Picking Up Girls at Night Is Different from Day, Pt. 1: Vibe, Setting, & Energy | Girls Chase

Picking Up Girls at Night Is Different from Day, Pt. 1: Vibe, Setting, & Energy

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daytime pickup vs. nighttime pickupKnowing how to pick up girls by day doesn’t always translate to picking them up well at night – and vice versa. In this series we examine the differences. Today: setting, energy, & vibe.

Night game is not day game at night time. Many men seem to struggle with night game lately, especially since night game has gone a bit out of fashion. I hear about these issues when I read night game reports or talk to guys on the forums, in the skilledseducer.com chat, and even with my students.

We’ve seen an increase in popularity of day game, with more and more men focusing on this form. Day gamers often assume that their day game knowledge will apply in night game. Obviously, some theories and techniques are relevant in both night and day game, and of course, being a good day gamer will help you in night game and vice versa. But there are major differences, and you need to be aware of them to succeed in day and night game.

And that’s what we will cover today: the major differences between night and day game, and more importantly, how night game is NOT day game at night time.

This is part one of a two-part series. Part one focuses on the major differences with calibrating to the vibe, environment, and setting. Next week’s article will focus on strategic choices that differ between night and day game.


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