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Having a Male Scent That Fills Women with Lust

Chase Amante

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male scentIn the comments on "Your Mental Model is Flawed," M asked the following question about cologne:

Speaking of expensive cologne...is it worth the investment? Right now my only scent is my deodorant, lol.

I gave a quick response, but I've been wanting to do a piece on male scent for a while now. I spent a great deal of time diving into this to figure out what the "ideal" scent for men was... was it a cologne? A body spray? An aftershave? Was it pheromones? Something else? What scent gets you the best results with women?

They all propose to turn you into a man irresistible to women, of course... but most of it's just noise to be tuned out. There had to be, I felt certain, a specific solution out there somewhere to the question of what scent women like best.

Today's article chronicles my own intermittent investigation - spanning perhaps 15 years - into the phenomenon of male scent, and takes a look at what the research on scent has to say.

And my guess is, if you're accustomed to the standard advice thrown liberally about in Western society, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase
I often find myself unsure of what to wear or what styles would be considered sexy. I have read the fashion section of your book but would like a more in depth article. I know you have a long list of articles as you said before, but I would like you to consider that one, as well as the new How to be a Sexy Man article.

Suavios's picture

I was suprised by your conclusion. I totally agree though.

Discussing this with a close friend of mine who was a pulling-machine girl-magnet a few years back, we both concluded that a mans natural scent must be present. No colognes or none of that for us. He would go so far as to make sure a girl would get a big sniff of his armpits when in bed with a new girl to 'mark his territory'. This was just something we decided upon based on instinct and experience and general revulsion for what we called 'Chi Chi' behaviours. That is, male pratices that we considered effeminate and well, gay. Not in a homo bashing way, but in a 'man shouldnt be to much like a woman' way. Many may disagree with seeing cologne as effeminate, well to each his own. I do actually have some, but its a tiny bottle that has lasted years. My friends mostly use it LOL

I even used this entire concept as a line when chatting up girls; pull em close, get a good sniff of them, drop the line about animals choosing their mates based on smell, say I dont use cologne because I believe my natural male scent is best (they usually find this attractive and smile). Then I may add on something about her smell, appropriate to the moment, like if we are vibing I'll tease her and smell her again and say 'smell does nothing for me'.

Anyways, this article is solidly researched well presented and on point, respect!

mcosteslgc@gmail.com's picture

Eat clean and you won't stink and you will not have any use for deodorant. Before I found this article I was wondering why my natural body odor never turned off a girl I recently hooked up with. This article help me verify my conclusion that natural odor has the only smell you need.

Anonymous's picture

Most men just wear way to much cologne. Just a very little bit is all that's needed. In fact no women should be able to smell you without getting very close. The cologne is supposed to compliment your natural smell, not over take it. You must also find a cologne that is compatible with your smell. Trust me. Once I figures this out and got a women close to me she would always be intoxicated with my smell.

mackoy's picture

I know this article is a year old but I'm going to post a question anyway. Sure not using deodorants might make you more attractive but wouldn't stinking also present new problems?

I live in the tropics where the heat and humidity is high and people need at least 2 showers a day just to smell (and feel) fresh. Those who don't use deodorants (or at least alum powder) are subject of scorn. The people are polite (and must I say, patient) enough to tolorate transgressors without shouting "you f****n stink!" but you'd definitely see the disgust in their face (if they haven't already turned their faces away from you).

Is it possible to maintain the "natural" smell without stinking like a goat? The default antiperspirant here is alum which don't have any fancy scent but I'm not sure if it would also interfere with the body's natural odor.

Anonymous's picture

What I've recently discovered is that my sweat after returning from the gym is potent stuff.

One day I returned home from the gym and was waiting for the elevator. A pretty girl was standing beside me and she opened me up with enthusiasm. We chatted in the elevator and I had a sense that she was turned on.

I thought maybe that the sight of my drenched t-shirt was the reason for it but another day when I came back home and was waiting for the elevator a woman busy on her iPhone walked out. Two steps later she stopped dead in her tracks, turned around and took a step toward me until her senses came back when she continued to go to her destination. It was an unconscious attraction based on smell, not looks since she did not see me.

Yet, another example was when a female neighbor mentioned that it was "hot" outside and it was "bothering" her. She fanned herself while we rode for a few seconds in the elevator.

I think I will somehow try to extract my sweaty t-shirt next time and put it in a bottle to wear at other times. Since my workouts are intense, testosterone-boosting compound exercises the sweat after the workout may have more testosterone in it than at other times. It definitely attracts women.

I will combine no cologne, no underarm deodorant (armpits shaved) and a few drops of my own, bottled pheromones to see if it makes a difference outside the elevator in the streets.

Vince's picture

I read all about the attractiveness of testosterone (to women in heat) so there are actually ways to increase it in your body. 1) Red onions 2) Grass-fed beef ( a lot of it)

There are pills and sprays but this is natural & probably healthier.

Niji's picture

I laughed till my sides hurt at the calvin klien thing, you wern't getting women but oussy was ravenous for you hahahah. The related article was an interesting read too.

I can confirm that going au naturale generates massively increased interest from women (and a few types of men) and also generally rather forcefully (more than an intimidating look) drives away male competition, sometimes its like the sea of men in a club part for you and women come up to you to flirt (well me anyway). Never has a female been repulsed by my BO/Natural scent, usually they are receptive to it or at least neutral about it most commonly. Wearing deodorent or cologne has gotten me very negative critique from females.

Males on the other hand seem either 'don't smell anything' even shoving their face into my pit type, are rather threatened by it (they never quite say I stink, not sure if they are intimidated i will beat them up if they say it out right, or they just in general feel very threatened by my powerful musk or what it might mean, i would wager the later as i am a fairly scrawny unobtrusive below average height looking guy), this leads to social exclusion FROM GUYS I DON'T CARE FOR THE COMPANY OF ANYWAY so it works out rather well for weeding out almost instantly the 'clingers' and those that just want to use/manipulate you, while the strongest friendships have been them being pleased or relaxed by my musk (still a rarity of course, but I've been on the recieving end of relaxing scents before as well, similar feeling to aroma therapy, but unable to put the nose on what the exact scent is like other than 'relaxing/destressing), the really interesting thing about male friendships here is that when they find your scent relaxing, their stress levels go down to almost 0 in your presence and it greatly increases their own success in scoring, so a kind of wingman situation arises and you both end up scoring quite a bit more easily, doubly so if you have the same effect on each other.

Now flatulence or wearing polyester/synthetic fibers greatly reduces the effectiveness of male scent, due to the unique interactions and types of bacteria that eat your secretions that populate those synthetic fibers, often they will 'smell hella rank' to everyone. So going deoderantless with non-cotton or non-linen clothes will result in foul unhealhy smelling stenches that over power the detectability of your musk. Shirtless or open chested clothes seem to attract women(and some men) the easiest (where chest sweat does not contact any clothing fibers) when in close proximity (and far if up wind of them (say at the beach).
I am not ripped or washboard abs, and quite hairy, so i can say with a ton of confidence it has nothing to do with appearence (aside from chest hair fetishists or women visually attracted to the signals hair gives) as almost all women i walk by turn their heads and give those girly grins. This doesn't happen at all however when i am covered up in cologone or deoderent, additionally i have a non-broadcasting face(or 'chronic bitchface syndrom') and only average looks so, its not like they are being woo'd by anying other than my scent or smile except in niche asthetics cases.

I honestly only discovered this fairly recently when wondering why my success with females had completely evaporated the past 8 years or so (i had never been able to wear deodorant when i was younger due to severe allergies with antiperspirant, but 8 years ago discovered deoderants without the additives and started wearing them).

It is still alaraming to have dudes feel so threatened by my scent, but also insanely confidence boosting when I am in a good mood hahah. I am sure this confidence boost and no longer feeling like I need to be unobtrustive around other males and just be my high testosterone self has aided my attitude and body language broadcasts a bit too.

Incidentally i dress pretty slobbishly (tank top and jogger shorts) everywhere and have shaggy though thick and nice feeling hair, averagelooks and scrawny/fit body. No shortage of attraction or differences between dressing really nice and dressing this way (aside from a random girl here and there whom i would not want to associate with anyway, so it seems to chase away the vapid 'princesses' quite well too hahah).

Gotta say, reading this article and the source citation just tripply confirmed all my own observations and provided a smidge more clarity.

Just fyi no defined sexuality guy here. Scent seems highly effective on certain males, most all females, and some others, for influencing the ability to take them home/their place/in the alley. Infact it is so effective i can use it very accurately to see if they would sleep with me (regardless of their orientation, or what they 'think' their orientation is) within a few seconds of meeting/approaching them (making in person pickups astoundingly easy/quick). Difficulty is slightly increased if they are wearing 'arroused' make up (flushed red lipstick, heavy mascara, etc) as that can give false signals and leads to easily making a wrong move, genrally i avoid the girls made up that way just so i stay on my game (its wrong to lie anyway, so they probably woudln't be my type, as evidenced by the few i've tried) , but sometimes the facepaint gets prety crazy you can't tell what's going on with them if i can't see their hip movements and other BL expressions (such as at conventions and cosplay things, which sucks as everyone seems mad arroused everywhere at those conventions and its dofficult to guage interest since sex scent is so thick in the air).

Bob's picture

Was with a woman friend three days ago and it was a hot day. We went inside a health store to look at supplements. While I was reading some ingredients from the back to her she got real close to me, almost leaning against me and was pointing her fingers next to mine. I used that opportunity to touch her fingertips and she just kept them there. She kept getting close to me. Yesterday for the first time, probably in my life I picked up a deep, deep musk scent that I was giving off. This evening I was at the gym and spoke to a female salsa instructor there. After a minute talking to her she seemed to get excited. My interaction with women the last few days have been limited due to work but so far I notice a very positive response from women I get close to.

Chase's picture

So according to the article, the best situation is using no deodorant/cologne.
As mentioned in one of the replies, somebody asked what about sweating, and this being a problem.
Building on that, unscented deodorant or antiperspirant was suggested.
My question is, would the unscented deodorant/antiperspirant effectively nullify your "musk?" It is effectively soaking up any sweat from your arm pits to avoid odour. OR, is this musk coming from your body in its entirety, rather than just emanating from one's arm pits?

I was thinking of going the unscented deodorant / antiperspirant route, but if that still nullified the "musk", then that of course will be a problem.

Another factor with me is, I shower daily (twice actually as I have oily skin, and yes don't lecture me about PH balances and that stuff, I know...) so I won't be able to allow my body to build up a "musk".

RjDyoll's picture

Women keep compliments the cologne I’m not wearing. They also keep asking me what brand it is. How do I tell them it’s not cologne?

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