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Hey Alek,

Hope you see this, I know it is a very old post.
But assumptions...

Is it ok to assume in a playful way to tease someone?
It is of course potentially rude since it's setting up a stage to tease her with your assumption,

But I love assumptions and making them. It's fun!
Like if she chooses to pick out cheese from her food, asking "Why don't you like cheese?" IS BORING!
"Ahhh picky eater I see" Is much more interesting.

Is there a line we can't cross?
At most, I would be a little more daring such as using your example in your first article (wow, it's been so long!)

"You're adventurous" can be "You're mischievous"
I would think this is fine.

A situation I encountered that made me question myself was, she traveled back to her country, but she seem to be vague about why she did so.
So I teased her by assuming " You left because you don't want to become [stereotype of country she left]" in a playful tone. ;)

In fact, I added a smile with a chuckle as I delivered it to make sure it came across playful.
But I seem to hit a nerve.
Is there a bad assumption or can we go full creative?
But even if we can't say rude things (like "You're a whore, please don't take my virginity")
What I said wasn't rude in my perspective.
I'm saying "She's NOT something bad", assuming good.

So I think it's probably her sensitivity to the topic and she didn't want to disclose why she left the country.
Not because of my assumptions.

Anyway, just in case (it might still be me), do you have any rule of thumbs to prevent assumptions going wrong?

What I believe would be important key outlines:
such as
1. "How many assumptions can you make in the beginning of conversation, mid, and end?"

2. "What line can't be crossed in assumptions?" From my instinct, it's avoiding outright rude ones "You're lazy" "You're poor" "You suck" Maybe last one is ok ;) I usually add a tongue in cheek with it instead of directly saying something.

Any insight or advice appreciated Alek!

Best regards bro,