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Trajectory of a Successful Date

Chase Amante

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man and woman dancing on bedThe trajectory your dates take determine how they end: as lovers or gone separate ways? This 7-step trajectory takes you through it: greeting, small talk, deep talk, + 4 more key steps.

A successful date has a particular trajectory.

If you look back on past successful dates of your own, you’ll be able to feel it:

The initial connection, the easy conversation, followed by increasing closeness, touch, and amour.

By the time you end up alone at the end of things, intimacy is a foregone conclusion, the escalation to it little more than a formality.

What’s responsible for such dulcet dates? Is it magic? An unpredictable wonderful connection?

While certain things outside your control do have an impact – from personality match to other factors below the level of conscious awareness – there is also a distinct way such dates proceed, that if you know it, you can often engineer.

This way is the date’s trajectory; a good one of which leads you far more easily to fantastic fantasies with lovely gals.

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The first of these is this one – on date trajectories.


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