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Tactics Tuesdays: When She Texts You "We'll See"

Chase Amante

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she texts maybe or we'll see
When she texts you “maybe” or “we’ll see”, what does it mean? Why do women text this? There are ways to reduce this happening – as well as ways to deal with it once it happens.

A reader named Daniel writes in:

Hey guys,

I have been gaming for a few years now, and I notice a theme. When I ask a girl to hangout via text, there are certain responses that women commonly give- and I consider them all to be negative. We’ll be texting each other, and when I ask her to hangout or suggest it she will either say: “We’ll see”; “I’ll let you know “; “maybe ; or go silent. Obviously, I get some positive responses, but any variation of these 4 tends to be the common negative ones. Any tips on how to respond to each? Or better yet, could you write an article on girls responding negatively or questionably when u ask them to hangout via text?

Ooh, yeah. That’s an ugly message to get:

  • “Maybe”
  • “I’ll let you know”
  • “We’ll see”

These texts always suck. They suck for one major reason: the girl implies she holds all the cards.

This is not a gracious message. When she texts you “maybe” or she texts you “we’ll see” it is an “I’m-going-to-tell-you-how-it-will-be-and-you-will-be-waiting” message. Each of the above responses implies you want something, and she will decide later whether you will get the thing you want or not.

In this article, we’ll talk about some firefighting tactics you can use if you get this. But more importantly, we’ll talk about why women send this message in the first place, and the ways you can avoid ever even getting this message (most of the time).

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Niki's picture

Hay Chase,
I have a serious problem.
I went out last weekend in Cologne for carnival. We were a huge groupe (maybe 20+ people) but I knew only few of them.
There was one girl I was trying to get intimate with. We danced closely (not in a passionat or romantic way because of carnical music XD) but were interrupted and seperated a few times. Some time later we were dancing again next to to each other and she leans in ans ask me "I just want to be sure. You are gay, aren´t you?"
I was thinking something like wtf, how could she even consider this?
I told her that I was not gay but would like to know what made her think that. She could not name anything in particular.
What did I wrong?
I know you cant tell by my description but you might know some common mistaks guys do that lets them to be perceived as gay.

Love your and the other guys work.

Greetings from Germany

Lazysmile's picture

Pull her in, give her a sly smile, say "obviously ;)" and then kiss her.

Niko's picture

Genius :D

T's picture

LOL, the typical shittest.....
I had to laugh..... I think you know that Cologne is known for its many gay people.
Why not smile in a sexy way at her and say "Who knows...." and play with her uncertainty and go on with seduction.
I am convinced that she knew that you aren't gay. Of cause she could'nt name anything in particular.
Exactly because of the shittest on one site and on the other site that there are a lot of gay men in Cologne....

Greetings nach Köln, sorry to Cologne ;-)

GW66's picture

Hey Chase!

First off thanks for the site/content! I'm still a novice working on things (after chasing a "special" girl - having it blow up and deciding to not do that/feel that way again - thats how I found GC haha) but I love the way you and the others not only use research and experience but also write so accessibly for people at any level.

Anyway, I actually just got a variant of the "I'll let you know" msg a couple weeks ago so this post hit close to home!

In this case, the girl is on the outer rim of my social circle at college but I did my best to implement a lot of what I've been reading on the site. Got her # plus agreement for lunch first week but when I sent a confirmation txt beforehand (nothing in between) she flaked, with an apology and offer to reschedule. She's a pretty conservative chem major girl so she IS busy but I followed the flake strats from here and was understanding.

Tried again next week and she flaked again, even more apologetically than last time - this time though she gave me a "how about I'll let you know and we can do then?" line. I was probably a bit too understanding in trying to keep her from auto rejecting since she's sensitive and I came on pretty strong initially as part of pushing myself to a new approach but also basically told her "yeah you're busy, just let me know if you get time."

Been a couple weeks now and no mention of a reschedule so was just wondering if I should hit her up or if it would be too needy or how long to wait, that sort of thing? I'm not letting it stop me from exploring other girls but just want to maximize my learning!

Anyway, thanks again for all you guys do here! Your stuff is gold!

Danny's picture

Dear Gchase teams, I have an article request. Could you guys write an article on a step by step breakdown on being untameable and holding your wife or gf devotion for years? How to keep an emotional rollercoaster going and not let things get boring? I know these topics have been covered before but There is still confusion on how to implement the advice on being the untameable ,strong emotion inducing, man on a mission who can easily keep his women devoted. Is it all just about being able to get with other women because my Exgf knew I could get a lot of women but she still got bored anyway and I also tried to stay mysterious too so I just don’t know, although she is low self-esteem. Thanks everyone and please consider my article request

BMontana's picture

Hey Danny, I am not Chase but I think this is a topic I have also always wondered about.

To be honest I think this is one of those situations when the red pill might be truer than ever. Women will probably get bored as time goes by no matter how good you are at what you do and no matter how you act. I guess the only thing that can prevent her from losing interest is when you are or become better looking than her, just to make her feel challenged. Women will always have options, even when married to a certain point. You can be as alpha and mysterious as you want but once she figures you are a guy like any other guy outthere, especailly if you live together, the mystery is partly over. If you work out, eat healthy and keep being attractive then it might still make her aware of she has in you. Men also find hundreds of women attractive but if your gf is still looking hot enough then you would value her being your gf even more

Danny's picture

Ah that’s so damn disappointing, I guess I should let go of any dream of settling down someday. Always having to keep abundance constantly moving from girl to girl seems like it gets exhausting eventually. I wish there were a way to prevent getting tamed but just got to keep skills up all the time

Dale's picture

1. Don't act worried about her leaving
2. Stay attractive
What you are looking for is her telling you that another woman is checking you out. Always act as if you didn't notice, but you are not surprised that it happened. Do not flirt with other when with her,

Danny's picture

Thanks for the tips I get what your saying. My last relationship , the girl knew I could pull other women and I was more attractive than her and she left out of boredom anyway. My issue is the whole not getting tamed but also able to meet her needs and not auto rejecting because she is not be given commitment. Having that one inscrutable later she will never find out . Holding something hidden and keeping mystery alive decades into a relationship. That’s what I’m curious about like a step to step guide on untameabilty so she’s never fully satisfied. That would be a great Gchase article especially because the phrase “ don’t ever let her fully have you is a bit vague and confusing” also how do you know when you are getting tamed or fully tamed?

Danny's picture

Damn I would put in the work to keep the woman too. Its so hard to just get used to such relationship unpredictability

BMontana's picture

Hey Chase,

I have two questions regarding your last 2 tips:

1 Cancel the date and reschedule:

Where did you cancel and reschedule the date in your example? You did the same like in Ignore and Back Burner her. Did I miss anything?

2. Call her out

This example didn't really illustrate the issue in my book. Obviously the girl wanted to go out with him and he just called to have a funny convo since he assumed she would "reject" his offer to go to Hooters lol
How do you call a girl out on the phone who just said maybe to a coffee date? I don't think you would call her out like in your example cause it would make him look needy and weak, maybe too dominant as well.

With that being said a personal story of mine.

I met a girl through my family. There was a spark between us, I guess but I hesitated for like 2 months to ask her out because of our families. She was hot and cold, acted jealous etc. I then ignored her for weeks after one of her cold acts inbetween. She then messaged me 3 days ago, saying "Happy Valentine's Day, Mister X". I asked her out the next day, it was her birthday (via text, but we have never talked over phone) and she said she was meeting her gilrfriends but suggested we could meet up another day for sure. Then I kind of teased and pushed her and she ghosted on me . lol

SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

How normal is sleeping with a lot of women and continuing pick up in 30s and 40s ? It still seems so abnormal to me. I can't picture a guy doing that in those years, I just think of Marriage and being Settled dwn, and done doing fun stuff in life. Maybe it's where I'm at now, but everyone is Married, I even feel weird now for going on this journey.

I still can't imagine sleeping with over 100 plus Women at those ages, that's why I keep asking about it, I never seen or heard anyone do that, I have no reference points. Is that an OK thing to do at those ages? I feel I won't be satisfied unless I know I can do this forever no matter what.

2. Remember you wrote that men with over 50 don't settle for long, does that include marriage? If so how do they still sleep around while dealing with marriage and not working about getting divorced ? How does that work for the guy in a relationship or is married ? How does he still sleep around with different women like it's normal with no consequences or fear about his relationship or marriage?

SZ's picture

So I just watched Hector's videos on dating younger women and it made me want to ask some questions.

1. he seems to really harp on children and being married or divorced. I'm really against marriage, I want to have sons maybe sons, but I do not want marriage unless I'm really old.

Because I want to be successful, I want to travel and do my thing, sleep with a lot of women of course, and fuck getting divorced.

Do we really have to get married to not look weird to younger women? I can't imagine it, and I really don't believe in sleeping with different women while married, plus that opens you up to get your ass divorced and paying her money, And possibly losing your kids to her.

There's gotta be a way to avoid marriage aND still fuck young chicks.

2. With having sons. In your opinion when do you feel a man should have a child so he doesn't deal with the criticism of not having one by a certain age?

I guess you could use my situation to Guage where I'm at now and when u think I should have a kid.

3. Say if a guy is not at a high level yet with women, but wants to have a kid to get it out of the way. How would he be able to do that while still being a beginner trying to master this ? Where are good places to find good mothers? And how would you make them have your kid without marriage?

I'd like advice now, but I feel an article on "How to have kids with a sane, non hoesih, good woman while your a beginner would be good."

I ask this because what if I'm not where I want to be by a certain time? I don't want to wait until 40 to have a kid, nor do I want to have one now.

4. What would I have to do to be that successful man that works for himself? What steps would I need to take right now so I can work for myself by that age range where you and Hector recommend to work for yourself? I know the money making options you have, but how do i actually make it successful and stay successful ? And do you think being terrible at math matters for success of working for yourself?

I ask because I picture guys working for themselves as decently smart in everything and not lacking in any part of education.

5. How do I stop the fear of getting older ? This is the first time I considered myself old, no I realize how fast time is going, I'm like oh no 10 years will fly by and I'll be old and saggy, with a gut that has to spend money on women .

I don't want to be old and saggy, I don't want to spend money on young women.

I see these old fat men spending money on women looking pathetic. I never want that to be me.

I know we all get old, but I don't want to fear it.


Anonymous 's picture

What's up Chase,

I'm writing back on what you told me to do to get out of the rat race. I had some questions I wanted to ask while I do this.

1. I've always been good with money until I had to leave my job a while back, and used all of my saved money on bills . I'm not making good money now, but I'm learning skills online like you told me.

I know you said to so nothing else, but to work and save my money instead of having fun with it, or just using my time for fun in general because I have to grind, which is understandable, but I wanted to know how long would I be saving or if I had to save until I get my skills, how long would that be?

I'm asking because I want to do your other methods too, going to the gym, learning combat, and getting girls. Thing is they all cost money and time. Would you recommend avoiding all of that ? If so how long? I don't want to get too far behind with any of these things.

2. I'm actually doing a technician course now, then I plan on doing another after, I have kind of put coding on the backburner for a little while.

So I'm doing 2 courses in tech, then I have coding and copywrite that I want to do too. I will try to put both in while I learn my tech. With that being said, is that doing too much ? Is one more preferable to learn first than the other to get out of the rat race? I want to get out as fast as I can, if you think I should do both code and copy I will, but if you had to pick out of the two, which would lead out the rat race the fastest ?

I don't want it to seem like I expect things quick and easy, but me just working all the time and not doing anything but that does take a toll on my mind because that's all I'm doing. I understand I have to go hard, so hopefully I can learn something quick to ease things up.

3. I spoke about combat earlier, do you know what makes a man so confident to win even though both are well trained?

Both men could be equally trained, but one could be more confident and aggressive than the other. How does that person know for a fact that he would win despite his opponent being trained well as him?

How does he throw his punches harder? How does he talk all of his shit with supreme confidence. He acts like he has no doubt and will win, no timidness at all, just confidence.

He talks his shit and believes everything he says, without even knowing anything about his opponent. I want to be like that.

What is he doing mentally that would make him feel so confident and hit so hard? What is it called and how can you get to be like that? I want to learn that while I do combat training.

Thanks man :)

SZ's picture

I had some quick questions Chase.

1. I realized I have no real accomplishments, I was just thinking of when people ask you that question in job interviews. I want to have some accomplishments, but have no idea of what I would even accomplish.

Where I'm at right now what do you think I could realistically accomplish that I could be proud of, that I can also tell other people.

I think a list would be good too. Like faster accomplishments you can achieve to give you some pride, to harder ones where you have to work harder.

I just want something I can he proud of and be able to tell people.

2. I'm really nervous about a job slowing me down on working for myself. I know you didn't want to go back to a job and would rather make your business. There's people I follow who quit there jobs with no skills or money saved so they could be self employed.

I'm worried about it, but I know you said that maybe it will help me start working more. Why do you think it might different for people?

3. I want to travel the world and I know you did business consulting. Is there a lot of math with that job? What is it like ? Are their specific degrees you have to get for it? If I have a different degree can I still be one?

I mostly want to do it for the travel to be honest, I know you did it so I figured I'd ask, but I'm willing to have other jobs to be able to travel around the world.

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