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How Do You Deal with Woke Women?

Chase Amante

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woke womanWoke women pushing radical political positions are a real boor. How do you sidestep these women’s inane politics without getting caught in their trap?

Commenting on my article about deconstruction in cinema as an anti-masculine phenomenon, reader Bee remarks:

I generally don't have issues finding women and still don't (I actually think this site is far more useful for general psychological frames and motivations in business, etc.) but the mentality from females is so offputting, I actually get up from the table and in your words, the "attraction window" is just gone.

There doesn't seem to be any charming, witty, or logical way to wake these women up to the toxic values and ideas seeping into their heads. Selfishness, entitlement, bigotry, etc.: these are not and have never been virtues.

As anyone here knows, an emasculated man is fun to women for about 5 seconds on their powertrip and then they despise you for being weak. It's a hell of a conundrum these ladies put themselves in (and brought us along for the ride) because woke women are EXTREMELY lonely, generally a good thing for having some fun with them, but not these women and their numbers are increasing.

At this point, my only success in breaking through is to be an ungodly asshole. For example, asking questions to the woke like: if lesbians use phallic sex toys on each other, are they actually lesbians or just bigots? You want to see a pissed off female? And maybe 1 in 10 (on a good day) laugh, but she's the one with a boyfriend and isn't looking (good for her).

I'd really like some discussion on this. These women are miserable, don't know why, and are becoming completely closed off, which is just bad on every level.

And again, I've always done reasonably well with women but this is affecting coworker nonsexual relationships and dealing with businesses in addition to just enjoying women's company.

The answer to “how do you deal with woke women” is actually already in another article I wrote recently, on reacting to female rudeness and faux pas: just be cool.

That’s easier said than done though, especially if she really knows how to aggravate you with inane political positions and self-righteous claptrap she’s absorbed from daft professors and loony online pundits.

So what do you do when some woman – maybe a girl you want to go out with, or maybe just one you’re forced to interact with in a school or work setting – launches into some officious diatribe about her pet political positions?


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