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Why It’s Impossible to Be Cool After College

Chase Amante

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college is your only chance to be cool
What’s it like to be cool? If you went to a 4-year college, you might know. But for those of us who were lame in college – or didn’t even go – is there any hope?

There are guys and girls out there who live normal lives, but to their detriment, they have missed out, and are still missing out on key parts of their lives. Anyone who is even the slightest bit aware of their own existence eventually becomes haunted by this fact: that it’s impossible to be cool again after college.

I live in a major city, was lucky to get a six-figure job after college, and found Girls Chase soon enough after school that I was able to meet sexy girls often – but it isn’t enough. All I’ve been able to think about the past few years is why missing out on the social experience of college haunts me. It really gets to me when my friends and coworkers talk about it, at lunch, during drinks after work, and at clubs when I hang out with them: how awesome their college days were, while mine completely sucked. Even now when I have a hot date in front of me, and she inevitably starts talking about how cool college was, it just sucks.

My life, though, was super different than most. I went through the community college and transfer route, and as a consequence, I missed out on dorm life and all that went with it as I chose to save money and focus on studying. By the time I entered my alma mater in junior year, a great school with a great name, I had realized all the social hierarchies had already formed, and I never had enough time to break in. Now I am heading into my late 20s, and I’m still haunted by what I missed out on.

It made me realize something – that college is THE time to be cool, and it’s pretty much hopeless to get anything else resolved in a guy’s life if he misses out on being cool in college.

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



Zanardi's picture

For a moment, I bought it. Then I remembered it was April 1st.

College4lyf's picture

So inspirational man! I'm going to sign up for college again tonight!

SZ's picture

Yo this is a fuckin classic with perfect timing!!

At first I was thinking, "no, wait, they can't be the same guy?"

After reading a little more I got it lmao.

This was a funny article man.


Nathan Lockeheart's picture

So i read the article and was like wow, what is this bs? Is it really true?... no way And i was about to comment like can't be cool after college? no actually this guy is just lame. Then I saw the april 1st comments ;)

Ben's picture

As I was reading this I really took this seriously. I'm like what the fuck this guy's acting like a bitch in this article and wishing he was like brad how did this victim mentality article get approved lol. But then I read from others it was april fools and I thought ohhhh that would make much more sense lol. Cuz there is no way a talented seducer from girlschase would really fret about not having an awesome college experience. Why do you need an awesome college experience when you can just make your life awesome by fucking hot girls? And you can still develop cool social circles without college. Pretty sure Chase has done that. And to enroll back in college just to party and have "good stories" lmao. Man you got me with this one

elgalloblanco's picture

Mmmmmm, that's good satire.

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