Playing Dumb When Girls Act Superior (Flip the Script!) | Girls Chase

Playing Dumb When Girls Act Superior (Flip the Script!)

Chase Amante

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playing dumbSometimes girls will give strong opinions or try to lecture you. Rather than get annoyed, you can troll them on this… and seize control of the dynamic.

Yesterday, in a forum post about how to respond to far-left girls engaging in political lectures/rants, Ricardus (remember him?), who is easing back into the game after some time away from it, asked for ways to respond to this type of behavior.

I responded with my stock answer to this type of behavior… haughty, superior, lecture-type or rant-behavior, where people attempt to ‘educate’ you:

Playing dumb and asking questions that completely troll the high-and-mighty lecturer!

This is a somewhat advanced humor-based strategy but it’s hilarious to use and it totally wrecks the high-and-mighty frame of anyone trying to act like he or she knows more than you do – you’ll definitely want to keep it in your back pocket.

You can also use it to troll girls just in general, if you want to flip the script on them and really get them chasing after your validation.


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