Negative Social Proof: 9 Anti-Social Signals NOT to Send | Girls Chase

Negative Social Proof: 9 Anti-Social Signals NOT to Send

Chase Amante

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woman rejecting a man at a bar, giving him negative social proofWhen you go out, look lonely, and pile up obvious rejections, people notice, especially in social places. What can you do to avoid this ‘negative social proof’ while out?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of ‘social proof’.

Social proof is the principle whereby people like, trust, and feel more comfortable with people and choices that are already approved (proofed) by others (social).

Social proof is a useful advantage to have. While the concept can seem a little abstract, its real world results can be vast. Good social proof can lead to:

  • Much warmer receptions from those you approach

  • More ‘slack’ cut for you in your interactions

As good as social proof can be, it’s a double-edged sword, yet its other edge is little discussed: the woman-repulsing bane of negative social proof.


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