it -- and I'll keep trying to keep the content fresh.


Anonymous's picture

Does the concept of moving fast apply to a girl if she's in another relationship?

Chase Amante's picture

Hi Anon,

Well, yes and no. Depends on what you're going for.

If it's your intention to sleep with her while she's still in that other relationship, then yes, move fast. Her relationship with another man doesn't really have much to do with the relationship between you and her; it's her decision whether that other man is enough for her, or whether she wants to have you both, but if you move too slow here there's a very real chance that what she's looking for (almost always a man who's stronger, more aggressive, and more arousing than her partner) she's going to decide isn't you. So speed is of the essence.

If you want to date her after she breaks up with her guy, your best bet is to rotate her to the periphery of your circle (see "The Secret to Hooking Up with Friends") and come back to her when she's single.


Malcom's picture


First off great site man keep doing your thing cuddos! Now my issue is not with the "easier" women or the ones I would say value themselves but moreover with the ones who are conservative and truly value themselves. I'm 20 years old and don't have my own place yet, so the lovemaking goes down in either my car or a hotel room! My question is how to approach moving a woman to either one of these places without offending her and coming off as if she is a slut. I'm always walking on eggshells with thus issue and wanted to know what your advice would be for "how to move a woman if your homeless" lol. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

P.s please excuse my writing, in the process of learning a touchscreen

Chase Amante's picture

Hey Malcom,

Good question. Most important thing for getting women in your car or your hotel room -- whether they're conservative or not -- is simply being nonchalant about it and "assuming the sale."

e.g., the guy who asks a girl, "Hey, want to go to my hotel room?" won't do that well. But the guy who simply tells a girl, "Let's go," and ushers her off to the backseat of his car or to his hotel will fare much better.

The backseat of the car, if you get objections, tell her, "I just want to sit and talk with you. We don't have to do anything we don't want to do." Of course, once you're back there, she may very much want to kiss you... or more.

The hotel, if you get objections, just tell her, "This is just for us to chill. It's better than somewhere noisy and crowded."

Then -- lead away.


kevin's picture

I met a girl who was really into me, unfortunately I didnt move fast enough and I think she lost interest a bit, I asked her if she wanted to hangou, through text (because I rarely rarely see her) she didnt text back. I want to try and find her to ask her in person. But I want to know if im wasting my time, if I should just move on and find some other girl. We go to the same college btw

Anonymous's picture

Hello Chase,
Got a question for you. So theres this girl that use to flirt with me and I didn't realize it at first. But anyways were talking again and I told her to text me and she did. This girl has been around the block.... What is the best way to go about this from here? should I text her and ask her to come over this weekend and share some alcohol with me? thats what I was thinking,
Thank you

Anonymous's picture

So i randomly msgd this girl on fb whom i've never met.
I just straight up messaged her saying she looks amazing and do you live this city. I got a reply that night and she said hi thanks and yes.
A few hours after that i told her that she was t she only girl who i've ever said that to and what she does for a living and how she likes it in this city. Now i'm thinking did i just ask her to reply all that to me? And then of course i never heard back from her. It's been 2 days and i'm pretty sure she saw the message. I agree with the whole moving along fast. Maybe that's where i screw up all the time but yet i don't wanna look desperate. I'm pretty good with opening up conversations but i always seem to fail closing the deal. I don't understand myself sometimes.

Should i keep trying with this online girl?

theelvispower's picture

Ciao Chase,
I feel intimidated asking a girl out in public, or doing anything with her (in public). I want to save face, if you know what I mean. Can you give me some tips?


Mason's picture

I received this in my mailbox under the subject line "One weird technique for seducing women but always works" and would like to know what your take is on the following article. It seems to be in complete opposition to your advice of moving faster, here it goes:
Today I want talk about a weird trick that creates
a seductive atmosphere with women.

At first, it might seen a little counter-intuitive.

But bear with me...applying this technique will
ALWAYS make her desire you more.
What is this trick?
It's CONTROLLING the pace of the relationshps you
have with women.
"Two steps forward, one step back."
This is a valuable lesson I learned over six years
ago from a dating expert named David Deangelo.
What he means is simple...
When dealing with women, you want to keep
progressing your relationships.
But every time you take it to the next level,
you want to pull back a little.

Why does this technique work?
Well, a woman typically doesn't like it when a
guy moves things too quickly.
Her natural instinct is to flee from any
relationship that gets "hot and heavy" too
This is ESPECIALLY true when she thinks the guy
is only interested in sex.
By following the "two steps forward, one step
back" technique, you'll progress the relationship,
while giving her the space that she needs.
With women, it's actually better to move too
slowly than too fast.
As long as you're initiating the next step, it's
NEVER too slow.
For instance, say you're playfully flirting on a
At some point you'll kiss her.
And after doing this for a few seconds, you'll
stop and go back to flirting.
This is the exact OPPOSITE of what a lot of men
When kissing a girl, MOST guys will push the
physical escalation.

In other words, they try to turn that kiss into
a sexual encounter.

Unless she's looking for a one night stand,
behavior like this immediately puts her on the

Instead of enjoying the moment, she's wondering
if you're only interested in getting
into her pants.

By kissing her and then pulling back, you're
demonstrating a few qualities of the naturally
attractive man:

1) You are physically attracted to her

2) You have self-control and restraint

3) You show confidence by NOT acting like a s
ex-starved teenager

A man who goes slowly in a relationship shows
that he understands the needs of women.

He knows that she wants to feel desired, but she
also needs her freedom.

He's naturally attractive because he's confident
enough to progress the relationship at a pace
that's comfortable to a woman.

Talk Soon,

Scott Patterson
Chick Magnet 101

qwop's picture

As a girl who has had to deal with far too many guys trying to go too fast, I really appreciate that someone is finally telling guys to slow down. A girl who is interested in a relationship or one who has had bad experiences in the past will generally want things to go slow. It's much better to go too slow than too fast- if it's too slow, most girls will give gentle nudges to give you permission to move on, but if it's too fast, it comes off as disrespectful and rude. If the girl is genuinely interested, she'll either be willing to wait for the guy's next move, or she might step things up on her own.

I think it's also important to note that if you ask a girl out, and she makes it clear she isn't interested, just stop trying. You can ask why she isn't interested, but you should never continue pursuing a girl who outright said she's not into you.

Slow down, guys of the world, and act like a gentleman if you want a lady.

Jay's picture


Just stumbled across your site and I have to say (you've heard this a million times) I wish I found it sooner! Im pretty much a beginner at the game but anyways I thought I'd share a story. So there was this girl in my class this fall who I really liked and I thought it was pretty obvious she liked me as well through her body language, etc, we ended up sitting next to each other every class we'd always make small talk after class, she introduced me to her sister on campus and generally seemed overly interested in what I had to say and smiled a lot. I took it she was into me. Anyways, I got her number after a few more class meetings and suggested we study for the midterm, she said "yeah we should! text me". So I didn't contact her until the next week the day before I wanted to meet up (mistake number 1?). She didn't respond until I was already in the library studying when I got a text that said shes sorry she didn't contact me back sooner and had to do blah blah blah. It sounded like an excuse but I said it wasn't a big deal and that I'd be back in the library in a few days if she wanted to join me then, responding to her in under 10 minutes (mistake number 2?). No response. Next time I saw her in class the next week I didn't say anything about it and acted like it never happened, she still seemed pretty interested. She would occasionally text me questions about class that she could have easily gotten answers to from the professor and responded to me pretty quickly. Anyways, the end of the semester came (still had small talk before and after every class unless she wasn't there that day) and I suggested we should celebrate the class being over and she said "I'm totally down to get drinks, text me" in a friendly way that seemed sincere. I texted her the day after the final asking what her plans were for next week and if she was still down for a celebratory drink and some stimulating conversation (mistake 3? too soon and too wordy?). No response, its been about 24 hours, Im going to wait at least until the end of tomorrow before I try again.
Now, after reading some of the articles on this site I realize I totally didn't move fast enough, mainly because I thought if I got involved with her early on and it didn't work out it would be way too awkward seeing each other in class week after week. Also it might have been my lack of texting game as well but basically, what is your take on girls in your classes? Should you still just move fast no matter what? Im guessing I totally blew it with this one, any insights or advice?

Denver, CO

Anonymous's picture

I like this girl, So I message her on FB to add me as friend, after she accepted, I read her status that she needed a ride to airport, so i message her that i would be able to take her if she wanted me too. but she never replied back, i think I messed up because .... i said " can u add me a friend please:)" and the second mistake was offering a ride to the airport. I really like her I dont know what to do next. I want to talk to her but dont know how..

BlackStar's picture

I appreciate how you break things down. I've been put in the "nice guy" box far too often, but the situations where I did opposite of what mainstream media tells a guy to do resulted in great results. My one question is that I do not have my own place at the moment, so how can I get a lady to come to a hotel with me?

qwop's picture

Being placed into the "nice guy" category generally means that you are either:
1) a decent person who the girl has no interest in. This does not mean she finds you unattractive, and it can happen for many reasons. This is the friend zone.

Or 2) a "nice guy" which means you are a foul beast of a person who expects a relationship and/or sex with the woman of your choice as some sort of reward for being a decent human being. These people also constantly point out how "nice" they are. These people are not truly nice in any sense of the word.

I genuinely hope you are the first kind. If you don't have your own place, it's probably best to just tell the girl the truth.

Anonymous's picture


Neat trick. To sum up what I learned 'The confidence to move at your own pace as long as you are moving the interaction along and not just stalling till the girl loses interest.'

The saying "all good things are worth waiting for" comes to mind

Anonymous's picture

this stuff is so right on the money. As soon as a woman sees I am chasing, she runs for the hills. And if I don't make something happen fast sexually, it usually never happens. I used to know all this stuff a decade ago which was before I got in my last relationship, which lasted almost 10 years. Forgot a lot of this stuff! I remember the game used to be, don't let them squeeze me into a relationship and keep things open; NOT trying to get them in the first place.

This stuff is good, and the truth, unlike all the other pickup BS I read. I will say that I also like the practicalhappiness stuff. But I actually think this stuff is better, because it reverberates with what used to be successful for me in practice, and not just in theory.

Lance Vance's picture

Hi Chase,

I'm new to your site and I like what you said about moving faster. But I was wondering if this also applies for attractive guys. I find that girls run (not literally) when I try to say hi or ask why I am talking to them. It gets frustrating at times, I find that their guard is way up against me when networking. when they are interested they start off with jealousy games and lots of difficulty.

any tips for getting into first gear? Also will there be an article about good looking people (not to sound conceited)?

armin's picture

One time at this one concert, this Ukrainian girl came up to me nonchalantly made out with me for a while. and through a tad bit of deep diving, I made her spill her heart out as if I was her god. Than later when I went to get her phone number, she brushes me off and says something I didn't quite understand and walks off. I then see her with one guy after another right by as if shes trying to make me jealous. So through the law of least effort I play it cool and whatnot as if she doesn't exist anymore. Because I already established an attraction with her, showed interest, and connected with her. She then sees me talking to some other girls there. Then throughout the concert she walks past me multiple times just staring off into the distant trying to get my attention. When I was about to leave she couldn't take the my effortless and carefree attitude anymore so she just smacked me on my back to get my attention again.

This happens with a lot of girls who know they are hot and at the same time find me physically attractive and distinct.They want you to chase them hard so they can build up their egos as if their wanted by attractive men all the time. Just don't play into their game and start chasing them. Through nonverbal communication, you have to be like, "hey, your jealousy and approach isn't going to buy my attention". Just play it cool, don't chase, move on, and they will calm down a bit with the aloof tactics.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, it applies to attractive guys. I am female and have friendzoned male models before.

Damieonic's picture

Moving too slow with a girl may be the nice guy's #1 problem. Especially when she's giving you obvious signs she wants you. So go physical, go slow and turn up her volume. Excellent article.

qwop's picture

Actually, the "nice guy's" #1 problem is generally that they expect sex in exchange for basic human decency. Women don't like "nice guys" not because they are slow, but because they have unreasonable expectations. The kind of guy women actually want are not constantly trying to emphasize their niceness. The kind of guy we want respects our boundaries, and doesn't try to turn everything into a sexual encounter. If sex is the goal, you should go home and rethink your life, because a relationship founded on lust will ultimately fail.

IamRex's picture

Great stuff!

Just wondering though if these stuff works the same way abroad (I'm from the PH). People here are more conservative, and I guess, IMO, aggressively pursuing a women can scare her away -- or, she'd get conscious about what other people may think about her

Chase Amante's picture


See the fourth paragraph of this article:

She Doesn't Even Need to Know Your Name

Also, our writer Ricardus here spent a good deal of time living in the Philippines. He has a number of stories of very quick seductions there, including a rather impressive one with a pretty beautiful girl (I've seen her picture) whom he met online, he missed meeting at a cafe because of a scheduling conflict, so he gave her his address, but he had to get on a phone call so had her sit by the pool for about 40 minutes, then he moved as quickly as possible with her to get things done as quickly as possible before his next call started 20 minutes after that. I think it took him about seven or eight minutes after beginning his first real conversation with the girl before they were sleeping together. And then she was polite enough to ask if she should go so he could get onto his next call when the 20 minute mark rolled around.

Not every woman will move fast... but most of them will, if you don't treat them like you expect them to move slowly.


FOOSIE's picture

Hey Chase love your articles man, they really improved my games by leaps and bounds with women. But im dealing with a rather interesting case and wanted your opinion.

I met a girl at a nightclub the other day, we kept staring at each other from across the room for about 15 minutes. I was alittle timid at first but i finally went over and talked to her, asked her name, danced with her, and even got her number. It was great and i was feeling really good. So as not to seem too overeager i wait a day then text her suggesting that we meet up, as you suggest to cut right to the chase, she agrees much to my delight but when the actual day comes she gets "sick". Im not an idiot i know that she didnt magically get sick only hours before a scheduled date and forget to tell me but I think the fault is mine because i gave her the logistics for the date alittle late. But i was wondering when should i start up rapport again and try to ask her out once her "illness" has passed, any advice would be muchly appreciated.

P.S. Keep up the good work man

Anonymous's picture

3rd date me and my woman had sex and it was wild and passionate.i thank you chase for getting me to that stage =) . Nice guy no more =p

1Thing though, if you truly like the woman (like i do with mine) moving so soon can make her feel cheap,confused and spiteful towards you. Even like in my case were we both agreed to everything as consenting adults (which always should be the case ) .

I have followed your pre game advice and it works. I really do wish you could provide some Post game advice to keep the woman as ours.

somedude's picture

Moving fast isn't more true to me than right now and it hurts to realise it yet again. Recently I was doing a new freelance job in an office and I suddenly had really great chemistry with an attractive woman (who is above me in the job hierarchy but hey adds to the excitement).

The problem is that I was only there 4 days and on the last day I bailed on my one and only chance - one that I actually took action to create. This is what happened - After she told me she was going out to lunch, I said ok and left the office 20 min after her to bump into her outside and alone. It was the perfect situation to get her number and she was definitely interested/ready to go but as usual I got worried about some nonsense and just let the conversation go short saying 'what's the best place to go then?' When she answered this question I went over there like an idiot...

On top of this I could have come in the next day to give myself another shot but I had other stuff arranged and thought it'd be better not to mess around with my plans for the sake of this one stunningly hot women... oh boy :-(

Anyway I'm due to work back at that office but it'll probably get to the 2 week mark since last being there so striking the iron while hot was a chance I had and a chance I let slip. I hate thinking I blew it when I was so close and had even taken action to create the chance... but there you have it - do you think I still have a chance for next time or is it probably over? Anyone have a similar experience?

Anonymous's picture

Well let me start off by saying, I look at what you say and compare it to my experiences, and totally agree with you. Great job and thanks for all the free info.

I think you said somewhere in your blog that after you go out with a girl forget about her and then four days or so later, call her. What if she texts you after the date to say how much fun she had or thanks, etc. Do you respond or just wait till four days later and call her?

Also, I see you get a lot of responses from females who say they totally disagree with you and they would never respond the way you say a woman would. They are full of SHIT. Easier said then done. When they're in the moment they respond totally different than they way they want to or think they would when they're not in the moment.

Robin's picture


I wanna know about that , I am talking to a girl last 2 days , conversation is going smoothly,

so how can i make her so smile or how can i get move further to make relationship with her.

please share your suggestion ..


Tornado's picture

Hey Chase - your blog is awesome. Lemme tell you right off the bat that it has helped me gain confidence and also socially active.

I recently ran into an incident. I like this girl who is my colleague in my office. Initially we used to chat and sms and it was like 30-70 with me smsing her 70% of the time and 30% of the time she herself would initiate everything.

It was her birthday and i knew her for maybe 3 weeks max and gave her a gift which she reluctantly accepted. I guess this was the deal breaker. From then on she has been responsive but she has never initiated contact on her own. Its kinda become 0-100%.

I am kinda on a cool down mode now with no initiation from my side for 4 days. Yet no initiation from her side.

Have i screwed up? Is there any way I can make amends?

If not chase, anybody else is free to help me out here. Please...

Anonymous's picture

I don't at all agree with this 'move faster' advice at all. If two people feel they have something special and one of them (almost always the woman) feels the man is not moving fast enough for her liking - prompting her to just hop off to the next person just because he is quicker to make a move, then that is basically nothing short of absolutely ridiculous on her part, and a potentially beautiful lasting union goes down the gutter.

There could be all sorts of reasons why either a man or a woman may not want to 'move faster', and if they both mutually feel they have something special between them (and aren't just hopping about dating lots of random people in the hope that one might 'tick all the boxes', in which case such a move elsewhere on such grounds would be warranted) then it's an absolutely crazy thing to do for one party to kill off blossoming love just because the other isn't 'moving faster'. Especially if the impatient party, or the woman as it usually is, doesn't even bother to properly communicate with the man over the matter.

All this emphasis on 'moving faster' may apply to picking up some bird for a bit of fun after a night out at a nightclub, but it should not be of significance in cases where both parties have deep feelings for one another. And to suggest that either party is right to kill off a potential lifelong loving relationship over such an issue without even trying to communicate with one other about it is unfathomably stupid.

Anyone who loses someone they thought was special because that someone suddenly decides that they had failed to 'move faster' loses nothing more than an irrational idiot and also simultaneously finds out - sooner thankfully, rather than later - that the someone special they believed had entered their life never existed in the first place.

Anonymous's picture

If this woman who supposedly has deep feelings for you has no commitment at all (meaning she's free to see other people) meets another guy who is smoother, more charming, and more debonair than you (there's always a better guy than you) and he MOVES so fast he takes her to bed before you do... and she starts to now adore him more than you, do you think she'll continue having those 'deep' feelings for you? Do you think she'll return your calls? Do you think she'll even tell you what happened when she's all of a sudden 'busy'? The whole point of moving fast is to strike now while you still have the opportunity. Opportunity doesn't last forever.

I've been this guy... who supposedly stole a girl away (unbeknownst to me of course til after). Guys (yes guys, plural) knew a girl from before I met her, and they were calling and dating her, texting her, telling her they love her, etc, but failing to make any real moves on her, and I come along all nonchalant like I don't care if she likes me or not and despite these guys thinking she and them had some 'connection' I took her to bed and all of a sudden she's now smitten by me. She still gets texts from these guys thinking they have a shot and now when she shows me her fone I sit there laughing at them with her. It happens. Don't ever think there isn't a better guy. Move fast. And even when you get sex from a girl doesn't mean another guy won't capture her attention... always be wary.

darth jones's picture

do you think theres is such thing as moving too fast with a girl. Lets say I meet a girl and then the next day I contact them saying that I want to hang out with them. Is that too soon?

Anonymous's picture

Hi Chase, if you still read this

I thought most experts patronized allowing the woman to set the pace and not push too early. Even you said that showering the girl with attention will push her away, so isn't contradictory to your earlier statement when you say move faster, cause it seems to me moving faster is equivalent to being overeager?

Tomas's picture

Hello Chase. Just my opinion, a very strong gut feeling after reading your article - am I right or not?

I think that not moving fast is very common reason why first online dates fail. You meet a woman say at 16 o'clock at some restaurant and your date can proceed to 17.30 max. The woman is attracted right off the bat and even gives you hints at 16.25, but the date is stricktly planned and you cannot move her nor escalate step further. So you talk the date through and keep your cool. Meanwhile, the woman cannot help her instincts and auto-rejects you because of your disinterest. Later, she sends you a nice text about how she thanks you and sorry, but no sparks there. Game over for you, as she has 30 other suitors online.

Is this a common scenario? Chase, what do you think - how often does it happen that the woman loses the initial attraction due to poor logistics, versus not been attracted at all? I feel I lost a many women that way.


RichieRich's picture

Hey Chase Sorry this is long...

So basically im 19 yrs old, im practically a stay at home dad for my neice & nephew for my older sis that i live with and i have a general idea of how flirting and everything leading up to escalating to sex.
So basically my Sis is a in house nurse (LN or CN?). She brought her patients family home and man the patience daughter is cute. (On our first encounter she came by but i was more indifferent because i assumed she had a guy already and i was kinda homely lookin cuz i was cleaning doing chores) but anyway she came by again the following day and we actually had fun. Joking around, dancing, she even put her legs over mines at 1 point tryin to paint my nails but i was not down for that at ALL LMFAO.... so fast forward we flirting here and there, u know tickling, i smacked/ kicked her ass a couple times as she did to me, while we wemt to pick up pizza. Only problem was later on that night we drove back to her house and i froze up in the moment. We had to get water bottles to bring bak to my house and wen we got there we briefly went into her garage got what we needed and came out. I think i blew it tho becuz at the time i thought i should of lingered and actually made a move to bed her. But see this is my sis patients and i didnt wanna jeopardize her job becuz this girl LOVES to talk and run her mouth lol. I play it back in my mind and think of all the things i cud of said and done, idk if she will be receptive again tho cuz she has a high sex drive amd i let her down in my honest opinion lol she has a daughter of her own too and told me how basically her baby dad sucks as he lives in another state. I EVEN FORGOT TO GET HER NUMBER TOO ! Lol
P.s. how do i overcome a blank mind when the moment is there but cant think of anything to keep it escalating? I kind of went on auto pilot as i dont express my self very sexually since i never have the opportunity to.

Thanks alot,
Richie Rich

Anonymous's picture

Hi Chase,

There's this girl I've been waiting for to be available, and now she's single. How soon can I move and apply the moving faster concept?


Tea's picture

Mr Chase!

1. Opening check
2. Attraction check
3. Pulling numbers (without pulling wood) check
4. Not moving fast enough! not checked yet.

It all makes sense now, I always could kiss a woman within a few minutes from meeting her, but a few years ago in a club I got too cockey; I was about to kiss a girl, decided to take it slow went back and brag to my friends that I could kiss her anytime; I have it in the bank! I turned around to go prove that I can kiss her, and there she was kissing someone else!

That silly mistake made me doubt myself for many years to come. I kept making mistake after mistake trying to figure out why my game suck so bad! I always seem to end up in a relationship, and then struggle to get out when all I wanted was just a good time. I stopped going out for a year and last Saturday I jumped right back in. Attracting many girls and after a while they just lost interest EXACTLY as you explained. Finally I know why. Thanks Chase this was the last piece of the puzzle. I must say the learning curve was super painful...

Aaron P's picture

Hi Chase,

I've known this girl since a year, we have been good friends and she has also flirted with me on a couple of occasions. The fool that I was, I didn't make a move back then and now we live in different cities. We have been texting each other a lot since the last few weeks and she's also hinted that she's still into me. Problem is she lives in another city. How do I "move faster" in my current situation?

And I don't know exactly how to show her that I too like her a lot without looking like a wuss.

I really like this girl, please give me some guidance.

mr.T's picture

"Don’t wait to call a woman after you meet her. Text her a few hours after you meet her and tell her it’s great to make a new friend and sign your name. Call her the next day and build some rapport. Then call a few days later and ask her out. Get her out with you that same week!"

most guys do this though, why would I want to be like most other guys?

I've been told by others that if you don't make a date on the spot, your better off to wait afew days before you msg the girl... I can see why- EVERY other guy who she gave her number will blow up her phone the next day

Chaplin's picture

Just take a look at this, proper mainstream dating advise. Guys, you should hold your horses

Bob's picture

Most women respond to a challenge. If you are 'moving fast', you are not being a challenge and you just appear desperate for sex. Some terrible advice. But I can see how it makes men think that they are doing it all wrong and sells your product. And I'm quite certain this post will not be approved by the moderator.

Chase Amante's picture


I've already addressed your argument, five years ago:

Does Seduction Only Work on Sluts?

The non-politically correct way of saying what she just said, of course, is, “This only works on sluts.”

This is a pretty common viewpoint among first-time readers of seduction-related materials, male and female alike. They read it; it grates with their belief systems; and they respond back stating that they’re pretty sure this only works on XYZ category of women that does not include them (or does not include the women that they date or want to date or have a crush on if they’re male).

And they make the statement that, “This only works on sluts,” and feel much better about themselves.

There, says the woman, now everyone knows that *I* am not a slut, and this would never work on *me*.

At last, says the man, someone has set the record straight, and shown these people that women like my precious Esmeralda would NEVER go for a man like this.


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