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Top 7 Countries to Pick Up Women in 2013

There's nothing worse than planning a vacation or a semi-permanent change of locales, only to get there and find you've picked a spot that's no-go for meeting attractive new women: either there aren't many attractive young women, or the women who are there are closed to meeting new people / foreign men.

Therefore, to assist with your trip planning in 2013, we've put together a list - part shrewd detective work, part advice from several sources that will go unnamed - of the top seven (7) travel destinations in 2013 for men looking to meet new women.

Let's dive in.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Balla's picture

Hey Chase, what's up .Can you tell me an effective way to pick up waitresses? Ive read your phone number getting article, but I couldn't really apply it because she was talking to me friend and I and the only thing I could think of to say was to write her number down. As I would of thought she declined saying she can't decide. So what is an effective way to pick up a waitress? Even if your with people? THANKS

Chase Amante's picture


Yep - I've got it in the queue (your original comment request for this one, in January: Making numbers more than numbers/ picking up black girls).


Dave's picture

Hi Chase,
I'm one of the lucky few who actually knows several of the places you mentioned. What you write is mostly true except for Saudi Arabia where in my experience it's a bit trickier to meet ladies as they tend to get very nervous in public. But I can only vouch for North Korea and am surprised you didn't put them first: true, there is no first-class healthcare (and many girls, peasants mostly, are too skinny for my taste) but there are actually quite hot army girls, and in great numbers, which you must know otherwise you wouldn't have put that picture, and I can tell you they're always eager to meet a stranger and are indeed particularly easy lays. There are however certain idiosyncrasies to reckon with which, I think, might be worth an article of its own.

Chase Amante's picture


Good point on Saudi women's nervousness. Just think of it as an extra challenge to the approach, I'd say. And absolutely on NK - nothing quite like an eager NK army chick to raise your spirits.


Anonymous's picture

The interview. :)

Anonymous's picture

I got about 3/4 in before I realised :P

mark's picture

good one Chase!!!

giggling Korean women in uniform, lol

Anonymous's picture

Hahaha.this is a joke right?Saudi Arabia???really chase please come out with the real list. :-)

adele's picture

Chase, I've been following your blog for the past 3 years now and have not come across such an article such as this. Although you have the economic statues and political circumstances right, it ignores most travelling customs. A majority of the countries listed are not only in hostile environments but the culture and societal pressures of an unmarried couple interacting can escalate quickly. Also to mention that #2(Somalia), a country I call home, is ghastly dangerous for its own people let alone any foreigners who would have to pay for security or at least travel with an organization which supports its own. All in all, I personally view this as a very surface level article and not the quality of read I 'am used to. Unless it’s a case in which you are doing this as an April fool’s Joke. Then I' am laughing along ;)
PS: The picture alongside #2 is not an accurate depiction of Somali woman, a good starter would be Iman Mohamed. Soon to be subscribing and love the new layout. Far much easier to navigate

Anonymous's picture

Haha, brilliant!

On a more serious note, I remember you mentioning a while ago that you are purpose driven. Could you elaborate more on that because I don't quite understand, surely you derive happiness from purpose driven activities?

Also what do you think is the best game plan for clubs/bars? Normally I approach the hottest girl I can see, if I get blown out or there's no interest then work my way down. I've also tried approaching say 5-6 girls, working out who's got best logistics, then coming back to her. I found I had to eject very well, because it is a jolt from the emotion you built, plus there's always the risk of another guy coming into the picture. It does work though as a plan to make sure you get laid without too much logistics, but stick to the former mostly?


Chase Amante's picture


Purpose is one I've had numerous requests for - I'll likely have something on that one up soon.

On nightclubs, it depends in large part where you're at. When you're new to intermediate, you want to be getting as many data points as possible, which means talking to lots of girls is vital. As you get very good at picking out which girls are interested and which girls are not, you can begin to narrow down your target selection more precisely (or, at least, take nights off from mass approaching and just approach girls you think are interested in you).

For identifying women who are more interested in you, see these articles:

For nightclubs and groups in general, if you haven't seen them already see these:

Approaching, connecting, ejecting, and circling back again later can work, but I abandoned this myself a year or two in simply because there was too much effort for too risky a reward - many times you circle back only to find the girl you wanted to go for is gone, or is going crazy on the dance floor, or has cozied up to some new beau. It ends up being more efficient just to stick around if you think she's into you - the attraction boost you get from leaving and returning gets outweighed by the risk of losing her in the meantime, to my mind.

At this point I rarely work large groups anymore and prefer to just snag girls who are with one or two other people max (or, if they're with a group, the group is broken up and everyone's doing her own thing). But that's just an efficiency thing, and I spent years working groups to get there (and to be able to recognize now when I should go into a big group, because there's a girl who's clearly hurting for it and looks like she'd be easy to peel off).

Which comes down to the same deal - approach everything when you're newer, then refine and become more selective as your hone your abilities with women and develop an intuition that's more often correct than not (everyone has an intuition, but most newer guys' intuitions are way off the mark from lack of practical experience).


Anonymous's picture

This is the list of countries to meet women that nobody has heard about I guess or will ever go to lol,interesting list chase.I have a question I just can't seem to figure out this attainability thing yet,I just met 2 girls that are sisters and I got the number of the first one earlier before I met the second soon as I met the second one the first one started acting very aloof with me,am I experiencing auto rejection?do girls give their numbers when there not interested?and if she starts flirting with guys around you after she seemed interested in u does that mean she's trying to make u jealous? I don't know where I mess up ,all I did was maybe smile at the sister and from that moment on the first sister seemed put off by me.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, you've read that situation right. Sounds like the first sister liked you, then went into auto-rejection and viewed you as a player / insincere guy the instant you smiled at her sister. The flirting was to make you jealous and restore her pride / get revenge (i.e., to show you what you were missing out on). This varies a great deal from girl to girl - some girls will flip out over almost anything, some won't flip out over anything at all. It also varies by a girl's experience in the bar/club scene - she might be normally secure, but new to the scene and unsure how to interpret men's actions there.

Best solution is to just be very "sticky" to whatever girl you're talking to that you've hit it off with, largely ignore the outside world, and never break circle first (and get right back to talking to her as soon as you can if she breaks circle).

Phone numbers can mean any range of things - meaningless to meaningful. In this instance, it sounds like she liked you.


Anonymous's picture

April fools??

Anonymous's picture

April fools :p

Jonah's picture

From personal experience, you've left a couple out.

One that comes to mind is Haiti. In this island of romance, constant earthquakes facilitate spending days on end with a girl without even having to talk to her first. This is especially useful for men who struggle to get second dates.

One recommendation I have is that while you and your gorgeous girl
are trapped together beneath the rubble getting to know each other, MAKE SURE YOU MOVE FAST. It would be a real shame if you're beaten to the chase by a 200 pound piece of falling plywood.


Chase Amante's picture


I'm adding it to my list of countries to visit. Sounds like an interesting time.


Nick's picture

Chase my man,
Nice one, you almost had me fooled and dumbstruck until I remembered what day it was!Anyway, long post ahead so if you don't want to read and answer I understand.This week I had just realized a problem that I have that seems insurmountable at the moment without some guidance from you or Ricardus.

I have been looking at your site for about a few months and have had little progress in my game. I am considered handsome by girls but they are not responsive to me or repelled.Shit, even guys aren;t that responsive to me. I have had a rough childhood and upon reading Ricardus's success factor he states that the vibes we carry with ourselves on autopilot are developed mostly in our child and adolescent years. That does not mean I will make excuses but i feel that is a part of how my problem was formed. I was born in a rough neighborhood but I still remember being very joyful and uncaring in my early childhood years. Then when I turned 12 my parents were able to pile up enough money to get me out of that derelict neighborhood and on to more prosperous grounds. For me personally though it was when I started to obtain problems. I was made fun of at my new school and I had made no friends the first year I was there. Guys spread rumors about me and pushed me around. Girls ignored me in favor of other guys and a few even called me ugly. That was when I started to care about how others saw me and I formed opinions about myself(not good ones). It was in the summer before my seventh grade year that I started to develop my shell,close myself off from others, and never reveal my emotions lest someone use them against me.

I got into a few fights in the following year in school and developed a reputation. Enough of one to land myself into one of the most popular cliques in school. Although I lost confidence in myself among that group of men. After the first week of being around them I was ignored but I felt at the time that it was okay because I had found a group and did not have to sit alone at the lunch table like the year before. I closed myself off, only uttered a few words and never revealed emotions in case I did or said something that they considered stupid and I was kicked out. So I followed them around offering nothing and got nothing in return. This phase followed me until the end of my senior year in high school. In all that time and had gotten two girlfriends whose relationships lasted no more than a week, though now that I look back I had gotten a lot of signals I could have capitalized on at the time.

Anyway, gist of it is is that I have developed a vibe that plagues me until I can figure it out how to get rid of it. I work at subway(the fast food shop) and in the few months I have worked there on the sandwich line I have realized that people are either intimidated or repelled by me when i try to serve them their sandwich. People tell me all the time that I look angry,serious, sad when I feel none of those emotions.Then I happened upon Ricardus's success factor in the last couple of months and tried out the exercises and all that. I saw no progress in anything trying them out. Meditation made me a little more relaxed but not what I was hoping for.
Then last week while on the sandwich line I got this warm fuzzy feeling in my head and customers actually lightened up around me. The chicks looked at me that day! Man let me tell you that never happens to me. They always avoid looking at me when they order their sub. Not only that but the reactions I recieved from people that day were major. People would smile at me, girls giggle around me for no reason, anything I said was met with genuine happiness and laughter. When I would be making their sub random customers would try to start conversations with me and gave me good body language.( Most of the time they fold there arms or turn sideways to me,short and curt with me, never smile no matter how big of a smile or slowly I give it to them) There were customers who would try to not smile when I looked at them but they could not help it and finally did. There was even one very angry customer who got his bread burnt and I said I would get him a new one and he apologized TO ME for it and when I looked at him his face went from a scowl to a small smile. Man this might not sound like much but I felt like I had super powers that day or something. People were genuinely happy around me for no reason and chicks would stare at me. Never had that happen! I held no fear that hour in that day and used barrier method to get two girls numbers.

Anyway I realized something from that experience. I had never felt emotion anywhere close to that. I realize that I have never been happy since my early childhood. I am emotionless and I mean that I experience barely any emotion at all. I am usually never sad or angry. I never laugh ever and I mean it( I dont know how anymore, I can only fake a chuckle), and I never feel happy or a sense of accomplishment. Even though logically and I feel i should. I make goals and I accomplish them but feel no sense of happiness or accomplishment from it even though I feel I should. It is like I have no capacity to feel joy and elation!

Man, I feel I can make huge strides if I can invoke myself with pure happiness. My vibe that hour was more powerful then anything. I received reactions and results that day from people that I see no one else at my work receive or anyone anytime. I genuinely smile and I feel that I made a real laugh one time. It was what I feel was the definition of sprezzatura. It was the je nois quo that Ricardus describes in his article on the success factor.

Now I have a few questions if you don't mind and I apologize if you read though that whole thing!

1.) Have you incorporated that je nois quo from ricardus's article, how has it worked out for you if you have?

2.) How do i build up a capacity for happiness, no matter what I think I can not make myself joyful even though I can think of something that makes me sad or very angry. I am not depressed and do not need a therapist I swear!

3.) How do I make myself feel that warm fuzzy feeling in my head like I did that day? I have no clue why that happened in the first place!

4.) Is their anyway I can contact Ricardus professionally and tell him about my problem? He might have great answers as he was the one who created that article.

I have read all your articles and applied the fundamentals and techniques and have recieved a few successes from a nightclub after many many failures.( the few successes were from chicks I felt who settled that night) I feel that what Ricardus describes is what is going to propel my game a few levels though, because like Ricardus said in his article that no matter how much game a guy practices if he makes people uneasy by just being around him them he has no chance no matter what technique he has up his sleeve. It all depends on the emotions you give people which depends on the emotions you feel at that moment. Which I don't feel any emotions most of the time so I guess people feel I am angry at them?I don't know :), anyway give Ricardus my thanks for giving me some hope and results.

Chase Amante's picture


I dealt with the same thing after high school, when finding that customers and college classmates were intimidated by me and the various things I tried that I thought would fix it hadn't. I realize you said you've read all the articles here, but give another look at How to Be a Warm Person - in particular, training yourself to keep your eyebrows up makes a huge difference. Your eyebrow position really changes how people interpret your openness or (if they're down) scariness.

There's a feedback loop between your emotions and your facial expressions (and a lot of research done on this, too - see here and here for starters, if you have interest in that sort of thing), where basically if you feel angry you frown, for instance, and when you frown you feel angry. Alternately, if you're feeling warm and fuzzy, you automatically raise your eyebrows, relax the muscles around your eyes, and slip into an easy smile - and the reverse is true, too: when you raise your eyebrows, relax the muscles around your eyes, and slip into an easy smile, after a minute or two you begin to feel substantially warmer and fuzzier. A big part of how I trained myself to be very calm in all kinds of situations was training myself to nearly always wear a very calm expression on my face, even when things are going terribly wrong. It works.

The emotions I suggest you gun for getting down are not so much "happiness," which is kind of a vague term that nobody really shares the same definition of, but rather 1) tranquility, and 2) enthusiasm. Tranquility's your usual go-to emotion - you watch George Clooney or Brad Pitt, and "tranquil" is probably the best way to describe their emotional range 99% of the time. They're calm, poised, and exuding collected control and self-assurance. Enthusiasm is the other - you won't use it that often, but it's contagious and is a much better means of motivating people and persuading them when you need to drum it up than trying to cajole people with words.

What Ricardus refers to as je ne sais quoi is, yes, something I have and anyone you meet who's gotten things with women down to a fairly high degree has. I might alternatively describe it as the ability to make other people feel however you want to make them feel, simply by being in their presence.

For contacting Ricardus directly, he still does email coaching here (this link, at the rate of 2 emails / $100, and phone coaching (this link) at $180/hour. Or, if you just wanted to drop him a line to say thanks / not for coaching / etc., you can use the contact form, and Genaro can forward your note along to him.


Knight's picture

Ha, you bastard!
You completely had me although my brain was sensing something strange. That everyone is the power of the way things are presented. I thought you had completely lost it or you were on some crazy insider knowledge and a thirst for high stakes risk.

To be fair though it was April Fools yesterday for us Australians. :)

Todd @ Fearless Men's picture

Haha Chase you're a genius. I didn't at first realize this was posted April 1. I kind of bought Saudi Arabia. I assume the women are hot. But when I got to North Korea, I knew you were playing me!

Anonymous's picture

he wants to make you feel that the execuses you have for not approaching are dumb....

I live in saudi arabia and everything he mentioned is true. its even worse than that yet we still approach and get numbers

Will's picture

I think Chase still has a valid point with this article, which is the girls in these countries will most likely be looking for it (sex).

truthloader's picture

Saudi Arabia, Somali. North Korea, Really?
The Author of this article is cruel for human being, especially guys looking for women.
Why don't you say
Saudi and Somali are terrorist bases countries.
what about north korea LOL you kidding me

Anonymous's picture

Fuck u guys saudi arabian girls dont wear this stuff this girls are fucking americans bitches

d.laflamme's picture

saudi arabian people are scum of the earth, the girls are easy to fuck there, there all prostitues

Anonymous's picture

Holy shit are you guys all sociopaths??

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