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Tactics Tuesdays: Secondary Compliance Requests

Chase Amante

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secondary compliance request
Here's an easy way to make a girl more likely to comply with a request: add an easy-to-comply second request, which makes complying with the first AUTOMATIC.

The girl you've met at the bar you're at seems like she's just about being ready to be pulled.

"Well," you say to her, "if you've had enough socializing, let's go get that nightcap." You pause a split second. "You have to promise to be a good houseguest though," you add.

She smiles, and a light tinkle of laughter ripples out of her. "I promise," she says.

You offer her the crook of your arm, she wraps her arm through it, and out the doors of the bar you stride, into the night together.

You see what happened there?

You skipped right over asking her to decide if she's coming with you or not... one of the most nerve-wracking moments for most guys. Instead, you asked her something else -- something easier -- to which she said "yes."

And the moment she said yes to that second, easier request, her compliance with the earlier, bigger one became automatic.

How did that work?

Well, you used a secondary compliance request (that she be a good houseguest), to obtain automatic compliance with the primary request (that she come to your house).

Neat trick, right? Let's look at it a little more in-depth.

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