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Each Woman Has Different Tastes

Chase Amante

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women different tastes in men

Some men like A-cups, and some men like B.

Some men like C-cups, or F-cups, or D.

Some like their women as sharp as a hawk,

But some prefer girls who are dumber than rock.

And men all see beauty in each kind of face,

'Cause each man has different taste.

If you talk to your buddies, you'll see no one agrees.

Some girls you rate 8s, they think only are 3s.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



SexAlchemist's picture

Hey Chase, 

This was a fun and different type of article from you. I actually enjoyed reading it all the way through, You could even make a rap song out of this, but I'd imagine you to add the Biggle line, "I don't chase 'em. I replace 'em." somewhere in there. :) 

Chase Amante's picture

Cheers, SA!

BMontana's picture

...most men seem to make the same experiences, complain about the same things towards women. I guess the majority of women have similar tastes because 1. it's in their nature and 2. they are programmed to think and act alike. Women are like sheeps, men are like wolfs.

Wo Man's picture

If women were sheep, they wouldn't be so difficult for a wolf to get... unless you're just a wolf that can't hunt.


BMontana's picture

True but you actually prooved my point.  I said most men complain about the same issues with women, they make the same good and bad experiences and yet they still have the same problems when it comes to deal and get with women, that's why I believe women are more like sheeps, they are and think alike while men are like wolves - we are alike as well and hunt too yet we still struggle a lot to get out prey and so do wolves.

Padawan's picture

Hey Chase and co.,

I know this is now an old article (a girlschase classic!) that stirred up quite the discussion, but I'd love to see a follow-up someplace about how to execute on these principles.

How should someone bring up the suggestion to split the check without appearing cheap or parsimonious?!

Especially in a situation where the date might expect you to pay (as seen in some of the comments above), I'm at a loss on how to maintain sprezzatura and all of the foundations taught here.

You guys do awesome work!



Lawliet's picture

The new layout looks spectacular! 

The bottom dock for discount and the upper top saying yes hook me up with burgundy background looks very sophisticated and professional

I like the spin-off with it looking like buttons from a mobile app.

Keep it up :)

Re: Cheek to cheek

You wrote about the Cheek kiss to show that you're interested in the girl among the group.

But to double check with you, do you and her cheek touch when you cheek to cheek?

Because as funny as it is:


They don't necessarily touch cheek here. It's like in the air 

Re: How do you nonverbally frame your teases and joking so other people KNOW for sure you're joking

In a non-verbal way. So people know he doesn't actually mean that.

I suspect it is :

- Tone

- facial expression

- body posture 

If body posture is open, not angry or closed, it's important for joking.

If facial expression isn't giving them a grimace or a glare, but a playful look with a smile, it is joking.

Tone... now this one I have had trouble with.

I tried stretching the words when I joke, like a waterfall ( oh yooou know) sort of thing

But sometimes people will look at me with a deadlook... thinking I'm serious sometimes.

Sometimes I feel I have to say I'm joking (which also means I failed to communicate it properly through nonverbal)

But how do you do the tone, facial expression, and body posture so people know FOR SURE you're joking and just teasing them.

Tone and facial expression is something I think I could work on. 

Any examples clips of audio for tone / video or photo for facial expression ? And any body posture info in case I'm missing something would be great too.


Thanks Chase,






Chase Amante's picture


I answered the cheek kiss question in your earlier comment on it.

If you did not see that: touching cheeks as you cheek kiss -- this is what I do. Not a fan of air-cheek-kiss (always seemed wimpy to me).

As for making clear you're teasing... well, some people are completely humorless. I have a special voice tone I will sometimes use with teasing, hand gestures, head movements, etc. All sorts of things you can use. You can laugh yourself after you deliver the tease -- usually people tell you not to do that, but it can be disarming. I can't describe these things in words on a screen but there's a large variety of ways.

That said, even if you're crystal clear about it, and 99.2% of people would easily know you're speaking in jest, there is always going to be that one girl in a foul mood who takes everything you say stone serious, and then there is that guy (is he autistic?) who immediately treats any joke you deliver as some kind of logical statement or query.

So you won't get to 100%.

However, if you want to better signal your teases, watch movies, keep an eye on how actors signal theirs, and adopt some of those gestures... or do what I did, which was hang out with naturals, and watch how they signaled their teases, and add those signals to your own repertoire.


Jimbo's picture

My homeboy Chase waxing poetic! That was actually good, artistically speaking.

Now to the content, of course one will find a lot of variation of preference among the one gender. Hell, I've had variation in the type of girls I'm attracted to throughout the years. I change so much sometimes I wonder if I ever settle with one that does it for me at that moment I might end up feeling cold towards her the year after. Though there are some contants; for instance, while I've always found the Nordic type to be beautiful, they rarely appeal to me sexually - that for example never changed.

So there are some recurring types and traits that you find hot more often than not, both an individual level and on a population level. It's hard to deny that when it comes to 99% of females, they'd rather have a rich man than a poor one, a tall one than a short one. And even though there are many factors of attraction that some can easily make up for others, one shouldn't lose sight that there are a few rigid ones that are pretty much universal.

What chicks go for at the end of the day are the various expressions of masculinity, ones that makes them feel female in contrast - I believe that's all social dominance, savvy, influence, power, status, authority, looks are at the end of the day for men. It's just that there are so many of them and can be expressed in so many ways that you'll some digging that and some digging its opposite. For example, smarts are often a strength in life, and that can be sexy. At the same time, dumber guys can express a certain rawness that recklessness that can be sexy too (until it's not). Both are different expressions of power that can be more or less overwhelming. And so you'll find girls going for the smart ones and others for the dumb ones. Same goes for men who attracted to the various expressions of femininity and womanhood.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, that's an excellent way to frame it.

Women look for expressions of male power. There are a variety of different ways, traits, characteristics men use to do this. Each way/trait/characteristic has more or less appeal, depending on the tastes of the girl.

Every girl has SOME things she cares about. Many of those relate back to what are ultimately traits that will lead to power/success in whatever lifepath the girl likes her men to follow. Women often essentially choose men they think have a shot at excelling in whatever area they prefer their men to excel in.


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