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Wildcards in Seduction: How to Play Against a Stacked Deck

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seduction wildcards
The Cosmos of Seduction revels in chaos. Getting the girl you desire requires knowing how to smoothly handle the wildcards it throws your way.

Hey, guys!

Okay, now comes the juice. Today, I will share one of the posts I have been most excited about writing. I will cover something that will really set you apart from most guys, increase your chances of getting that special girl, and improve your consistency in your results.

Not hyped yet? Well, this post will cover something that I have personally never read anywhere else, and most likely won’t – unless someone is inspired by Girls Chase, which is not outside the realm of possibility!

I must admit that this post will be slightly advanced. I recommend this post to intermediate and advanced players, as beginners have other priorities, such as fixing fundamentals, going out and meeting girls, and getting things going with the girls they interact with. That said, I believe they should still go through this post, because even though it may be a bit advanced and long, it will cover a subject they will deal with sooner rather than later – wildcards.

And with wildcards, let me tell you, nobody is safe. The Cosmos of Seduction will sometimes allow the stars to align and grant you easy access to wet caves. But believe me, it also loves putting up hoops like a psychopathic devil that only wants to see you suffer.

Well, no more!

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



Lawliet's picture

Hey Alek,

Hope you see this, I know it is a very old post.
But assumptions...

Is it ok to assume in a playful way to tease someone?
It is of course potentially rude since it's setting up a stage to tease her with your assumption,

But I love assumptions and making them. It's fun!
Like if she chooses to pick out cheese from her food, asking "Why don't you like cheese?" IS BORING!
"Ahhh picky eater I see" Is much more interesting.

Is there a line we can't cross?
At most, I would be a little more daring such as using your example in your first article (wow, it's been so long!)

"You're adventurous" can be "You're mischievous"
I would think this is fine.

A situation I encountered that made me question myself was, she traveled back to her country, but she seem to be vague about why she did so.
So I teased her by assuming " You left because you don't want to become [stereotype of country she left]" in a playful tone. ;)

In fact, I added a smile with a chuckle as I delivered it to make sure it came across playful.
But I seem to hit a nerve.
Is there a bad assumption or can we go full creative?
But even if we can't say rude things (like "You're a whore, please don't take my virginity")
What I said wasn't rude in my perspective.
I'm saying "She's NOT something bad", assuming good.

So I think it's probably her sensitivity to the topic and she didn't want to disclose why she left the country.
Not because of my assumptions.

Anyway, just in case (it might still be me), do you have any rule of thumbs to prevent assumptions going wrong?

What I believe would be important key outlines:
such as
1. "How many assumptions can you make in the beginning of conversation, mid, and end?"

2. "What line can't be crossed in assumptions?" From my instinct, it's avoiding outright rude ones "You're lazy" "You're poor" "You suck" Maybe last one is ok ;) I usually add a tongue in cheek with it instead of directly saying something.

Any insight or advice appreciated Alek!

Best regards bro,

Lawliet's picture

Forgot about this point...We were in a group.

That is probably a key factor because her reputation would directly be at stake.
And her reluctance to answering why she decided to move to another country might be something's there and she doesn't like that group pressure (others asked her too)

Maybe in groups, meeting someone new, and throwing assumptions at the beginning is bad?
Idk bro, group stuff is a freaking wild card :)
But love to hear what you would say.


Alek Rolstad's picture

Hey there.

I am not expert in teasing. I do not use it much as I find it to be a risky affair. If it goes well, she will love you, you go too far and she will hate you. It is difficult to figure out the fine-line between the type of teasing that is sexy and which is not. Generally speaking the more compliant she is from the get-go, the more you can get away with. Teasing is a bit like escalation in that regard. The more she likes you, the more bold you can be. The lesser the compliance the more careful you have to be. Go too far too quickly and it may hit her the wrong way.

Additionally, just like escalation, you have to go out and try it, fail and succeed in order to find the sweet spot. since all women are different and so are EVERY encounter, you will have to develop a gut-feeling on the spot on how far you can go, by creating an awareness and understanding of the situation. This is only done through field experience.

Now that said, you can use assumptions to tease someone if that is your thing. Again it is not my thing. If you want more expert detail on teasing, you may want to ask this question to someone who uses teasing as an active component in their game.

Beside what I have written about calibration (which again in only acquired through field experience), certain rules regarding social common sense applies. Teasing based on a negative stereotype goes against such notion and should be avoided in most situations. She got upset and I totally see why. Girls and people in general who are from ethnicities or cultures that are prone to stereotypical judgement tend to be rather sensitive when it comes down to being "teased" about it. I would not even call it teasing, I would call it rudeness.

I personally prefer "fun" and "silly" comments that are fun, that does not make the girl look or feel bad. You example with the cheese thing followed with "you suck" is overly negative. Additionally, you seem obsessive and weird. Who cares about how she eats and what eats? you only come off as obsessive and compulsive.

Instead tease her on something funny that few people would react negatively too such as:
"You seem like this very conservative gir who goes to Sunday school" (exaggeration is good)
"You remind me of Sara (implied social proof), Sara was secretly a serial killer. are you a serial killer - please don't kill me"
"You seem like such a feminine woman who was nuts about pink when you were kid"

There you go. No harm taking, no offensive statement, no passive aggressiveness. All good vibes. People love and chase good vibes. Be the provider of excitement, fun and overall good vibes.

And... this has nothing to do with group situations, although that could amplify the issues you created.


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