Women Don't Respect Guys They Haven't Slept with Who Give Up | Girls Chase

Women Don't Respect Guys They Haven't Slept with Who Give Up

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women don't respect men who give upA lot of guys seem to think a woman will respect you more if you walk away. But they don’t. They just forget you. Except for just a few scenarios…

It seems like we are seeing this opinion voiced more and more, where men claim women will respect you a lot more if you just walk away when they test you too much. Examples:

  • If she throws a lot of tests at you, walk away. She’ll respect you more

  • If she has bad behavior in general, walk away. She’ll respect you more

  • If she won’t put out fast enough, walk away. She’ll respect you more

We had a thread on the forum recently where a member reported bedding a very attractive girl – but not before wading through five hours of intensive last minute resistance. After intimacy, the girl grew lovey-dovey. However before they got intimate, when she was putting up her wall of resistance, she tested him hard, even to the point of saying some hurtful things.

At one point in the thread, a member suggested walking away, because (he said) doing so would make her “respect” him more. More than him soldiering through the tests and bedding her. That’s because, this member said, if you proceed forward and bed the girl:

It shows her that you’re someone she can berate and walk all over and you’ll still put out.

Is that right?

If it’s your first night with a girl, but she puts up a wall of resistance, will walking away cause her to respect you as “someone who won’t put up with her BS”?

How about during other scenarios with girls, like when you just started talking to her but she is rude to you… or if you’re trying to get her to go home with you but she is resisting?

Should you just walk away, and now she’s going to respect you more?

No, this isn’t correct at all, and it’s not how women work.

It is a misunderstanding of female psychology that men have – and it’s one we will correct.


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