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How to Tell Girls You Don't Have Social Media

Chase Amante

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how to tell girls you don't have social mediaWhen you ask a girl out and she asks for your social media, what do you say if you don’t have one? How do you communicate not being on there to girls?

The other day a reader named Luon Di mentioned in a comment communicating to girls you’re not on social media:

Since then, she has been texting me daily. I try to keep our exchanges brief. We have a date planned in the next week. Early on, I thought I had lost her, after she asked for my social media and then she stopped replying after I answered why I don't have any (there are several reasons). This is becoming a recurring problem every time I meet a girl, and a major factor in why I have lost some very early on, despite me justifying it very reasonably to them. The next day she finally answered, empathetically.

In his case, in this particular incident, it worked out. But I would like to talk about those situations where girls give you pushback, go quiet, or act like it’s “weird.”

First off, I’m not going to write an article on the pros and cons of social media for men. I talked about that way back in 2012 regarding Facebook, and the exact same logic applies today to Instagram, TikTok, you name it. The same dynamics that were and are at play on Facebook then are at play on other social media apps today. The apps change but the dynamics don’t. You can get my opinion on it – then make up your own mind – in that earlier article.

This article is squarely aimed at guys who either are not on social media at all, or prefer not to share their social media with people (i.e., girls) they’ve just met. Maybe their follower counts aren’t all that impressive; or on the other hand maybe they share a lot of stuff on there they don’t want strangers to see.

If that’s you, read on, and we’ll talk about how to make this not a detriment for you with girls, but an actual advantage.


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