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The Top 3 Reasons to Pick Up Girls Sober

pick up girls sober
Check the nightlife, and you’ll see almost every guy out to pick up girls is drunk or high. If you can do it sober, you give yourself a major competitive advantage.

Do you blaze, drink, or do lines when you go out and hit the club to chat up girls?

One year ago, William Gupta talked about the truth about taking drugs and hooking up.

After a decade in the Game, I've noticed something striking - almost nobody is sober. When guys learn and practice pick-up, they tend to be drunk, stoned, or both... and a lot of the guys gaming in clubs are, to put it bluntly, doing coke in the bathrooms in order to keep themselves "up" for the long haul of partying and hitting on women until 2 in the morning.

Before you think I'm just being some prude who can't have a good time, let me preface what I'm about to say by mentioning that I struggled with various forms of addiction for a full decade. I've been through the depths of that hell, I know what the demons look and sound like in your head, and I know precisely what kind of blade a man needs to sever them in half and regain his life from the abyss.

Now, before I get into my top 3 reasons to practice pick-up sober, I'll briefly explain why I think so many guys can't seem to perform this art without a little "chemical help" of some type. I believe that the primary reason so many guys do pick-up stoned or drunk... which REALLY became clear once I cleaned up my act and started living the sober life... is that pick-up is scary as hell.

Drexel ScottAbout the Author: Drexel Scott

Drexel overcame the stifling social difficulties of Asperger’s syndrome and fast proceeded to sleep with over 140 girls. He gets dates and gets laid almost entirely through girls he meets at work, at parties, and in social circle. He can coach you over the phone to pull of the direct, blatant sexual game he uses, or you can pick up a copy of his Casanova Key and study his method at your leisure.


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Vermin's picture

I loved this article! One thing I've always wondered since I don't drink is, wouldn't you forget the sex as well if you were drunk the entire night? I've always wondered that, what's the point in having sex if you're not even going to remember it.

Jimbo's picture

I know you meant this as a way to help, and the advice itself to cut on the subtances is indeed sound, but man some of that stuff was downright depressing.

You make pick-up sound like the Kilimanjaro when in fact it's just talking to a girl you like, and gave approach anxiety a rational justification with "what we're doing in pick-up is a massive complex of social violations that most human beings will never truly engage in." Really? Boy likes girl therefore boy engages said girl is a massive social violation? Yeah okay, sometimes boy likes many girls and as a reult he'll be engaging 50 in a week, but I still don't see that as a massive social violation.

stef's picture

i will put it this way: basic pick up very simple, master level pick up: horribly complex

Drexel Scott's picture

Hey Jimbo, thanks for the thought-provoking comment and question. To answer it, I'd say that even though pickup becomes as easy as breathing eventually, at the beginning yes--it is incredibly difficult. The kind of men who are attracted to this corner of the internet (myself included when I first discovered it ten years ago) tend to have a lot of mental chatter and emotional blockages around the idea of going up to a stranger, initiating a conversation, and then trying to get that stranger to have fast and uncommitted sex with you. To me there's a pretty big difference between the normal world of guy-girl relations, and the world of PUA.

I myself have actually transitioned away from the PUA model and am now trying to somewhat re-integrate myself into the normal world of dating and relationships, which is an interesting challenge in and of itself since I have ten years of PUA habits burned into my brain, but overall I would say that I had to undo a lot of social norms in my own mind to learn the PUA skills in the first place.

Especially given the cultural climate we live in now, I think it takes real balls to get into this stuff and actually go out and learn it. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, and I think it would give guys the wrong impression to tell them that it's easy to learn and easy to do at first--I know it is far more so for some guys than others, but the ones attracted to my material and articles and courses tend to be like I was, really REALLY behind in terms of social skills and confidence.

So perhaps you are just a bit more neurotypical than those kinds of guys, I really am not sure. Either way I know that doing it sober makes it harder but also will amplify your evolution as a man in a way that doing it drunk or high does not, so regardless of the problem...the solution is the same!


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Jimbo's picture

Thanks for the response Drexel.

I enjoyed quite a few of your articles btw.

Drexel Scott's picture

You're welcome and I'm glad! Follow the link in my comment signature if you like my material; it will lead you to the deepest parts of my mind and the most highly guarded esoteric secrets of seduction. Cheers and see you soon

P.S.-- Have you heard of the "Instant Female Arousal Phrase?" It gets any girl soaking-wet and ready to BANG...even if you just met! Check it out right here:

z23's picture

Life circumstances have led me to a point where I now primarily go out sober, and the results are so much better. If you're working out, alcohol isn't good anyways, so your body will thank you and give improved fundamentals. Also, your mind is so much clearer. If you're still working on process, you'll find it easier to implement the process without devoting your mind purely to the process and miss out on what the woman is saying. If you've already got process down, suddenly you're this amazing man who can both lead her on the path to intimacy while at the same time providing amazing conversation.

No matter what your stage in life and seduction, I highly recommend at least half the time you go to meet women that you're completely stone-cold sober. At the bare minimum it will give a new perspective and you might find that your results increase drastically.

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