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Showing Intent Without Showing Your Intentions

Chase Amante

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By: Alek Rolstad

showing intentIt is possible for you to display intent to a woman without giving away your intentions, so that she may still have room to chase you. You just need the right approach.

Hey guys, and welcome back.

I have been focusing on indirect game lately. I know many of you have enjoyed the series from the feedback I’ve received via PM on the forums. This always makes me grateful.

Others pointed out that the series has not included enough practical examples showing the execution of the techniques. I can’t write an A–Z guide detailing every step of how I run indirect game; that would require me to write a long book sharing all my game. However, I can share a report that exemplifies how I run this.

As usual, this series is becoming slightly longer than anticipated, but I’m the kind of guy who needs to cover every aspect before feeling comfortable moving on. I do the same with my students. I do not move onto their next sticking point to tackle until concepts are hammered down.

And this is what I intend to do with this series. I will try to keep things as fresh and exciting as possible.

Today’s subject relates to indirect game but more precisely, to the questions surrounding communicating and conveying your intentions to women.

Many proponents of direct game claim that communicating your intentions to a woman is key as it sets a “man meeting woman” frame, helping her know what the interaction is about and cutting the crap. It helps set a seduction frame. I see nothing wrong with this. It is obviously a good frame!

But if you have been paying attention to my series on indirect game, you may have heard me say:

  • “Be indirect”

  • “Don’t display your intentions”

  • “Don’t communicate intent directly”

And these hold true, although there is a caveat.

This caveat is what I want to discuss today: showing your intentions is not necessarily bad. You can run indirect game and still display your intentions, and potentially reap all the benefits that follow:

It is a question of what intentions you convey and how. These nuances are what we will cover today in this post.

What type of intentions should you communicate? How should you communicate them? And ultimately, how does this fit into the broader view of indirect game (and what would differentiate it from a “direct game” variant)?

This post will serve as both a theoretical and practical guide. Let’s jump into it.


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