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How to Persist with a Girl When She Resists You

Chase Amante

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how to persist with a girlGirls may resist when you seek to do things with them. But girls also say they like guys who persist. How do you persist with a girl the right way though?

Hey guys and welcome back.

After a few coaching sessions, I realized that I kept telling my students about an aspect of persistence that I haven’t discussed on the blog before, and it is an important one:

Should you tackle resistance head-on, or back off, let things sink in, and try again later?

In my many posts on persistence, I have advocated for “retreating and taking a few steps back” before persisting again. This advice is still valid. However, there is a nuance or an exception to this rule, which I will discuss today.

I will recap persistence and how to persist correctly before covering the exception to the rule and then explain why this exception applies.

We’re also going to talk about how to persist with a girl in two different seductive contexts here:

  1. How to persist with her when you are escalating things yet she resists

  1. And how to persist with her when you set a frame that she resists

Note: this post is advanced.


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