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Women Don't Know You Want to Have Sex If You Don't Tell Them

Chase Amante

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women don't know you want sex
Despite the pop culture memes, women don’t actually know you definitely want sex… unless you make it clear to them.

There’s this pervasive belief many men have that women must automatically know you want to have sex with them if you do. Women on television claim men are all about sex, or always have sex on the mind, and roll their eyes at perpetually horny males. Women you meet in real life get in on the act too; they may complain to you “guys only want sex.” And men see these things, and hear these things, and assume women must actually mean it.

There is an important realization to have about this ‘belief’, however. That realization is that it is far from an absolute belief. Any more than even a deeply woman-skeptical man who says “The only thing women want is money!” genuinely, truly, at his very core, believes “the only thing women want is money.” You know, and I know, and that guy at his core knows that every time he meets a cute girl, what he thinks is “Geez, I sure hope she likes me for me.”

Women do the same thing with “Guys only want sex.” It is the same statement as “Girls only want money.” Neither sex absolutely believes it (though the more cynical members of either sex may be strongly opinionated about it). Yet they repeat these statements nevertheless.

We won’t bother to deal with the women-only-want-money belief, since that isn’t affecting us here (and we’ve dealt with that and similar women-only-want-X beliefs in the past). For this meme’s effects on women, just look at all the women who rush to pay for their own meals in the West now; many of the women who rush to pay are women who fear being labeled with the “This chick only wants money from me” label. Today though, we’re going to put the men-sex statement under the microscope – because of the impacts it has on you, Dear Reader.


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