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How to Screen a Girl's Logistics

Chase Amante

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screen a woman's logisticsKnowing a woman’s logistics is important to not waste time. Not all women are logistically available. Logistical screens come in two flavors: visual and verbal.

One of the more important strategic abilities in seduction is that of logistics screening.

Your average guy has little ability to screen women for logistics. The result is that he wastes a lot of time talking to women who are logistically unavailable. Meanwhile, women who were far more logistically available slip away from him, unnoticed and unapproached.

A man who’s skilled at logistical screening, on the other hand, saves time, saves heartache, and enables himself to scoop up women with a consistency a more “logistically blind” man can only dream of.

How do you develop this ability to sniff out a woman’s logistics, and focus on the women who are more available (instead of the ones who aren’t)?

You learn the signs to look for – and the information to seek out.


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