Assumptions as Tools of Attraction

assumptions about girlsNote from Chase: this is Alek's first article with Girls Chase, but he's been writing on dating girls, sex, and seduction almost as long as I have. Alek – whom you may know by some other names (I'll let him share those with you below) – is a guy who makes a habit of pushing the sexual boundaries as far as he can take them with girls. His material is going to be most useful to the advanced seducer interested in pulling off more challenging sexual feats with women. Here's Alek.

Not so long ago, I received an email from our dear Chase, asking me to be a contributor here. Could I say no?

So here I am. I am Alek Rolstad, also known as Teevster, and originally known, for those of you familiar with the late, great mASF, by my old handle there, “TVA_Oslo”. I have been in the community since 2007… and I started at the age of 15! Having a high level of testosterone back then, I was deeply focused on taking part in wild sex stories. Years later, I've matured up – not that I started disliking having wild sex (I still indulge a little here and there), but my purpose in pickup and seduction has become deeper in its nature.

My purpose with studying seduction is to get a deep understanding in female sexuality and figure out ways to release women's inner beasts. Believe me or not, but female sexuality at its purest is beautiful, dirty and deep.

I will post a lot concerning these topics – how to release her inner beast… easily translated into “how to make her wet and sexually open at the same time”.

However, as this is my first post here, I would like to share something very quickly, so you can get a feel and a taste of what is about to come.

I would like to start off on a high note.

assumptions about girls

You may have asked yourself the question – “how do I get sexual with a woman”. This is a very wise question because if your goal is to have sex quickly, make her wet and sexually open toward you, you must be concerned about setting a sexual frame.

Now there are many ways to get sexual with a woman – i.e. sexual framing. But often times, many of these techniques are advanced and difficult. Therefore I would like to share with you today a technique that is so simple, yet so powerful that you are all going to laugh at me – but I am sure you will love it.

And… no worry there will be a lot more posts concerning sexual framing from me, but let us start with something basic.

Today I would like to teach you how to use assumptions and how they can be used to set a sexual frame in a natural and genuine way.

What Are “Assumptions”?

First I'll cover what I mean with “assumption”.

Then I'll explain how it works.

“Assumptions” are, of course, all about assuming something about a girl. “Cold reading” is basically the same thing – but honestly calling it “assumptions” instead of “cold reading” sounds way less weird and creepy.

For example, when you talk to a woman you can assume something about her, such as “you must be from around here”; now, you have no idea whether your assumption about her is true or not, you just… assume something.

You can more or less assume anything you like about her. Be creative.

Now you are wondering – why should you assume things about her? Well first of all, it is an amazing way to create rapport – getting to know each other and create certain bond between you and the girl. It's a way of building comfort with one another.

In many cases, most guys do this by asking superficial, surface-level questions about her and not going much deeper. This can work, but honestly, is that not a little boring? It is indeed. Assuming things about her is more fun and more exciting. And trust me, most women have met thousands of guys who have been asking her a list of boring questions ( “where are you from”, “what are you working with”, “what are your passions”).

Using assumptions is way better than asking questions, because when you ask questions, you are requesting an answer – in other words, demanding something from her. You can probably see what is wrong with the following – an attractive male is more or less outcome independent.

Therefore, it will not hurt you doing something a little bit different than most men. In fact, that is what makes you attractive. Not only will the use of assumptions make you stand out, it also have a lot of other qualities:

  • It is exciting (for both you and her)
  • It makes her do the talking
  • It sets a very flirty vibe

I'd like to give you a few more examples of assumptions before we proceed:

  • “You seem like a nerdy girl who loves reading books”
  • “I am sure you are an adventurous woman”
  • “You're the type of girl who just loves eating candy” (don't use on a curvy girl)

assumptions about girls So far so good, but you're probably asking yourself – what if I assume something wrong about her? Yes, that will most likely happen; as you are not a mind reader. You cannot always be right about your assumptions, nor is this expected of you.

Personally, I prefer to be wrong in my assumptions. Let us say she's wearing pink, and then I will assume the following about her “You're wearing pink! You must be a very feminine woman”. It turns out that according to herself, she is not that feminine (fun fact, most people knows jack all about themselves; the way they perceive themselves can differ from the way they actually are, sometimes quite dramatically).

As it turns out, she disagrees with me. But this isn't bad. Usually, if she is a slightest interested in my perception of her, she will most of the time comment back.

Keep in mind that most people dislike the fact that other people have false beliefs about them, so in the majority of the cases women will in fact correct you and tell you the truth about them every time you make an incorrect assumption.

Therefore, a girl will may say that what you said about her is wrong and tell you the truth about herself, which is a good thing because she is then opening herself up to you – she is talking about herself – a lot of rapport will be created and the conversation will keep going with a natural flow.

And in other cases, women will start wondering why exactly you thought what you did about her (why did you think of her as a feminine woman?). This will allow you to explain why you just assumed what you assumed about her.

There are a lot of positive effects from this, but the most important thing is that it keeps the conversation going; the vibe becomes way more flirty and genuine. Simply more exciting! A lot of opportunities will be created from this.

Sometimes, however, you are just lucky (or good!) and you might assume something correct about her. This is also cool because she will be amazed with your “magic mind reading skills”.

Whatever the outcome is – whether you guessed something right or guessed something wrong about her – you can still use it to your advantage… we can easily call this a win-win situation.

A few other important notes:

  • Be creative! Oftentimes you will base your assumption on something you perceive about her – her clothes, her voice, her attitude, and the way she looks and what she says. This is good. But it is also okay to just be creative. Just assume something. Because remember, it is not expected you to always assume something true about her.

  • Reframing. You can also easily use assumptions to reframe a conversation. If a conversation is going nowhere or in an undesired direction, just make an assumption and the topic will change. With this technique you will have full control over the interaction, because all you have to do is make an assumption and the topic will be based on that.

Now that we've got a handle on what assumptions are, and a basic handle on how to use them, let's talking about putting our assumptions to use building some sexual tension.

assumptions about girls

The golden rule for sexual framing is to escalate the vibe - lead the interaction from being simply social into a more sexual domain.

What we need is to escalate the sexual aspect of the interaction. However, I oftentimes see many guys failing to understand what is truly meant by “escalation”.

When you escalate the vibe with a woman, you lead the interaction through different steps – it is a step-by-step system. What many men believe is that escalation means going from A to Z in one huge bold move. That might work, but most of the cases it doesn’t.

You have to lead the interaction up step by step.

Why? Because most people, especially women, find it too jarring to go from social to sexual in one bold move – things have to flow. Suddenly turning from platonic to sexual feels awkward and makes women very uncomfortable.

Women are more risk averse than us men as they know instinctively that they cannot afford failing in their selection of men. There are multiple reasons for that which I won’t go into here, but for social reputation reasons and biological reasons, going home with the wrong man can give them serious consequences.

Therefore we need to do things step by step – make them feel comfortable, and help them relax a bit.

The way you escalate is by proceeding according to the woman's level of interest and receptiveness. If the vibe is positive, go on with your escalation. If it is negative, tone things down and try again later.

Remember, women’s mood is like tropical weather; it changes a lot. So if things are going great, move forward. If not, take a step back, make her comfortable and try again later. These rules apply for any type of escalation – including physical escalation.

The Step-by-Step Assumption Formula

This step-by-step formula is exactly what we are going to opt for when using assumptions for sexual framing. We'll escalate the vibe from a social into a sexual one by using assumptions.

The way this works is by starting of with a very innocent assumption about her. This should lead into a little discussion about her – and hopefully about you as well. From there you can either make an assumption inspired by the current discussion or you can just assume something about her from nowhere:

“You look like you're a dancer!”

The second assumption should be more intriguing. It should be explicitly and indirectly sexual:

“I feel that you are a very adventurous person.”

This should lead to another conversation. In this case the conversation will be about adventures – more implicitly sexual in nature. From there if it feels right – if she has been giving you good vibes, been receptive and given you some subtle signs of interests – then proceed with an even more sexually loaded assumption:

“You seem like a girl who loves playing with men.”

Now we're getting really sexual. If things are going great from there, you can spice things up. Honestly I have oftentimes reach the point of being able to be very straightforward and dirty with my assumptions about women; this is very doable even when you've just met (maybe especially when you've just met).

assumptions about girls

Again the key is this: if she is very receptive you can speed things up but if she is passive or responding negatively, just take a step back, tone things down and try again later.

I would like to give some examples before I proceed.

Innocent assumptions:

  • “You're the typical book reader type of girl”
  • “You seem very into fashion”
  • “I have seen you out before, you are such a party girl
  • “I feel you love music”

Lightly sexual assumptions:

  • “It seems to me you are an adventurous girl”
  • “Oh my god, you are such an innocent girl”
  • “You are spontaneous”
  • “You are the type of girl who loves feeling sexy”

Strongly sexual assumptions:

  • “You are a virgin!”
  • “I think you are a freak – in a good way of course”
  • “I think you like dominant men – and probably dominant sex too”
  • “You are a little dirty girl”

The Next Level

Most of the time, when you start talking about dirty sex with women, they will neglect everything you say and become very defensive. The same thing goes for assumptions.

The reason is that there is a certain stigma around women’s sexuality – women who are behaving in a promiscuous way are in our society labelled sluts. Now this is unfair and very immoral, but there is not much we can do about it, and we have to play the game either way.

As a result, women will avoid being perceived as sexual beings, and fool every average men out there, by making themselves perceived as pure Madonnas – but we know better, that this is baloney. They play pretend to keep up appearances – every bit as important in the modern age as it was in the Victorian Era.

But still, whether you believe it or don't believe it, whenever we try to be sexual, they will act like if they were true Madonnas. For example, if I assume “you are the type of girl who loves wild sex” (fun fact – every woman loves wild sex), they will respond with “nah, for me love is more important”.

This is just a trick they are playing on you because they believe that this type of behaviour is attractive to men.

Being promiscuous is equal to being slutty; being perceived as unattractive by most men (average men). Women want you to have a positive perception of them and they have no idea who you are – namely, a man who loves women for being sexual beings – and they assume you are like the rest, and from there behave like you were one of those.

But what if you show a girl that you think of her as a sexual creature and that that's a positive thing?

Like for example, complimenting her on being sexual?

Or communicating to her that you are non-judgemental and that you actually appreciate women who are behaving in congruence with their own sexuality?

Well, in this case they will oftentimes open up to you and feel more comfortable admitting their true sexual nature. The reason is rather obvious; they feel that by behaving this way toward you, they will be perceived as attractive – which is something most women want.

So what I do when I make a very dirty assumption is to state that I enjoy that thing I am assuming about her.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • “You are the type of girl who is into wild sex – that is so hot and sexy”
  • “May I guess, you are into BDSM – I think that’s a pretty normal thing, dominant sex is hot”
  • “I think you love threesomes – which I think is so cool because I love threesomes too”

You get the idea.

Some Final Notes on Assumptions

By simply assuming something about a woman, you will make your conversations much more exciting. You create rapport; maybe even generate a certain extent of flirting. It also makes you stand out as an attractive male because you will lead the conversation in a non-boring way.

Beside all this, using assumptions can easily help you control the frame. By doing a random assumption during a conversation is a very efficient way to change the topic of conversation and even reframe the whole interaction.

But most important of all, assumptions can be used to set a sexual frame. By escalating the vibe by assuming dirtier and dirtier things about her, we finally end up with an interaction with a strong sexual frame.

And that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this. Please leave a comment: as I am new here, both Chase and I are very interested in the feedback for helping to steer the direction of future articles.

And also, questions are welcome

Until next time!


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Anonymous's picture


Can you open a girl with an assumption?
And welcome to GirlsChase

Alek Rolstad's picture



Of course you can! I don't see why you couldn't But still I don't believe assumptions is going to work better than any other types of situational opener - it will probably work as good but not better. So even if you can open with an assumption, and it works, don't look at it like a magic bullett.

In my opinion assumptions works better post-opening, mostly as a transitioning tool.

Basically open the chick and them make an assumption to get the conversation going - "hook her in". Then take it from there.


Anonymous's picture

High School Article?

Awesome article, Alex, and welcome aboard! I haven't really thought of using assumptions instead of asking questions. I'm going to have to give that a try.
You said that you started when you were 15, so I assume you had a good amount of success in high school. I know a lot of the other readers are older, but I'd really like to see an article about high school specifically and what you did to be successful with girls. I'm just starting out and with school just around the corner that would be exactly what some of younger readers and I need. Thanks!

Thohon's picture

I would also love to see an

I would also love to see an article avout high school. I feel like there is a big difference in fliring with girls who are still young(under 18)

Alek Rolstad's picture

I will look into it.


Thank you for your comment.

Thing is, "high school game" is most of the time referred to a certain type of social circle game. I am not into that kind of stuff at all.

When I went to high school my first initial goals was to fit in and become popular. This is a trap most men do, especially your age. Because you then become a follower, not a leader - your success will be defined by someone else, or a group. You need to create your own path. Create your own thing, be an outsider - but still be a winner. To put my case as an example - I wasn't popular in high school - nor was I "not-populare". But I know that if I wanted to get laid from being popular (I.E. having high social value), I would play in the usual league, strive more, and having my success defined by something external (other people and my place in the social hierarchy).

Therefore I chose my own path, instead of being attractive from being attractive out of social value (being popular at school) - I decided to offer women something else. It was in my marketing class, after studying Maslow hierarchy of needs that I saw that sex was a physiological need - a very important need. Social value was a much lower social need - so why should I focus on this aspect? Instead I decided that I would be more attractive and gain more influence over women by selling that exact thing - "sex" - instead of - "social value".

that is why my "game" is so based around being sexual - making women open up, making them horny, making them comfortable with sex, making them perceive me as a good lover ( a sexual prize) - in other words making them Sexually attracted to me. Sexuality is the crucial element in my game.

So what i did was trying to get friend and get to parties. That is key. Then from there meet chicks and run my usual stuff. But I avodied getting a player reputation simply because being low key will give you a lot of pussy. I was like a little ninja. But unfortunatly, after a while, people knew I was banging chicks all the time - especially when I banged multiple chicks in 1 single group of friends at school.

Hope this helps a little. I am more into learning game as a whole, because that is what matters. For high school, be normal at school, be cool, get many friends and get to parties. It is as the homeparties you will get laid.


Alek Rolstad's picture

I will also consider making


I will also consider making an article on high school stuff once I get time. We already have a very tight schedule - lots of awesome stuff is on the way. But I will keep your request in mind.


Jeremy's picture


This is some bold stuff, man. I can't wait to start using it and seeing what happens! I say the more interesting articles on technique the better. Thank you, and welcome to the site :)

Alek Rolstad's picture



Thanks. Your comment was much appreciated. I will post a lot of practical stuff in the future - lots of techniques, mindsets and analysis of real life interaction/problematics with women.

Stay tuned broh!

Nuncle's picture

Can you Change Course?

Hi Alex

Very good and useful article well in keeping with the quality of the site.

Interesting what you say about retreating then trying to go sexy again later. Usually as you say the girl brushes off my first attempt and then I just think "Whoops! Won't try that again!". Then quite often she buggers off in disgust.

I think part of my problem is that I naturally give off a "calm, stable, courteous" vibe and so it looks incongruous when I try to go sexy. Do you think it's possible to change the way you are perceived mid interaction or do you have to go in sexy from the start because a lot of the time I don't even realise that I'm doing it.



Alek Rolstad's picture

Hi Nuncle, Thanks for your


Hi Nuncle,

Thanks for your kind words.

"Whoops! Won't try that again!". Then quite often she buggers off in disgust."

Actually, you are making a huge mistake. I will aboard your problematic in 2 weeks (as I am already writing the article for next week) . However I will give you a quick answer for why she "buggers off in disgust".

The reason is - because she lost attraction for you. No, your not a bad person, but you did a crucial mistake, let me explain.

Women are sexually receptive (majority), making you the dominant counterpart. But think about it, would a woman be led by a man who isn't confident about what he is doing? Would you skydive with an instructor who is insecure? I guess not. By saying "Whoops, won't try that again" you are basically communicating certain lack of sexual confidence. The sexually confident man would think "she loves being touches by a man because she is a woman, therefore she loves sex, she is just resisting a bit".

Also, you are bascially threating her like an a-sexual being. That is kind off rude, because she is sexual being. If you threat like a sexual being, she will act more sexually open toward you. When you don't, well you get the negative opposite effect.

Keep in mind that woman will put up some resistance most of the time. Not because she is isn't attracted to you, but because she is affraid of social labels (i.e. being slutty). By not directly reacting to her resistance (don't make it official by verbalizing it) and just tone it down and try again later (without pushing, that's lame and can get oyu into trouble in some cases) you are persisting without being needy (which we all know is a gamekiller).

Not only is persistance attractive because it show certain amount of confidence, but you also take the guilt. She is resisting to you, but still you persisting, so she will feel that whatever happens is not her fault - it is yours, you persisted. This way you handle a lot of the resistance generated from her anti-slut defence.

But no worry, more on that in a future post in 2 weeks.

Hope seeing you there.


PinotNoir's picture


I had assumed that assumptions were bad -- a lot of assuming here -- but this has changed my mind.

One time I was out at a bar with a friend chatting with 2 girls. Careers came up (natural for the beginning of small talk), and I assumed that she would probably love to do poetry instead of her current job. She said no and began to discuss what her dream job actually is.

Later, my friend told me that I messed up by making an assumption. I was also very new, so when she said "no," I kind of froze up a bit. Looking back on it though, the girl and I conversed more and deeper than he and his girl, but I think she didn't like me assuming that and killed the attraction a bit (but that's mainly my fault for not handling it correctly after).

I'll definitely have to try assumptions again next time I'm out (this time on purpose)! Mainly because asking questions has gotten kind of boring to me -- and everyone does it. It's just tedious -- like picking away with a pick-axe. If I assume, maybe I can get her a little mad and then she'll start talking A LOT more in defending why she isn't my assumption -- would this be bad though like above? With more knowledge now, I think I can keep it smooth hopefully.

Also, you said that there are some assumptions you shouldn't make -- like saying "I assume you love candy" to a plump women. (Actually, I think I'll avoid that assumption with any woman haha.) Are there any other obvious ones that should be avoided?

Thanks man!

Alek Rolstad's picture

Most people are cool with you


Most people are cool with you asuming things about them, unless they wake up negative emotions in them.

"You seem like a stupid cunt" - should be avoided, obviously.

But even less negative assumptions should be avoided.

"you seem like a very anti-social girl".

Basically, avoid assuming things about people you wouldn't like others to assume about you.

I either try to go for innocent assumptions with a positive tone. When it comes to the more sexual one, make sure you give a compliment as well in order to be sure. But in my experience most women who are somewhat sexually attracted to you (who sees potentials in you as a sex partner) would not react negativly to a sexual assumption. some might put off a little resistance. In those cases, take a step back and try again later - persistance.

Glad to know you changed your mind on assumptions. But again keep in mind, that on some women, like anything else, it might not work out. Also some woman are sinply not attracted to you. Don't be hard on yourself, just because her reaction is bad, does not mean you necessarily did something wrong, it might be something wrong with her. That is why it is important to try this things on different women, because only then you can get a somewhat good picture of how well you are doing things.


The M's picture

Bad response

Hi Alex,

This is very interesting, shaping Chase's cold reads into a tool for escalation.

If I make an assumption and the girl frowns and says, "What's THAT supposed to mean?" or "What are you talking about - typical book reader girl?", does this mean I've skipped a step?
Or does it simply mean that she's not interested in me?
And what's the best way to respond?

Thanks, and looking forward to your future articles.


Alek Rolstad's picture




You are facing typical shittests. You have 2 options:

1) Ignore and move on

2) reframing.

The first one is self-explanatory. The second one you just reframe it.

Let us use an assumption for instance:

"well, you must a very sceptical girl"

There you got it.

And sometimes, it might be the case the she simply is not into you. Wht do you do then? you respect your time and move on. Nothing is bulett proof you know :)

I might also be the case that there is something wrong with your delivery. Sadly I can really give you a clear answer without you elaborating. It might be that you have a weak posture? maybe you got a borng tonality? the problem can often be completly different than what you expected it to be.

I suggest you try it out on 10 girls and see how it works. You might have been unlucky. You can always write a field report were you test you this and send me a link to it. Maybe I can have a deeper look into it?


Anonymous's picture

Was needing a post like this

Was needing a post like this right now, thanks.
What was missing in my last date was that flirty vibe. We talked about lots of stuff(movies,books,etc), but it felt like talking to a friend, 0 sexual tension, and even tough I used touch, sexy eye contact and all I could do, the tension wouldn't go up.
I needed some easy way to change the subject to something more proficient without looking awkward. This is just it. I couldn't put a sexual chase frame in the middle of an interesting chat about a book, but I can use this.

Alek Rolstad's picture

Glad to hear!


I am happy for you that you find this useful.

Yes this is a very simply yet efficient technique to get sexual with women and set a sexual frame.

My good news for you is that sexual framing is my special field, so there will be a lot more posts concerning this topic coming up. Lot of techniques and theories. Stay tuned.


Nuncle's picture


Also sometimes they will themselves come out with what sounds like a pretty clear escalation into sexual territory but when I respond in kind they act all surprised and disappointed.

What do you think is going on there?

Alek Rolstad's picture

Hi again nuncle. I answered


Hi again nuncle.

I answered most of your concerns in my earlier response to you.

Also I promise you that I will make a post on the subject in a few days, you have my word!


Alex R0lstad's picture


Thanks for the great feedback - and the shockingly good questions. I am currently a little busy (until tomorow). I will try to figure out how to log in and I promise to answer each question and comments individually. I am also currently writing a new post. Just to make this clear - I am reading all the comments. This means that if you have suggestions for a future post, do not hesitate to type it down and I will look into it. see you all tomorow!

Satanloves's picture

Kool .. More is Desired :)

Kool .. More is Desired :)

Alek Rolstad's picture

Kool, more is coming :)-Alex


Kool, more is coming :)

PrettyDecent's picture

Eye-opening Article

Hey Alex,

At first I wasn't sure about this article, for namesake of the title. But...this was outstanding. Very easy to read, and makes it so I couldn't stop reading an article as Chase does with his material.

Escalating to a sexual vibe was something stated on the site, and assumed to be understood, but was plainly laid out here. Much needed.

And while on the subject, you said you were into "crazy" sex, and I'm sure you've gotten it down to a skill. Hearing that women's fantasies are such, an article devoted to deconstructing the process of BDSM, dominant sex, etc. would help shed some light on a topic only portrayed in female media.


Alek Rolstad's picture

Hi Jake


Good to know that you changed your mind considering the post after reading it.

You can blame chase for the tittle. I originally gave him a different tittle and he changed it to the current one :p

When it comes to sexual framing, I can see your concerns, but keep in mind that sexual framing game is somewhat an advanced type of game. Most guys who does it are somewhat already experienced with women.

It is also much more challenging to explain sexual game and sexual framing (how to do it) than talking about classical pick up stuff.

But my game is only about sexual framing. I can only promise you that I will be posting a lot more concerning the topic. It will take quite a while to get it all posted as I have so much material. I am sure that you will love most of my material, as my posts will contain a lot of practical advices on sexual framing (i.e how to do it). I can't guarrantee that the tools and techniques will be easy to pull off, but they all work and have been field tested by many skilled seducers.

And yes I can probably write articles on bdsm and dominant sex and any other "normal kinky sex". Chase asked me to write about group sex first, so that will most likely be my priority. However I will keep you request in mind because your request is of great interest to me.



p3psi's picture


Welcome to the crew Alex. Great content, and I look forward to hearing more.

Alek Rolstad's picture



Thanks man. Much appreicated.


Nuncle's picture


Thanks Brow, look forward to reading it.

Alek Rolstad's picture

You are welcome.


You are welcome.

More to come


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