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How Boys Become Men in the Modern World

Chase Amante

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how boys become men
There isn’t a single event or ritual that can make you a man, yet many believe there is – and that they’ve missed it. Becoming a man has always been a process of choices.

I’ve heard time and time again on the internet that “guys aren’t becoming men these days,” so it might be important to address this idea.

I want to help illuminate what parts of this statement are wrong, what parts are deceptive, and what parts are correct.

First off, let me say there has never been a perfect time to exist and there probably never will be, so let’s not look at this statement too seriously. Instead, we will do a better job of looking at each part as we reflect on the true way a boy can become a man in today’s world.

Cody LyansAbout the Author: Cody Lyans

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DearReader's picture

It sounds like you're writing this from a perspective of wisdom and lots of life experience. But in the end your I think your language and examples are so unclear that the only people who can understand what you're talking about are people who have gone through everything you have and understand the same things you do, so it sounds like you're preaching to the choir. "Rewards", "obstacles", "Pain", "costs"—these are all extremely vague terms that have an unclear meaning if you don't provide concrete examples, which you barely seem to have done. I guess the message is that a mature and responsible man is more selfless and empathetic than a young boy.. or something like that? Again I'm sure you've got a great perspective to share but sadly I feel like it doesn't come across well at all given the way you wrote this article, wish I was able to understand it.

blogster's picture

Quick question.  Why would a man be reluctant to directly confront or criticise a woman?  I live in a very feminist culture.  I notice the men are generally quite mild manner, not very direct or assertive. My manager is married to a woman who clearly calls the shots, organising his social life (her friends) and the direction their life is going.  He has mentioned before that she often nags and that her mother does the same thing to her father.

Overall he's a reasonable manager, but I've noticed with two different women team members, he refuses them to discipline them for inappropriate behaviour. Yet he'll complain about male employees.  

What is missing?  What makes a man refuses to directly engage with women?

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