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What Women Think About You Is ALWAYS Subject to Change

Chase Amante

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what women think about you changesWomen are changeable. They change what they think and feel about you, as well as what they want. As a man, how do you deal with this? Can it even… be GOOD?

Women and their constantly shifting emotions and opinions on men frustrate many a man:

  • You meet a girl and she’s friendly, even flirtatious toward you. You start thinking it might go somewhere with this girl. Perhaps she could be your lover or your girlfriend! Then the next time you try to talk to her she’s cold, acting like she doesn’t even know you, and it’s like that earlier interaction never even happened. Sometime later, you run into her again, and again, she is friendly and warm – and now she’s even flirtier than she was before! What the heck?!

  • Or you meet a girl who seems very enthusiastic to come out on a date with you. Three days later she flakes over text, telling you she doesn’t feel ready to come out, and then she never responds to your texts again.

  • Meanwhile, some girl you know for a fact was spreading nasty rumors about you in your social circle and who clearly considered you some kind of enemy of hers has suddenly begun acting really sweet and girly toward you – and then she approaches you to ask you when the two of you are going to hang out! Huh?

This kind of behavior from women completely discombobulates your average, ordinary guy, and can even flummox some experienced rakes when they encounter it in situations unfamiliar to them. The rule to understand it is that what women think about you ALWAYS changes… it changes within relationships and it changes without them.

It is simply how women operate. It is an OEM part of Woman OS.


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